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Survey of Non-Tariff Trade Barriers to the U.S. Environmental Industry

The U.S. Department of Commerce seeks your assistance in identifying non-tariff trade barriers (NTBs) that affect U.S. exports of environmental goods and services. The information you provide will be used to seek the elimination of these barriers. NTBs occur in many forms; examples include: quotas, licensing requirements, customs procedures, and limits on delivery of professional services.

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Non - Tariff Barriers Survey

Please check the non-tariff trade barriers (NTBs) that your company has experienced. Provide as much information as possible for each barrier cited. Following each item checked, please include specific laws, regulations, etc... of the country that adversely affect the importation of your products and services, and in each instance, name specific countries. For example: “In country X, regulations (cite regulations) do not allow the establishment of foreign owned engineering companies. For every construction project in country Y, it is necessary to get design approval from local institutes that do not publish transparent design specifications.”

1.) Subsidies:

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5.) Labeling, Packaging, & Documentation Requirements

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6.) Standards

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7.) Intellectual Property Requirements

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11.) Restrictions on Investment & Nature of Commercial Relationships

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NOTE: You may also return this survey via e-mail, fax, or regular mail. Please also provide this survey to your agents or distributors in foreign countries. We need as much information as possible to help U.S. exporters!

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