Event: ASDA

Location: Split, Croatia

Date of Event: 04/26/2017-04/28/2017

Products: Military Apparel and Products

Project Officer: Mary Lynn Landgraf 202-482-7909

Official Show Website:

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1. List of show participants:
        a. CTF Enterprises, Inc. – Fixnzip, Oregon
            i. www.fixnzip.com
            ii. 415 17th Street, Suite 1
            iii. Oregon City, OR 97045, USA
            iv. Contact: Ray Cotton, President/CEO
            v. Phone: 503-805-3939
            vi. Email: Ray@Fixnzip.com
        b. EEONYX, California
            i. www.eeonyx.com
            ii. 750 Belmont Way
            iii. Pinole, CA 94564 USA
            iv. Phone: 510-741-3632
            v. Fax: 510-3741-3657
            vi. Contact: Jimmy Holliman, CEO
            vii. Email: j.holliman@eeonyx.com
        c. Higher Dimension Materials, Inc. – SuperFabric, Minnesota d. HWI Gear, Inc., Colorado e. Milliken & Company, South Carolina
            i. www.millikenmilitary.com
            ii. 920 Milliken Road, M159
            iii. Spartanburg, SC 29303 USA
            iv. Phone: 1-864-503-1828
            v. Fax: 1-863-503-2743
            vi. Contact: Tommy Young
            vii. Email: tommy.young@milliken.com
        f. Navajo Fabrics, Rhode Island g. Paraclete Aviation Life Support, Tennessee
            i. www.paracletelifesupport.com
            ii. 1792 Alpine Drive
            iii. Clarksville, TN 37040
            iv. Phone: 1-931-274-7947
            v. Contact: Carlos Andino, Market Development Director
            vi. Email: sales@paracletelifesupport.com
        h. 21st Tactical, North Carolina