Event: IFF MAGIC Japan

Location: Tokyo- Japan

Date of Event: 04/26/2017-04/28/2017

Products: Men's Wear, Women's Wear

Project Officer: Kim-Bang Nguyen 202-482-4805

Official Show Website: www.iff-magic.com

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    1. Company: sPACYcLOUd
    Contact: Ms. Tati Kolina
    Address: 326 New Mark Esplanade
      Rockville, MD 20850 USA
      Tel: (703) 403 - 4134
      Company/Product Description:
      American made street wear and action-sport company based out of Washington DC
      Product description: clothing apparel for men and women including jackets, jerseys, snapback, dresses.
    2. Company: Collared Greens
      Contact: Mr. Mason Antrim
      Address: 2513 Grenoble Rd.

      Richmond, VA 23294 USA
      Tel: (804) 756- 6800
      Company/Product Description:
      Collared Greens is proud to be the first and only American made, eco-conscious lifestyle, clothing brand. The Collared Greens brand combines our passion for timeless style with our commitment to support American manufacturing and the environment around us. We are always American Made, and continuously strive to deliver on the promise of premium quality American craftsmanship, creativity, and conservation. Products: Our products are designed to be classic American with a modern twist. Our products are designed for men, featuring Neckties, Bow Ties, Formal wear, sport shirts, shorts, hats, tees and much more!

    3. Company: Anna Bags, LLC
      Contact: Ms. Jayne Orthwein
      Address: 10037 Babber Country Ct.

      Gaithersburg, MD 20882 USA
      Tel: (301) 353 9416 (Office) (301) 820 2722 (cell)

      Email: jayne@annabags.com
Company/Product Description:
      Brand is Anna Orthwein Designs. Anna Bags is a small family-owned Atelier in the Washington D.C. area committed to creating exceptional luxury handbags under the brand name Anna Orthwein Designs. Anna Orthwein handbags are known for their craftsmanship, longevity, timelessness, and innovative design. They are always beautiful and always relevant, appealing to a clientele who appreciate beautifully made objects of artistic quality and with the independence in their tastes and choices to wear something truly exclusive.

      The sophisticated designs of Anna Orthwein handbags challenge the master craftsman to utilize traditional leather-working methods that have been passed along through generations. Hand-work in cutting, stitching, painting, and weaving are necessary skills within our atelier. Yet these age-old leather-craft techniques bring to life modern, fresh styles with a refined sensibility that defines Anna Orthwein Designs.

      Anna Orthwein handbags are designed as works-of-art, and are constructed using exquisite leathers and highest levels of skilled craftsmanship. We control every aspect of our process, from design through production, to ensure quality is maintained. Our leathers are imported from the finest European tanneries and although they are soft and sensual to the touch, they are highly durable and will stand up to years of wear. Our team of designers and craftsmen stand behind our product so that your Anna Orthwein luxury handbag will last a lifetime.

      4. Company: Over Under Clothing/Over Under Clothiers
      Contact: Mr. Taylor Watson or Bryan Horn
      Address: 4849-1 Dawin Rd. Jacksonville
      Florida, 32207 USA
      Tel: (904) 619-0577
      Email: info@overunderclothing.com
      Company/Product Description:
      Over Under Clothing is a Made in USA Clothing Company named after the Over Under shotguns of the days of old. Built with only the choicest woods and metals and crafted with smooth lines and detailed hand engraving, the Over Under shotgun became not only a tool for wing-shooting, but also a work of art. At Over Under, we have created apparel and accessories that embody the detailed work of the classic firearm that captivated the attention of the sporting world.

      Products: From Flannels, Waxed Jackets, and duffle bags to Khaki Shorts, wallets, and Dog Collars, we are proud to display a line that is near comprehensive for the Sporting Gentlemen. USA sourced leathers, cotton, and performance fabrics are sourced to make nothing but the highest quality goods. Whether it's the choice cotton that comes from the Mississippi farmers for "The Sporting Polo" and our custom designed Tee's, or the rich supple leather that comes from the Texas steers for our belts and wallets, or even right
      down to our custom laser engraved buttons that are made in the beautiful state of Tennessee. We believe that our great country is a perfect place to make the best products money can buy.

      5. Company: Catherine Gee
      Contact: Ms. Catherine Gee
      Address: 414 East Haley Street
      Santa Barbara, CA 93101 USA
      Email: catherine@catherinegee.com
      Tel: (615) 430-2553
      Website: www.catherinegee.com
      Company/Product Description: Catherine Gee embodies a timeless yet contemporary collection of strong pieces with elegant, modern lines. The brand seeks to provide an edit of refined yet functional wares. The accent is on individual ready-to-wear pieces that can be easily combined in different ways for a style that is always accessible - timeless yet contemporary. Catherine Gee is the winner of the 2016 WWDMAGIC and Galleries Lafayette (Paris) Emerging Designer Crème de la Crème competition.

6. Company: Eye Dye
      Contact: Mr. Robert Bizzell
      Address: 2906 N. Davis Hwy
Pensacola, FL 32503 USA
    Tel: (850) 291-4393 cell
    Email: robert@eye-dye.com
    Company/Product Description: Manufacturer of tied dyed apparel and T-shirts

7. Company: Cleverhood, LLC
Contact: Ms. Susan Mocarski
Address: 425 West Fountain Street
      Providence, RI 02903 USA
Email: susan@cleverhood.com
Tel: (401) 862-1070
      Company/Product Description: Rainwear and outerwear for urban mobility, alternative transportation, and cycling.