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Trade Policy Country/Regions January 22, 2018  
Recent Developments in High-Technology Trade in India

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June 2004: A summary of the tariff and tax videoconference held in January 2004 is now available on the OITEC website. Subjects disussed include various product-specific tariff and tax questions, the methodology for calculating tariffs and taxes, special economic zones, and other topics related to tariffs and taxes.

May 2004: The Export IT India Report is now available. Prepared by the Information Technology Industries Division of the International Trade Administration, this study describes and analyzes the trends, key issues, and events in information technology (IT), telecommunications, Internet, and electronic commerce adoption in India.  It also highlights market opportunities relevant to U.S. small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the IT, telecommunications, and e-commerce areas in India and provides suggested market entry strategies for these firms. 

January 2004: The Office of Information Technologies and Electronic Commerce (OITEC) has planned a videoconference with the Government of India (GOI).  The location of the videoconference will be the Herbert C. Hoover building (Department of Commerce) in Washington, DC on January 30, 2004 at 8:00 am.  The videoconference is a result of the U.S. - India High Technology Cooperation Group.  This is a prime opportunity for companies currently exporting products to India to ask questions and receive information on the tariff and tax system in India.  The videoconference will also be a useful source of information for companies interested in entering the Indian market as well.  Information from the videoconference will be posted to this website for future reference and for companies and organizations that are unable to attend. For further information please contact Eric Holloway at 202-482-4936 or

January 2004: On January 9, 2004 the Government of India announced a series of substantial tariff and import tax reductions for IT products. Major highlights include a reduction of the Additional Duty (AD) from 16% to 8% for computers, a reduction of the tariff rate from 10% to 5% for cellular phones, and the elimination of the Special Additional Duty (SAD). The U.S. – India High Technology Cooperation Group (HTCG) continues to work towards furthering the facilitation of high technology trade between the United States and India. For more information on the HTCG please contact Eric Holloway at 202-482-4936 or

November 2003: On November 20, Deputy Assistant Secretary (DAS) for Information Technology Industries Michelle O'Neill and Deputy Under Secretary (DUS) for Technology Ben Wu co-chaired the second round of trade talks with the Government of India in New Delhi, India for the U.S. – India High Technology Cooperation Group (HTCG). Significant progress was made in several areas related to the facilitation of high technology trade to India. Additionally, the Government of India has agreed to host a videoconference with U.S. companies in January 2004 to discuss tariff and tax issues on IT products, and also agreed to provide "case studies" about clearance times at ports that process significant amounts of IT products.

August 2003: An example of improvements to facilitate trade in India; a Remote Electronic Data Interchange system has been introduced at 23 Indian ports and connectivity between relevant Indian organizations is at a very advanced stage of being established. This is intended to greatly facilitate the movement of cargo to and from Indian ports, save time for people in trade and industry, and make the handling of customs clearance efficient without involving human interface.

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