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Microelectronics November 21, 2017  

Products Covered: Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment; Semiconductors; Other Electronic Components [printed circuit boards (PCBs), electronic connectors, passive components (capacitors, resistors, inductors), electronic tubes (including cathode-ray and microwave tubes) and other electronic components, not elsewhere classified (ADP power supplies, piezoelectric circuits, etc)]; and Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS - Electronics Assembly).

U.S. Shipments of Microelectronics Products (2000 to 2008)

U.S. Shipments of Electronic Components (Census Report)

2007 Economic Census: Materials consumption, employment costs, etc. by Microelectronics Industries

2007 HS Codes for Microelectroncs Products - Note major changes to HS coding in 2007

2007 HS Codes for Audio-Video

Industry Trade Advisory Committee on Information and Communications Technologies, Services, and Electronic Commerce (ITAC-8)

Trade Policy Issues

Industry Briefs

Microelectronics Glossary

2006 HS Codes for Microelectronics Products

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