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Research by Industry/Sector November 24, 2017  
Worldwide Broadband Fixed Wireless Access Information

In the summer of 2003, the Office of Telecommunications Technologies surveyed Commerce Department/Commercial Service offices worldwide about the broadband fixed wireless market in their host countries in order to provide updated information to U.S. telecommunications service providers and equipment manufacturers. The industry specialists responded to the following questions:

A. What is the current government policy governing access to the worldwide fixed wireless access band (3.4 to 3.7 Ghz), LMDS (28 to 31 Ghz), and unlicensed bands?

B. Is there a demand or need for BFW services?

C. Do BFW service providers need an operating license? If so, please briefly note terms and conditions for obtaining a license and give point of contact in host government.

D. Are there foreign ownership limits or restrictions regarding types of services BFW companies can provide?

E. Are there standard tariffs governing BFW interconnection with local telcos, or must BFW service providers negotiate separately with network operators?

F. Are there other policies and regulations governing BFW? If so, please describe briefly.

G. To what extent are BFW services being offered by domestic or international firms?

H. Can you provide a current list of BFW access providers, including information on which frequency band(s) they are operating in; who their equipment supplier(s) are; what areas they cover; when they obtained their licenses; and when they started to roll-out their services?

I. What kind of regulations, certification procedures, and import duties do U.S. exporters of wireless equipment face in the market?

Click on a country below to view the responses to the above questions. If there is a country not listed for which you would like this information, please e-mail us.

ArgentinaEuropean UnionNew Zealand
Czech RepublicLebanonUkraine
Dominican RepublicMacedoniaVenezuela

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