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Thailand Environmental Export Market Plan
Appendix XII
Additional Documents and Background Reading

Asian Development Bank
Northeast Region Water Supply and Sanitation Project, May 1996
Urban Infrastructure Finance: Thailand Discussion Paper by Utis Kaothien, April 16–18, 1996 (Manila)
Case Study on Environmental Services by Wanchai Ghooprasert, April 16–18, 1996 (Manila)
Samut Prakarn Wastewater Management Project, November, 1995

Board of Investment
Investment Opportunities Study: Infrastructure in Thailand, April 1995
Investment Opportunities Study: Energy Efficiency Industry in Thailand, July 1995
Investment Opportunities Study: Environmental Markets in Thailand, August 1995
The Investment Environment in Thailand, June 1996
Investment Opportunities Study: Environmental Markets in Thailand, August 1993
Thailand's Energy Efficiency Industry: Potential for Investment, September 1993
BOI Fair 1995, Film Festival, February 17–26, 1995
A Business Guide to Thailand, May 1996
An Investor's Guide: Thailand's Regional Areas, July 1996
Key Investment Indicators in Thailand, May 1996

Directories and Guides
Green Pages of Thailand,* A Guide to Environmental Companies in Thailand, 1996
Directory of Thai Government Agencies Involved in the Environmental Sector, 1996
Directory of Thai NGOs Active in the Environmental Sector, 1996
Summary of Ten Environmental Reports on Thailand, 1996
Directory of Short-Term Environmental Courses by US-AEP, November 1993–December 1996
Directory of Science and Technology Services in Thailand by Science and Technology Development Program, Thailand Development Research Institute, December 1990
North Carolina Environmental Technologies Business Directory by NC Alliance for Competitive Technologies, March 1996
1996 International Directory by American Consulting Engineers Council, 1996
Thai Industrial Machinery & Equipment Directory 1994/1995, 1994–1995
Infoterra/USA Directory of Environmental Sources, October 1, 1991
1996 Literature Review by Water Environment Federation, 1996

Pollution Control Department
Laws and Standards on Pollution Control in Thailand, 3rd ed., September 1994
Summary of the Pollution Control Regulations from “Enhancement and Conservation of the National Environmental Quality Act,” B.E. 2535, June 1994
Comparative Study on Appropriate Methods for Solid Waste Disposal, August 1993
Thailand's National Hazardous Waste Management Profile

Thailand Environment Institute
Electricity: Meeting Needs with Least Environmental Impacts, July 3, 1995
Lighting the Way “Information Technology for Environmental Management”, July 29, 1994
Applying Polluter-Pays-Principle-Time for Action, July 29, 1994
Thailand's Policy Responses to Climate Change Crises: An Analysis of Critical Sectors Volume I, July 9, 1996
Thailand's Policy Responses to Climate Change Crises: An Analysis of Critical Sectors Volume II, July 9, 1996
Thailand's Role in a Global Context, July 9, 1996
Decentralizing Environmental Management-Participatory Approach, July 3, 1995
ISO 14000-Environmental Standards of the Future, July 9, 1996
TEI Annual Report 1996, 1996
Prospects for Environmental Business in Thailand, 1995

United States-Asia Environmental Partnership
Launching Projects in the Asian Environmental Infrastructure Sector, September 8–10, 1996
A One-Day Workshop on Gaining a Competitive Advantage in the Asian Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment Market, September 19, 1995
Country Summaries: Environmental Market Summary, March 1996
Assessment of Environmental Infrastructure in Asia, March 1996
Gaining a Competitive Edge in the Asian Environmental Infrastructure Market, March 18–19, 1996
Industry Environmental Information Resources, November 1994
Financing Urban Environmental Infrastructure, February 27–28, 1995

World Bank
Thailand Mitigating Pollution and Congestion Impacts in a High-Growth Economy, February 14, 1994
The Safe Disposal of Hazardous Wastes: The Special Needs and Problems of Developing Countries, Volume I, II, and III April 1989
Thailand Urban Sewage and Wastewater Management, Volume I and II, December 1991
The Lessons of East Asia: Singapore Public Policy and Economic Development, September 1994
The Lessons of East Asia: An Overview of Country Experience, October 1993

World Environment Center
Air Pollution Monitoring and Management: Taipei, Taiwan and Bangkok, Thailand
Thailand Reforestation Project
Thai-US Technology Assessment of Electric Tuk-Tuks
Introduction of the Chemtrec Center in Bangkok, Thailand
Fire Safety Review
Carbon Offset Study Mission
Eastern Water Resources Management Company and US Water Companies in Business Exchange (Washington, DC; New Jersey; and California, USA)
Pacific Adobe, Inc. Technology Transfer Exchange
MCGILL Environmental Systems, Inc., Chiang Mai Solid Waste Management
Orlando, Florida/Songkhla, Thailand, Twinning Exchange
Patana Group Company Limited Review of US Environmental Technology Part One
Macro Sanitary Landfill Design Exchange (USA)
Conservation Exchange Program Survey: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand
Electric Vehicle Exchange
Financing Urban Environmental Infrastructure
The Eastern Water Resource Development and Management Company, Ltd., USA
Oregon Pacific Group Technology Assessment
Electric Vehicle Exchange: Bangkok, Thailand and New Delhi, India

Thailand Environmental Technology Study, May 1993
Thailand Urban Environmental Infrastructure Support Project (RSM/RHUDO/AEP), September 1993
Counting the Costs: Economic Growth and Environmental Change in Thailand (ISEAS), 1995
Thailand Water Privatization Project (Team Consulting Engineers Co., Ltd.), February 9, 1994
International Prospects for Joint Implementation (INET), January 27–28, 1995
Thailand Natural Resources Profile (TDRI), May 1987
U.S. Environmental Protection Technologies: Pollution Prevention, Environmental Controls and Problem
Solving for Air, Water, Hazardous and Solid Wastes (PICO Project), October 29, 1991
Assessment of Transportation Growth in Asia and Its Effects on Energy Use, the Environment and Traffic
Congestion: Case Study of Bangkok, Thailand, May 1992
Definition of Waste Management Operations (MOI), 1992
The Licensing of Waste Management Operations (MOI), 1992
The Regulation of Waste Generators, Transporters and Waste Management Operations (MOI), 1992
Standards for the Landfill of Waste, Disposal of Waste (MOI), 1992
Energy-Efficient Products (DOC), September 1995
Energy from Private Power Producers (EGAT), March 26–30, 1996
Environmental Laws (T&G), September 1993
Environmental Markets Asia: 19961997: A Survey of Environmental Markets in 16 Asia-Pacific Countries and Territories (SGS), 1996Environmex and Watermex Conference: Policies and Legal Considerations Business Opportunities (Environmex), March 14–15, 1996
ESCO Development in the Industrial Sector (EGAT), July 6, 1994
Factory Act, B.E. 2535 (Gov. Gazette), April 1992
Guidelines for the Purchase of Power from Independent Power Producers (IPP) (EGAT), July 6, 1994
Hotel, Hospital and High Rise Building Water Treatment, Water Saving and Wastewater Treatment Equipment (EBG), December 1994
International Prospects for Joint Implementation: A Southeast Asia Regional Workshop (Greenhouse Gas
Emission) (INET), January 27–28, 1996
Regulation for Applying to be Licensed Consultant in Energy Conservation in Designated Buildings or
Factories (DEDP), August 7, 1995
Law and Regulation on Waste Water and BMA Projects for Central Sewerage (BMA), May 29, 1995
Regulations for the Purchase of Power from Small Power Producers (EGAT), November 1994
Solid Waste Disposal in Thailand Equipment and Services (ONESDB), 1996
Summary of the Eighth National Economic and Social Development Plan (1997-2001) (ONESDB), 1996
Thailand: An Environmental Law Brief (Baker & McKenzie), 1993
Thailand: The Environment and the Law (T&G), October 1994

*The Green Pages of Thailand: To obtain a copy, contact: The Kenan Institute Asia, Room 201, Zone D, Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, 60 New Rachadapisek Rd., Bangkok 10110, Thailand; TEL: (662) 229-3131 to 2; FAX: (662) 229-3130; E-MAIL: kiasia@ksc 15.th.com

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