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Research by Country/Region January 19, 2018  
U.S.-Japan Regulatory Reform and Competition Policy Initiative

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On June 30, 2001, President Bush and Prime Minister Koizumi established the Regulatory Reform and Competition Policy Initiative (Regulatory Reform Initiative), which is an important component of the U.S.-Japan Economic Partnership for Growth. Each year, the two Governments exchange reform recommendations in the fall under this Initiative. These recommendations serve as a basis for annual reports to the President and Prime Minister, specifying reform measures to be taken by each Government. USTR is the lead agency for the U.S. Government for this Initiative, while the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) takes the lead for the Japanese Government. Both Governments have extensive interagency participation in the five Working Groups.

The Telecommunications Working Group under the Regulatory Reform Initiative is led by USTR, with substantial participation by ITA. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) and MOFA co-chair the Telecom Working Group for Japan. The Working Group has become the main bilateral mechanism in which the U.S. Government addresses trade-related telecom issues with Japan.

The annual recommendations and annual report include all sectors covered by the Regulatory Reform Initiative. Below are extracts of the telecom sections of these documents.

Excerpts from the Annual Reports to the Leaders
Measures by the Government of Japan/Government of the United States

Eighth Report to Leaders 7/6/09
Telecom 2009-7-6-japan-report.pdf

Seventh Report to Leaders 7/5/08
Telecom 2008-7-5-japan-report.pdf

Sixth Report to the Leaders 6/6/07
Telecom 2007-6-06-japan-report.pdf

Fifth Report to the Leaders 6/29/06
Telecom 2006-06-29-japan-report.pdf

Fourth Report to the Leaders 11/2/05
Telecom 2005-11-02-japan-report.pdf

Third Report to the Leaders 6/8/04
Telecom 2004-06-08-japan-report.pdf

Second Report to the Leaders 5/23/03
Telecom 2003-05-23-japan-report.pdf

First Report to the Leaders 6/25/02
Telecom 2002-06-25-japan-report.pdf

Excerpts from the Annual Recommendations

2008-2009 U.S. Recommendations to Japan 10/15/08
Telecom 2008-2009 Reg Reform Recs.pdf

2007-2008 U.S. Recommendations to Japan 10/18/07
Telecom 2007-2008 Reg Reform Recs.pdf

2006-2007 U.S. Recommendations to Japan 12/5/06
Telecom 2006-2007 Reg Reform Recs.pdf

2005-2006 U.S. Recommendations to Japan 12/7/05
Telecom 2005-2006 Reg Reform Recs.pdf

2004-2005 U.S. Recommendations to Japan 10/14/04
Telecom 2004-2005 Reg Reform Recs.pdf

2003-2004 U.S. Recommendations to Japan 10/24/03
Telecom 2003-2004 Reg Reform Recs.pdf

2002-2003 U.S. Recommendations to Japan 10/23/02
Telecom 2002-2003 Reg Reform Recs.pdf

2001-2002 U.S. Recommendations to Japan 10/14/01
Telecom 2001-2002 Reg Reform Recs.pdf

Background Information
Creation of the U.S.-Japan Economic Partnership for Growth in June 2001

Other Links (Enhanced Deregulation Initiative, Agreements, etc.)

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