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Trade Associations January 20, 2018  
Microelectronics Trade Associations

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Disclaimer: The following list is of various private websites for microelectronics industry trade associations. Each site has full responsibility for any information provided.

European Institute of Printed Circuits (Europe)

The European Institute of Printed Circuits(EIPC) is a European association servicing companies active in the field of Electronic Interconnection & Packaging. Members include: PCB Manufacturers, Suppliers of materials/machines/services, End-users of PCB's Contact: tel.+41-61-482 39 00, Fax +41-61-482 39 10 EIPC Website

Electronic Industries Alliance (USA)

EIA formerly known as the Electronics Industries Association, EIA represents thousands of electronics firms including electronic components, especially passive components manufacturers and end-user; and consumer electronics manufacturers. Publishes annual Electronic Market Data Book and Trade Directory and Membership List; Hosts domestic Trade Shows, Conferences. Contact: E I A, 703-907-7500. EIA's Website


IPC represents companies whose products relate to: printed circuit boards (PCBs), materials or equipment used in PCB production processes and the assembly of board products; these include: OEMs, independent producers, and contract manufacturers/assembly-houses. IPC organizes numerous semi-annual conferences on technology and marketing issues. Publishes the semi-annual reports from Technology Market Research Council and Assembly Market research Council; as well as numerous standards publications. Hosts domestic Trade Shows including: IPC Printed Circuit EXPO, the Electronics Assembly Expo and Surface Mount International. Contact: I P C, 847-509-9700. IPC's Website

International Microelectronics and Packaging Society (USA)

IMAPS represents manufacturers of hybrid microcircuits and electronic packaging products. Publishes the International Journal of Microcircuits and Electronic Packaging; among other publications. They host the semi-annual technology and market research conference (MMRC). Contact: IMAPS (703) 758-1060. IMAPS Website

Japan Electronics and Information Technology Association (Japan)

JEITA is the new incarnation of two trade associations EIAJ and JEIDA. JEITA covers a broad range of products including:Audio/visual equipment, Radio communications systems, Broadcasting equipment, Medical electronic equipment, Computers and related equipment, Power supplies, various Instrumentation, Active and Passive Electronic, Electronic materials, Software and solution services. JEITA provides statistics and organizes events. USA Office: Japan Electronics Bureau Suite 1533, One Penn. Plaza, 250 West 34th St. New York, N.Y. 10119, U.S.A.TEL: +1-212-489-6270FAX: +1-212-279-6134: Note: On December 1, 2000, the address will change to: 104 East 40th St., Suite 306, New York, N.Y. 10016,U.S.A. JEITA Website

Japan Printed Circuit Association (Japan)

Offers Production Statistics and Trade Event Information; Contact: tel. +81-3-5310-2020; Fax +81-3-5310-2021; E-mail JPCA Website:

Printed Circuit International Federation (UK)

PCIF representing UK PWB firms and worldwide CEMs; PCIF Tel: 020 7331 2035, Fax: 020 7331 2040; E-mail: PCIF Website

Semiconductor Industry Association (USA)

SIA represents U.S. semiconductor manufacturers. Publishes annual Status Report & Industry Directory, and World Semiconductor Trade Statistics, which tracks semiconductor shipments by regional market and by product. Contact: S I A, 408-246-2711. SIA's Website

Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (USA)

SEMI represents international manufacturers production and test equipment and electronic materials. Publishes CHANNEL magazine; hosts domestic and international trade events. Contact: S E M I 415-964-5111. SEMI's Website

Surface Mount and Circuit Board Association of Australia & New Zealand

SMCBA strives to publicize and further the interest of the surface mount, circuit board and related industries through the dissemination of reports, technical information and publications by the conduct of conferences and symposia. The SMCBA is an International Affiliate of the IPC (USA), the SMTA (USA) and SMCBA members. Contact: Tel: 61 3 9568 0599; Fax: 61 3 9568 0622; SMCBA Web-site

Surface Mount Technology Association

SMTA represents manufacturers of products utlizing SMT applications. Involved in technical conference and seminar organization. Contact SMTA Tel: (612) 920-7682; Fax: (612) 926-1819 e-mail: SMTA Website

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