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Florida to Massachusetts

Enterprise Florida, Inc.
Economic Development Organization. Founded in 1996. 23 Members.
Mark Teagan, Trade Specialist
2801 Ponce de Leon Blvd., Suite 700
Coral Gables, FL 33134
Telephone: (305) 569-2650
Facsimile: (305) 569-2686
E-mail: mteagan@enterprise.state.fl.us

Mission of Organization
Enterprise Florida, Inc. is a public-private partnership that replaced the Florida Department of Commerce in 1996. It is a statewide economic development organization, one of whose four divisions is International Trade. Enterprise Florida assists Florida companies interested in marketing their products and services to foreign markets. The staff includes trade specialists who counsel Florida exporters interested in marketing worldwide. The division also participates in a highly successful program of overseas trade missions and trade shows designed to help Florida companies penetrate new markets and also oversees a statewide trade lead dissemination service.

Export Promotion Activities
Through its eight foreign offices (Brazil, Canada, Germany, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Taiwan and the United Kingdom), International Trade generates trade leads for Florida companies. These are supplemented by data bases like the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Trade Data Bank, the Florida Trade Data Center, and on-line data bases like the Economic Bulletin Board.

International Trade conducts seminars and workshops throughout the state, often in conjunction with local trade clubs and Economic Development organizations. It also organizes pavilions at major trade shows like CeBIT in Germany, Enviro ‘97 in Korea, Saitex in South Africa, the Farnborough (UK) and Paris Air Shows, Comdex shows in various countries, and Medica.

Enterprise Florida disseminates FaxFacts, a weekly fax that reviews Enterprise Florida’s activities, plans and accomplishments.

Environmental Focus
No information provided.

Availability of Services
There are no criteria for membership; International Trade offers most of its services free of charge to Florida manufacturers and service providers.

Success Measures
Success is measured by trade leads generated and disseminated and, above all, by export sales.

Southern Environmental Business Council, Inc. (SEBC)
Founded in 1995. 55 Members.
Cynthia T. Williams, Interim Executive Director
4701 North Federal Highway, Suite 380
Pompano Beach, FL 33064
Telephone: (954) 784-7274
Facsimile: (954) 788-9214
E-mail: ess@netrunner.net

Mission of Organization
The mission of the Southern Environmental Business Council (SEBC) is to foster an effective and competitive international environmental services and technology industry for the purpose of enhancing and maintaining a clean and presently includes 52 companies in the southeastern United States.

SEBC held its first annual meeting in October 1995. Active membership presently includes 52 companies in the southeastern United States. SEBC's three regional chapters, in North Florida, Tampa Bay, and South Florida, enable member participation very cost-effectively, on a local basis. Chapter activities have included a series of well-attended meetings that attract prominent speakers and promote networking among members.

Export Promotion Activities
SEBC provides a forum through monthly chapter meetings along with semiannual statewide meetings for discussing export opportunities for member companies. It recruits informative speakers that provide timely and relevant information on export topics, particularly related to South American, Caribbean, and Asian export opportunities. Additionally, SEBC has been very effective in developing white paper policy recommendations and assisting in the education of policy makers and regulators on certain issues important to member companies.

Environmental Focus
SEBC provides:
Availability of Services
Membership in SEBC is available to all firms deriving revenues from the environmental industry in the southeastern United States (subject to approval by the board of directors). For information regarding various membership categories and their respective costs, please contact the SEBC offices.

Success Measures
No information provided.

Southern States Energy Board (SSEB)
Government Agency. Founded in 1960. 53 Members.
Kenneth J. Nemeth, Executive Director
6325 Amherst Court
Norcross, GA 30092
Telephone: (770) 242-7712
Facsimile: (770) 242-0421
E-mail: sseb@clever.net
Website: www.clever.net/sseb

Mission of Organization
Through innovations in energy and environmental programs and technologies, the Southern States Energy Board enhances the quality of life in the South. The long-term goals of SSEB include:
Export Promotion Activities
SSEB began facilitating a global business partnership for natural gas transportation conversion technologies with the Republic of Uzbekistan several years ago. U.S. government officials signed protocols and government guarantees with Uzbekistan officials in 1996. These projects will make a $1 billion impact on the southern economy.

Environmental Focus
SSEB takes an active role in federal, state and regional policies. The board of directors is particularly concerned with pollution prevention, waste minimization, disposal and storage and other processes affecting preservation of the ecological system.

SSEB member jurisdictions, as a whole, constitute the major energy producing region of the United States. Consumption of this energy produced in these regions is considerably less than production, resulting in a surplus available for use in other parts of the country. Regional priorities include continued development of alternative energy sources and implementation of a national policy that includes effective energy conservation. SSEB is a research and technological resource for the exchange of information and data regarding energy policies.

Availability of Services
Sixteen southern states and two territories comprise the membership of SSEB. In return for appropriations rendered by its members, the SSEB’s service and funding directly support state and regional projects and officials. Efforts of its task forces and committees serve all stakeholders in its member states.

Success Measures
No information provided.

Illinois Department of Commerce and Community Affairs (DCCA)
International Business Division, State Agency
Enrico J. Doggett, Export Administrator
100 W. Randolph, Suite 3-4000
Chicago, IL 60601
Telephone: (312) 814-7295
Facsimile: (312) 814-6581

Mission of Organization
The Illinois Department of Commerce and Community Affairs (DCCA), International Business Division (IBD), is devoted to assisting Illinois firms entering international markets and increasing exports of Illinois products. The division works with Illinois firms to develop healthy international trade relationships by using its resources, expertise and contacts to aid and facilitate the process.

Export Promotion Activities
The IBD is staffed by trade specialists with expertise in international markets. They provide assistance to companies with specific needs related to doing business in Europe, Asia, Canada and Latin America. Regional marketing specialists also coordinate a number of activities and programs to assist Illinois exporters, including international trade shows and missions, a trade lead program, and the Illinois Export Alliance.

IBD's major annual event is the Crossing International Borders Conference held each year in May. This conference brings together over 800 business, government, and academic authorities to discuss all aspects of export.

IBD's publications include The Trade Leader, published quarterly; numerous brochures on its programs; and specialized material.

Environmental Focus
While not specifically involved with environmental concerns, many of IBD's clients are environmental firms. Foreign interest in environmental services is keen, and many Illinois firms have been quick to respond. Many companies engaged in environmental activities have taken advantage of our programs to offer their services in foreign markets.

Availability of Services
IBD's services are available to Illinois firms of all sizes. However, it normally concentrates on small to medium-sized firms (less than 500 employees). Contact IBD directly for more information regarding its programs and assistance.

Success Measures
Besides subjective evaluation of how well it meets the policy goals established by management, IBD uses two hard criteria determine the level of its success. First, it uses evaluation sheets which are required to be completed by all trade shows participants. On this sheet, participants indicate their level of satisfaction with the resources and services provided by IBD's staff. Second, IBD tracks the bottom line on goods and services exported from Illinois.

Council of State Governments (CSG)
Private, Non-profit, National Organization. Founded in 1933. 55 Members.
Karen Marshall, Policy analyst
P.O. Box 11910
Lexington, KY 40578
Telephone: (606) 244-8000
Facsimile: (606) 244-8001
Website: www.csg.org

Mission of Organization
The Council of State Governments (CSG) is a nonpartisan, multibranch organization of the states and U.S. territories that champions excellence in state government and works with state leaders across the nation and through its regions to put the best ideas and solutions into practice. CSG conducts research, maintains a national information clearinghouse, produces numerous leading publications, showcases innovative state programs, promotes federal-state partnerships and conducts leadership development programs.

Export Promotion Activities
CSG’s Centers for Environment and Safety administer the State Environmental Initiative for the United States-Asia Environmental Partnership (U.S.-AEP) to promote a clean revolution in Asia. CSG’s Centers for Environment and Safety have expertise in state environmental management strategies, emergency management and the linkages between the environment and economic development. Each year, the CSG State Environmental Initiative solicits proposals for U.S.-AEP by distributing a Call for Proposals to all state governments. State environmental agencies, pollution prevention offices, economic development agencies, and/or export trade offices are encouraged to collaborate with each other, with environmental technology firms in their state, and with their proposed Asian partner in developing the proposal.

Environmental Focus
In addition to the state agencies, successful grant proposals draw on multiple resources, such as nongovernmental organizations, university research and development projects for environmental technologies and services, and existing public/private partnerships for environmental protection. Funded projects are expected to address the entire enabling process, including issues of policy, technology and infrastructure, research, community involvement, culture, investment, and implementation.

In 1997, CSG selected proposals from Arizona, California, Illinois, Oregon and Vermont to conduct projects in India, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Availability of Services
The State Environmental Initiative is open to all agencies and organizations from all 50 States and the U.S. territories.

All applicants that request and receive funding, regardless of the amount, must match the grant funds with a 3:1, 2:1, or 1:1 match. The match ratio depends on the development status of the country proposed as a partner.

Success Measures
No information provided.

Maine International Trade Center (MITC)
Founded in 1996.
Perry B. Newman, President
511 Congress Street
Portland, ME 04101-3428
Telephone: (207) 541-7400
Facsimile: (207) 541-7420
E-mail: info@mitc.com
Website: www.mitc.com

Mission of Organization
The Maine International Trade Center (MITC) is Maine's one-stop-shop for international business information and assistance. It is committed to expanding the state's economy through increased international trade in goods and services, and related activities. It was founded in 1996 as a merger of two previous organizations: the Maine World Trade Center, established in 1985, and the Maine Education and Training Export Partnership, founded in 1994.

Export Promotion Activities
MITC achieves its mission by linking Maine companies with international market opportunities, attracting international investment to Maine, providing Maine firms with assistance in pursuing international business such as introduction to international methods of payment, managing risk internationally, international procurement opportunities, dispute resolution in international business, and cultural awareness - doing business in Asia. It also host Maine's largest international trade show, the Maine International Trade Day, as well as coordinates and implements the Governor's trade missions and mini-missions to such destinations as Taiwan, the United Kingdom, Japan, Latin America, Germany, Canada, and France.

MITC publishes the Monthly Global View newsletter, annual membership directory, and president's monthly members letter.

Environmental Focus
The environmental industry is one of the MITC’s five focus industry groups. MITC promotes and assists Maine's environmental businesses by uniting the environmental industry to increase international business development and through active participation with the Environmental Business Council of Maine, and cosponsorship of the International Energy and Environmental Summit. Maine's unique Memorandum of Understanding with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) enables Maine firms to access environmental opportunities in developing countries and to benefit from special Maine-USAID initiatives.

Availability of Services
MITC's staff is dedicated to providing assistance to its members and to others enabling them to succeed in the international marketplace. Membership in MITC has many advantages, including: significant admission discounts for ongoing educational programs; exclusive invitation to member only events at the trade center; first opportunity to join sponsored trade missions; first opportunity for trade leads and partnership requests that come into the center from overseas; first priority response and assistance to technical inquiries; exclusive opportunity to partner with fellow member “mentor” company, complimentary Trade Center Membership Directory; and access to an extensive reference library.

Success Measures
MITC measures success of efforts by membership growth, productive export leads shared with members, growth in the technical assistance calls, and the increase in the number of first-time exporters.

The Maryland-China Business Council, Inc.
Non-profit Business Association. Founded in 1994. 90 Members.
Steven Hammalian, Ph.D., Chairman and President
10451 Mill Run Circle, Suite 400
Owings Mills, MD 21117
Telephone: (410) 356-8832
Facsimile: (410) 902-9596
E-mail: S_Hammalian@compuserve.com
Website: www.wrmi.com/pub/wrmi/mcbc

Mission of Organization
The mission of Maryland-China Business Council, Inc. (MCBC), is to foster increased business understanding and activity between firms in Maryland and surrounding states and the People's Republic of China. MCBC fulfills this mission by providing speaker programs and networking opportunities at its monthly meetings. MCBC also hosts delegations from China and organizes other programs with the aim of increasing opportunities for successful business relationships and trade. MCBC sponsors workshops, symposia, and seminars in the United States and China, with joint US-Chinese participation. MCBC membership represents a unique cross-section of corporations, entrepreneurs, government agencies, and academic institutions.

Export Promotion Activities
MCBC's specific goals are to demonstrate the power that can be derived from banding together to interact with the enormous and dynamic China marketplace; to provide excellent information sharing opportunities and presentations at monthly meetings on successfully competing in China; and to offer special opportunities through workshops, symposia, and delegations for business people to meet with Chinese counterparts and government leaders both in the United States and China.

Environmental Focus
MCBC has a strong contingent of environmental firms and organizations as members, as well as representatives from other industries. Law firms with special interests in environmental and industrial safety and health are strongly represented, as are financing and educational institutions inclined to be involved in Chinese environmental projects and activities. Universities, engineering firms, and manufacturers of environmental technologies are also members.

MCBC has built a strong cooperative network, working with representatives from organizations such as U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Office of International Activities, U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Department of Commerce, Export-Import Bank of the United States, the World Bank, Embassy of the People's Republic of China, Chinese National Environmental Protection Agency, Maryland Department of the Environment, Maryland Department of Economic Development, Office of International Affairs, Maryland Business Center China, the World Trade Center Institute and the Environmental Export Council.

MCBC has hosted numerous environmental delegations from China including representatives of the national Environmental Protection Agency, the Water Resources Ministry, and provincial and city environmental bureaus. MCBC has arranged site visits to water treatment plants and other facilities and has sponsored technology transfer training sessions for these delegations.

Availability of Services
Anyone with an interest in business in China may join MCBC. The bi-monthly newsletter is reserved for members, as are meetings.

Success Measure
MCBC measures its success in its responsiveness to member interests and needs. It holds a members feedback session that is used to guide board actions for the following year. Additionally, success is measured in terms of speaker quality. We are especially proud that we have had the highest levels of speakers at our monthly meetings, resulting in continually growing attendance.

Maryland Department of the Environment
State environmental regulatory agency
John Mitchell, International Programs Manager
2500 Broening Highway
Baltimore, MD 21224
Telephone: (410) 631-3003
Facsimile: (410) 631-3936
E-mail: jmitchel@charm.net
Website: www.mde.state.md.us

Mission of Organization
The mission of the Maryland Department of the Environment is to protect and restore the quality of Maryland's land, air and water by assessing, preventing, and controlling sources of pollution for the benefit of public health, the environment and future generations. Its vision is to serve Maryland citizens by managing the environment with proven scientific principles, advocating public participation and education, empowering a dedicated and ethical work force, and following sound fiscal policies.

Export Promotion Activities
The Department of the Environment strives to build relationships with foreign governments as the basis of cooperative agreements that facilitate information exchanges addressing international environmental issues. Its export promotion activities include:
Environmental Focus
As Maryland's primary environmental regulatory agency, the Department of Environment is responsible for protecting the public health of citizens and protecting and restoring the environment in the state.

Availability of Services
The Department of Environment works closely with Maryland's Department of Business and Economic Development's Office of International Business to support its initiatives to promote Maryland's environmental businesses.

The Department of Environment also works closely with the Maryland Environmental Business Alliance and the Maryland/China Business Council to support their initiatives.

The Department of Environment provides informational briefings and site visits to numerous international delegations interested in the state's environmental protection activities.

Success Measures
Success is measured by the number and nature of our contacts with international environmental protection agencies, and by the degree to which Maryland's Office of International Business is successful in its efforts to promote Maryland environmental business overseas.

The Maryland Environmental Business Alliance
Environmental Business Association. Founded in 1997. 52 Members.
Richard Anderson, Executive Director
c/o Catonsville Community College
800 South Rolling Road
Catonsville, MD 21228
Telephone: (410) 719-6529
Facsimile: (410) 455-4952

Mission of Organization
The Maryland Environmental Business Alliance (MEBA) is an association of environmental businesses organized to enhance Maryland's environmental sector through:

Export Promotion Activities
MEBA facilitates expansion of Maryland environmental businesses to international markets through networking opportunities and educational programs. MEBA has co-sponsored national environmental brokerage events with The White House, hosted international delegations and offered training programs on the services available to assist member firms in international business development.

MEBA hosts bi-monthly meetings from September through May, each focusing on one business development topic. This year's meeting titles included an Analysis of Asian Export Markets for Environmental Technologies, An Overview of Upcoming State Environmental Legislation, Update on Environmental Technology Development, Environmental Trade Opportunities in the Philippines, and International Environmental Business Opportunities.

A listing of Maryland environmental firms are available in the publication entitled Environment Maryland! A Directory of Business, Education and Career Resources. A quarterly newsletter is in the planning stages.

Environmental Focus
The MEBA cosponsored with the White House the European-USA Environmental Brokerage Event held in June 1997. Approximately 25 European firms attended with EUREKA, the European coordinating agency. About 48 U.S. firms attended, and over 30 were from Maryland. The goal of this event was to bring together European and U.S. firms to meet, discuss, and develop new business opportunities and cooperative R&D projects in the environmental area.

Availability of Services
Membership in MEBA is open to Maryland environmental companies of all sizes. General membership meetings are open to any Maryland firm for a registration fee. MEBA members attend membership meetings at no charge. Several events are for members only. Contact MEBA for more information about membership and its many benefits.

Success Measures
MEBA measures success by the attendance at each of its events, the new contracts or joint ventures created through our network, the export activities, the number of members, and the number of requests for information from potential members, international delegations, and the press.

Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development
Office of International Business (OIB), State Agency. Founded in 1985.
Mitch McCalmon, Environmental Trade Specialist
217 East Redwood Street, 13th Floor
Baltimore, MD 21202
Telephone: (410) 767-0690
Facsimile: (410) 333-4302
E-mail: mmccalmon@mdbusiness.state.md.us
Website: www.mdisglobal.org

Mission of Organization
The Office of International Business (OIB) of the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development offers export assistance to small and medium-sized Maryland firms with internationally competitive products and services. OIB provides Maryland companies with access to international market intelligence, targeted trade activities, financial assistance, and high-level introductions to potential customers.

Export Promotion Activities
OIB trade specialists develop long-term client relationships with Maryland exporters and export-ready businesses, enabling them to penetrate new foreign markets or expand sales in existing markets. Export managers guide each company through the export process until it is established in at least one foreign market and create capabilities within the firms to expand into additional markets. OIB staff also coordinate the participation of Maryland firms in select foreign trade and catalog shows. Targeted shows include multi-industry shows in Asia, Europe, and Latin America; and industry-specific shows for medical products and services, environmental technology, and information technology.

The exporters hotline (410-767-6564) handles inquiries concerning the exporting process, assistance offered to Maryland firms by international trade service providers, and data on Maryland’s international business activity.

Maryland’s Trade Finance Program offers up to $1 million in loan insurance per borrower for export and import financing. The trade finance office also provides access to the export financing and foreign credit insurance programs of the Export-Import Bank of the United States and the Overseas Private Investment Corporation.

Under the Maryland Trade Assistance Program (MTAP), small and medium-sized companies can qualify to receive grants to cover one-third of their costs to enter a foreign market. A firm may receive up to $3,000 annually from the program.

Maryland’s network of foreign offices and representatives provide exporters with the following in-country resources and expertise around the globe:
DIB publishes the following two publications:

Environmental Business Council of New England
Non-Profit Trade Association. Founded in 1990. 150 Members.
Dan Moon, President
P.O. Box 89
No. Quincy, MA 02171
Telephone: (617) 489-8555
Facsimile: (617) 847-1759
E-mail: ebc@ebc-ne.org
Website: www.envirohelp.com

Mission of Organization
The mission of the Environmental Business Council of New England (ECB-NE) is to advance the competitiveness and growth of the New England environmental industry. ECB-NE helps its members build partnerships in the marketplace to achieve a clean, productive and sustainable environment. It achieves this task by offering programs focused on market trends, emerging technologies, sound public policy, domestic and international business development, advocacy for the environmental industry, education and training, and networking-strategic alliance opportunities. More information about these programs is available for EBC-NE's internet website.

Export Promotion Activities
ECB-NE holds numerous seminars highlighting business opportunities in international markets. Recent seminars have focused on Mexico, Poland, Argentina, Brazil and Chile, the Czech Republic, Japan, and Ireland. EBC-NE also conducts international marketing seminars throughout the region on behalf of EPA-New England. During 1997, EBC-NE, on behalf of Environmental Protection Agency headquarters, marketed throughout the United States an opportunity for U.S. technology vendors to participate in a site demonstration of innovative groundwater characterization and remediation technologies in the Czech Republic. EBC-NE solicited applications and then selected 17 vendors to participate in the demonstration. Plans are currently underway to form an export consortium among EBC-NE members.

Environmental Focus
EBC-NE's website, EnviroHelp, contains contract opportunities and product leads in the New England region for ECB-NE members. It also lists the products, services, and markets served for each of its members in a relational database that enables potential customers from anywhere in the world to search for specific needs.

Availability of Services
ECB-NE is an association of environmental and energy firms. Its members includes equipment manufacturers, engineering and consulting firms, solid and hazardous waste management companies, remedial and emergency response contractors, providers of professional services, analytical testing laboratories, investment firms, and lending, financial and educational institutions in the field of environmental technology.

Success Measures
No information provided.

The Massachusetts Export Center
State agency. Founded in 1994. 10 Members.
Paula Murphy, Director
World Trade Center - Boston, Suite 315
Boston, MA 02110
Telephone: (617) 478-4133
Facsimile: (617) 478-4135
E-mail: pmurphy@massport.com
Website: www.state.ma.us/export

Mission of Organization
The Massachusetts Export Center was established in early 1994 to serve as Massachusetts' one-stop resource for export assistance. Through the Export Center, Massachusetts companies can access a wide variety of export assistance. The Massachusetts Export Center is a cooperative effort of the Massachusetts Small Business Development Center, Massachusetts Port Authority, Massachusetts Office of International Trade and Investment, Massachusetts Office of Business Development, and the Massachusetts Development Finance Agency.

Export Promotion Activities
The Massachusetts Export Center provides a wide variety of export services. These services are designed to help companies at any stage in the export process. The services provided by the Export Center include: export readiness assessment; one-on-one counseling; export workshops, training programs and conferences; overseas market research, statistics and trade leads; international marketing activities; a network of international offices; meetings with visiting international delegations; export finance; newsletter and international publications.

The Export Center, through its partnership with the Massachusetts Small Business Development Center, organizes the Partners for Trade seminar series. Now entering its seventh successful year, Partners for Trade--an executive training initiative on international trade-- has assisted over 5,500 participants at all levels of export experience. Programs are structured to provide companies with everything from an overview of the essential issues to in-depth perspectives on specific topics, countries and industries.

The Export Center and its affiliated agencies have developed a wide array of publications designed to help companies understand and plan international business activities. Many of the publications also provide listing of contacts helpful to exporters. Some of our most popular publications include:
Environmental Focus
While not specifically focused on any one industry, the Export Center's services are available to everyone, including environmental companies.

Availability of Services
The Export Center's services are available to everyone in Massachusetts.

Success Measures
No information provided.

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