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Research by Country/Region January 18, 2018  
U.S.-India High Technology Cooperation Group

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The U.S. – India High Technology Cooperation Group (HTCG) offers both governments a venue to discuss a wide range of topics including strategic trade, export controls, and trade facilitation. Topics addressed in the trade facilitation session include tariffs on information technology (IT) products, trade facilitation/customs procedures, data privacy, and the WTO e-commerce work program.

Both governments develop action plans containing steps to be completed prior to the next meeting of the HTCG. As part of this commitment, the Government of India has provided information on tariffs and customs procedures (Additional Information for U.S. Exporters). We continue to seek ideas from U.S. companies about trade issues U.S. IT companies face when trying to export to India. If U.S. companies have questions or comments about these activities, please contact Eric Holloway at or (202) 482-4936.

The International Trade Administration’s (ITA) Office of Information Technologies and Electronic Commerce continues to participate in discussions with the Government of India regarding ways to stimulate U.S.-India high technology trade. The ITA will focus on facilitating and promoting trade in multiple sectors of the high technology economy through outreach activities. These outreach activities are designed to educate U.S. companies about high technology opportunities in the Indian market and to develop cooperative activities to support the enhanced use of information and communications technologies by small and medium-sized companies. This effort also includes the United States and India working together to identify steps that might be taken to create the appropriate economic, legal, and structural environment that is necessary for successful high-technology trade, including the addressing of tariff and non-tariff barriers. The Government of India has provided the following contact information and links to help facilitate U.S.-India trade:

Direct queries regarding the facilitation and promotion of US-India trade in the IT and E-Commerce sectors to:

Mr. D.K. Mittal,
Joint Secretary (FT-AM)
Ministry of Commerce, Udyog Bhavan,
New Delhi, India - 100001
Tel: (011) 9111 23015961
Mr. Sandeep Maini
Commercial Specialist
U.S. Department of Commerce
U.S. Commercial Service
U.S. Embassy
The American Center
24 Kasturba Gandhi Marg
New Delhi, India - 110001
Tel: 91-11-2331 5841 x2222
Fax: 91-11-2331 5172

As a U.S. exporter, if your company has concerns related to a particular transaction at a specific Indian port, please contact the Joint Secretary (FT-AM), Ministry of Commerce. The Joint Secretary (FT-AM), Ministry of Commerce will direct the inquiry to the Trade Facilitation Committee that functions at that particular port, which will facilitate a quick reply to your question. It is important that details of the shipping transaction are included. The Office of Information Technologies and Electronic Commerce, U.S. Department of Commerce would like to track the number of inquires to the Ministry of Commerce to determine the usefulness of the supplied contact information. Please contact Eric Holloway at or 202-482-4936 when submitting any inquiries to Joint Secretary Mittal, Ministry of Commerce.

The U.S. Department of Commerce's U.S. Commercial Service is another important resource for U.S. exporters. The U.S. Commercial Service has offices throughout the U.S. and offices located throughout the world, including in India. Sandeep Maini specializes in the Information Technology sector, as well as other related sectors. The U.S. Commercial Service offers a variety of services for U.S. exporters. Please visit the U.S. Commercial Service website for further information.

Additional Information for U.S. Exporters

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