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Alaska Department of Commerce and Economic Development
Division of Trade and Development (DTD), State Agency
Donna M. Logan, Trade Specialist
Frontier Building
3601 C Street, Suite 700
Anchorage, AK 995503-5986
Telephone: (907) 269-8110
Facsimile: (907) 269-8125
E-mail: Donna_Logan@commerce.state.ak.us
Website: www.state.ak.us

Mission of Organization
The mission of the Division of Trade and Development (DTD) is to encourage investment and sound economic development throughout Alaska. DTD works closely with the private sector to achieve the following goals:
Export Promotion Activities
In the international arena, DTD offices collect and share the latest information on market trends and government policies that may affect Alaska exports. These reports are in the process of becoming available on DTD’s home page on the World Wide Web. Additional market information and contacts may be found in DTD’s international trade library located in the Anchorage Office

Trade Mission Assistance and Product Showcasing
DTD leads business missions to targeted countries and promotes Alaska products in selected trade and catalog shows. DTD trade specialists can find the best arena for potential exporters to give their products the widest exposure to international buyers. For export ready companies traveling overseas, the Division can help arrange individual meetings.

Overseas Representation
DTD has overseas offices located in Tokyo, Japan and Seoul, Korea, and a representative on contract in Taipei, Taiwan and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia. These overseas representatives locate up-to-date contacts and targeted information on their particular markets. DTD can also act as the Alaska business person's liaison and advocate with foreign and domestic governments, finding information on policies and procedures and working toward resolution of trade and development barriers.

Promotion of Resource Development
Development specialists for the seafood, mining and timber industries work to promote Alaska as a desirable location for resource investment. The Division provides assistance in test marketing of resource products.

Environmental Focus
DTD works with Alaska's environmental services, equipment and engineering services. A high level of technological development and expertise can be found in the resource extractive industries, i.e., oil and gas, mining, seafood, and timber. Areas of services include: industrial cleanup, soil and water remediation, oil spill cleanup, response and prevention, hazardous/toxic materials removal and disposal, laboratory testing, inspection, training, consulting and permitting.

Availability of Services
DTD’s services are available to companies located in Alaska.

Success Measures
DTD measures success through assisted contract sales, incoming buying missions and outgoing trade missions.

Arizona Department of Commerce
International Trade and Investment Division, State Agency. Founded in 1912.
Dorothy Bigg, Director
3800 North Central Ave.
Suite 1500
Phoenix, AZ 85012
Telephone: (602) 280-1370
Facsimile: (602) 280-1378
E-mail: dorothy@ep.state.az.us
Website: www/state.az.us/commerce

Mission of Organization
The Arizona Department of Commerce's mission is to lead and promote economic development that creates quality jobs and supports a globally competitive Arizona. By extension, the International Trade and Investment Division's mission is to foster the growth of Arizona's economy by promoting and facilitating export sales, international services, and foreign investment.

Export Promotion Activities
The Arizona Department of Commerce International Trade and Investment Division counsels Arizona businesses on the various aspects of exporting their products or services; sponsors and co-sponsors up to 20 international business workshops and seminars each year; publishes the Directory of Arizona Exporters as well as annual statistics on Arizona's export volume; and organizes delegations of Arizona exporters to participate or exhibit in international trade shows, catalog shows, and trade missions.

Environmental Focus
As part of a statewide effort involving more than 1,000 of Arizona's businesses, a strategic economic development plan was developed for Arizona from 1990-92. One of its primary elements was the identification and organization of 10 economic clusters - competitive firms in related industries that do business inside or outside the region. One of these clusters is environmental technologies. The implementation of this economic development plan is known as the Governor's Strategic Partnership for Economic Development (GSPED). With the GSPED serving as a guide, the Arizona Department of Commerce has organized its international and business development divisions around the economic clusters. As a result, the division has a trade specialist focusing on environmental technologies.

Availability of Services
As an agency of the Arizona state government, the services of the International Trade and Investment Division of the Arizona Department of Commerce are open to Arizona businesses of any size.

Success Measures
In export promotion, the division's success is measured in a number of ways. First, by the number of companies assisted and the quantity of export counseling sessions conducted by the staff. Other measures include the number of trade promotion events organized and the number of Arizona company participants in these events. Ultimately, tracking the successful negotiation of international business and sales agreements at these events or with the division's assistance is desired.

Environmental Technology Industry Cluster (ETIC)
Private Sector Market Development Organization. Founded 1993
Victoria Allies, Northern Arizona Vice Chairman
c/o TNT Technology Company
2121 West University Drive, Suite 123
Tempe, AZ 85281
Telephone: (602) 966-9891
Facsimile: (602) 968-9469
E-mail: tntic@goodnet.com

Organization Mission
The goal of the Environmental Technology Industry Cluster (ETIC) is to promote and support development and expansion of Arizona's environmental technology industry by providing to that industry a network of public and private resources. To achieve that goal, ETIC has identified several objectives:
Export Promotion Activities
ETIC plans to build partnerships with venture capalists. It will also continue to support the efforts of its member companies into Asian markets.

Environmental Focus
A member of the Governor's Strategic Partnership for Economic Development (GSPED), ETIC works to establish Arizona as a leader in environmental technology in regional, national, and global markets. The organization has approximately 100 members, including innovators and developers of high-technology applications, engineering and consulting firms, academics and researchers, and firms that focus on energy and alternative fuels. Member companies of ETIC, all of which have an environmental focus, range in size from one-person operations to large concerns that have extensive national and international projects.

Availability of Services
ETIC publishes an annual directory of its membership that includes comprehensive information about making contacts, identifying resources, and locating potential customers and vendors. It also conducts biennial targeted studies of the industry to identify trends that can affect the industry's growth. ETIC works to facilitate the transfer of university research into commercially applicable technologies, maintains contacts with government officials to ensure its members a voice in policy making, and conducts quarterly meetings to foster networking and information exchange. The organization publishes a quarterly newsletter and supports and achievement award program to recognize outstanding contributions to environmental technology.

California Environmental Business Council, Inc. (CEBC)
Non-profit trade and business association. 85 Members. Founded in 1994.
Brian A. Runkel, Executive Director
3120 Dela Cruz Blvd.
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Telephone: (408) 748-2170
Facsimile: (408) 748-2189

Mission of Organization
The mission of the California Environmental Business Council, Inc. (CEBC) is to promote and assist the environmental technology and service industries at the state, national and international levels. A non-profit trade and business association, CEBC unites segments of the environmental industry to increase business development. Its membership consists of California companies and other organizations from all areas of the industry. CEBC’s current agenda is focused on several core areas of concern to the environmental industry: Vision 2000 Strategic Plan for the California environmental industry; business development; regulatory reform; technology certification; capital access/financing and education/training.

Environmental Focus
The following list outlines examples of specific projects CEBC is currently working on:
Examples of recent seminar topics include the California Expedited Remedial Action Program, the State Water Board's Containment Zone policy, and private investor networks for financing environmental companies. Future seminars will address brownfields redevelopment, business opportunities in Latin America, and other topics of interest to the environmental industry. Please contact CEBC for a listing of events.

Export Promotion Activities
Availability of Services
Services are limited to members only. Please call CEBC for more information.

California Trade & Commerce Agency
Environmental Technology Export Program, State Agency.
Tim Ogburn, Program Manager
801 K Street, Suite 1926
Sacramento, CA 95814
Telephone: (916) 322-5298
Facsimile: (916) 324-5791
E-mail: togburn@commerce.ca.gov

Mission of Organization
The mission of the Environmental Technology Export Program of the California Trade and Commerce Agency is to increase California's share of the highly complex and technical international markets for environmental goods, products and services, and to help generate contracts and create jobs for California's environmental technology sector. The program focuses its assistance on small to medium business in exporting their environmental technologies and services.

Export Promotion Activities
The program enhances the global competitiveness of the environmental industry, addresses the promotional needs of California's environmental business community, and capitalizes on export demand for California's environmental technologies and services. The California Trade and Commerce Agency has 10 International Trade & Investment Foreign Offices. They are located in Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, United Kingdom, Mexico, South Africa, and Taiwan.

The Environmental Technologies Export Program:
Environmental Focus
California Trade and Commerce Agency runs the Environmental Technology Export Program, which is dedicated to working with California's environmental exporters. The program has received a grant from the U.S.-Asia Environmental Partnership to support work on behalf of California firms in Asia, and works with other federal and California agencies and programs to provide a special focus to the environmental sector.

Availability of Services
Services are provided to any California environmental technology company that requests them. There are no
membership requirements.

Success Measures
California Trade and Commerce measures success by contracts that are signed by the companies that have received the agency's assistance.

Institute of the Americas (IOA), Nonprofit think tank
Founded in 1984
Patricia Bennett, Director
Water, Mining, and Environmental Programs
10111 North Torrey Pines Road
La Jolla, CA 92037
Telephone: (619) 453-5560 x116
Facsimile: (619) 453-2165
Email: pbennett@popmail.ucsd.edu
Website: http://ioa.ucsd.edu

Mission of Organization
The Institute of the Americas (IOA) promotes economic development in Latin America by facilitating public-private cooperation and dialogue on infrastructure, investment, regulation, and trade. IOA focuses on energy, mining, environment and water, telecommunications, transportation, health, capital markets, economic integration, and trade. It carries out its mission through conferences, workshops, seminars, private meetings, research, and publications.

Export Promotion Activities
While IOA is not primarily an export-promotion organization, many of its conferences and events are aimed at helping U.S. companies penetrate Latin American Markets. It accomplishes this by helping them to establish networks and gain current, accurate information about market conditions and project opportunities.

IOA conducts various events throughout the year ranging from small roundtables to large conferences. Check its Internet home page or call its office for a list of upcoming events.

Environmental Focus
IOA promotes economic development in Latin America concentrating on many different sectors, including the environment and water. Working with the Department of Commerce through its Market Development Cooperator Program, IOA has developed a strong program focused on environmental exports and has hosted a number of events on environmental export issues (grant-funded activities conclude in late 1998). IOA maintains an extensive network of environmental contacts in the United States and throughout Latin America.

Availability of Services
Most of IOA's events are open to the public. IOA does offer special services, however, to corporate members, including accompanied missions to Latin America, private briefings, advice on new projects, and introductions to government officials around the region.

Success Measures
IOA measures success by the number of participants in its meetings; the number of contacts, private meetings, or introductions achieved through these meetings; and by the number of successful deals resulting from IOA programs.

The Philippine Center for Sustainable Development and Environmental Technology
Non-profit Organization. Founded in 1995.
R.L. Singson, Ph.D., Professor
c/o School of Business & Economics
California State University
Hayward, CA 94542
Telephone: (510) 885-3557
Facsimile: (510) 885-2041
E-Mail: rsingson@csuhayward.edu

Mission of Organization
The mission of the Philippine Center for Sustainable Development and Environmental Technology is to establish a broad-based international partnership between universities, governmental and non-governmental organizations, and industry in promoting sustainable development through the adoption of clean technology. By working with the university system in the U.S. and the Philippines, the goal of the Center is to establish and maintain quality environmental science, engineering and technology academic programs, and to establish and maintain a trained environmental work force at all levels to support Philippine sustainable development in the Philippines and enhance environmental quality.

Export Promotion Activities
Environmental Focus
The center’s principal focus is on environmental issues, such as the maintenance of urban watershed and water quality, solid waste disposal and management, and clean production technologies.

Availability of Services
Consulting services available to any U.S. or Philippine company or governmental agencies for a fee.

Success Measures
The center measures its successes by the following:

Mayor's Office of Economic Development (MOED)
City and County of Denver, City Economic Development Agency
Bronwen Turner, Deputy Director
216 16th Street, Suite 1000
Denver, CO 80202
Telephone: (303) 640-7100
Facsimile: (303) 640-7059

Mission of the Organization
The Mayor's Office of Economic Development (MOED) is the city agency responsible for providing vision and direction to Denver's overall economic development efforts. MOED works to retain and create quality jobs, assists companies with expansion or relocation and provides a multitude of business development services. The office focuses particular attention on six target industries which have been identified as having the greatest potential for job and income growth of which one is environmental products and services.

Export Promotion Activities
MOED assists environmental companies in the following ways:
Through the Ambassador program, hosting visits by foreign delegations and introduces them to Colorado companies and research institutions providing environmental technologies, products and services.
MOED organizes visits by international environmental business and governmental leaders to meet with local companies and universities through its “Ambassador Program”; organizes meetings with other international delegations.

MOED funds and helps distribute “Approaching International Environmental Markets; Country and Finance Analysis”, a guide for Colorado environmental companies seeking to export (updated semiannually); a quarterly newsletter on economic trends in Denver and the activities of MOED; and a fact sheet on the environmental industry in Denver including contact numbers.

Environmental Focus
Programs such as the Ambassador Program are designed to meet the specific needs of the environmental industry and promote exports.

Availability of Services
MOED’s services are available to any business located or seeking to locate or expand in the City and County of Denver.
Success Measures
No information provided.

Colorado Center for Environmental Management (CCEM)
Non-profit organization
Dawn Kaback
999 18th Street, Suite 2750
Denver, CO 80202
Telephone: (303) 297-0188
Facsimile: (303) 297-0180
E-mail: rmorris@lynx.csn.net
Website: www.doegjpo.com/ccem

Mission of Organization
The Colorado Center for Environmental Management (CCEM) is a multidisciplinary, neutral, non-profit organization dedicated to building partnerships between government, business, academia, and special interest groups. CCEM conducts policy analysis, environmental technology analysis and consulting, and educational programs concentrating in five business areas: collaborative decisionmaking; environmental regulation and policy; environmental technology; environmental resources to business; and information, education, and training.

Export Promotion Activities
No specific activities/focus.

Environmental Focus
No information provided.

Availability of Services
No information provided.

Success Measures
No information provided.

Colorado Environmental Business Alliance (CEBA)
Environmental business/technology trade association. Founded in 1983.
Brent Temmer, Director
P.O. Box 22993
Denver, CO 80202
Telephone: (303) 771-0952
Facsimile: (303) 741-4623
E-mail: btemmer@ch2m.com
Website: www.ceba.com

Mission of Organization
The mission of the Colorado Environmental Business Alliance (CEBA) is to promote Colorado as a center for environmental commerce utilizing the resources, expertise and opportunities available in the state to expand market opportunities nationally and internationally.

Export Promotion Activities
The Colorado Environmental Business Ambassador and Export Resource Network help individual consultants and small and medium-sized environmental companies form relationships vital to reaching international markets. The project is a joint venture of CEBA; the Colorado International Trade Office; the City of Denver, Mayor's Office of Economic Development; the World Trade Center Denver; and the U.S. Export Assistance Center.

The Network will increase Colorado's contact with overseas markets in several ways:
Environmental Focus
No information provided.

Availability of Services
Membership is aimed at representatives of environmental business organizations, research facilities, educational institutions, and governmental agencies. However, anyone interested in environmental business is welcome to join. Members receive benefits such as access to a “members only” section of the alliance's Website and discounted fees for CEBA programs. They also receive discounted subscriptions to a local environmental business publication and discounted access to publications from Elsevier Science, an international and technical environmental publisher.

Success Measures
CEBA is involved in the Colorado Environmental Business Ambassador and Export Resource Network, and environmental export project funded by a grant from the Rocky Flats Local Impacts Initiative. The alliance is expected to comply with the performance measures outlined in that grant. They include provisions for tracking specific project acquisitions won by Colorado companies as a result of the program.

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