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Trade Policy Country/Regions January 20, 2018  
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation: Overview and Links to Key Resources

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  • What is APEC and What Can it Do for Business?
    Overview of APEC's mission, programs and activities.

  • APEC E-Commerce Steering Group (ECSG)
    Contains documents and announcements related to the ECSG's work agenda, including on privacy, consumer protection, and paperless trading.

  • APEC Telecommunications & Information Working Group (APEC TEL)
    Information on APEC TEL activities, including those within the Business Facilitation Steering Group, the Liberalization Steering Group, and the E-Security Task Group.

  • U.S. Government Information on APEC
    The official U.S. Goverment Web site on APEC, includes an overview of U.S. government issues in APEC.

  • APEC Secretariat
    The APEC Secretariat's Web site, includes a calendar of events.

  • APEC & Trade
    Resources from the U.S. Trade Representative's Office on trade-related activities within APEC.

  • APEC Business Advisory Council
    Source of information on business activities in APEC, includes an APEC currency convertern and a calendar of events.

  • Pacific Basin Economic Council (PBEC)
    Information on PBEC's work within APEC.

  • Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (PECC)
    Information on the PECC's work within APEC.

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