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National Environmental Exporters Resource Guide

The savvy reader will quickly note that the organizations profiled in this directory fall into three categories:

Programs and organizations that fit either of the first two categories are increasingly interested in developing expertise in the international or environmental area, as the case may be. This directory should have particular value for such organizations since it identifies areas of expertise throughout the fifty states and gives real examples of what has and can be accomplished.

For U.S. firms using this directory, you are strongly urged to keep in mind the focus and mission of any specific organization you contact. Some may have creative new programs or ideas for working with industry; others may need your firm's creative ideas on how they can help you. Still others may help with contacts more relevant to your firm's specific interests.

Your Help is Needed
This is a living document. It will be residing on the Office of Environmental Technologies Exports’ Home Page
(http://infoserv2.ita.doc.gov/ete) and will be updated regularly. However, we need your help. If there is incorrect information reported, or you know relevant organizations that have been omitted, please bring these to our attention for future inclusion. A “Fax Back” form for this purpose is included on this introduction.

Putting the Directory Together
All the information provided in the guide is the result of self-reporting by the organizations listed. A standard format for each profile was developed and the organizations were requested to provide background information in the designated categories. Some reports had to be condensed, while others were incomplete. Also, not all of the relevant organizations have been covered in this directory. Every effort was made to contact all known and relevant organizations, although some may have been missed. A few organizations did not fill out the request for information, yet because these entities are considered valuable contacts, they are most likely listed in the appendix. In a few cases, organizations were contacted but did not respond in a timely manner to the request for information.

The Directory is intended to complement existing resources. Therefore, it does not cover federal government programs (with a couple exceptions). Federal programs are already extensively detailed in “Environmental Technologies Exports: A Guide to U.S. Government Resources,” which is available from ETE at 202-482-5225 or on ETE’s Home Page. A second, complementary resource is ETE’s California Environmental Exporters’ Resource Guide, published in October 1996 and available from ETE. A third additional resource is the EPA publication, Environmental Business Council Resources, which follows a different format. Many organizations listed in the EPA book were contacted for this directory and some of those are included herein. Contact information for several that did not respond are included in Appendix B. The EPA book is available from EPA at 703-603-7199.


If you would like your organization to be included in the on-line version of the Directory (or future published versions), or you would like to update information on an listing included in the Directory, please fill out the following form and return it to: 202-482-5665

Organization Name:

Contact: ____________________________
Address: ____________________________
Phone: _____________________________
Fax: _______________________________
email: ______________________________

Mission (a one-to-three sentence description of your organization's mission).

Key Activities (briefly describe your organization's principal activities, particularly export programs, regular events, and publications)

Environmental Focus (briefly describe any particularly focus on the environmental sector)

Availability of Services (who is eligible to receive your services)

Success Measures (how do you measure the success of your program)

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