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Appendix X
Development Projects in Thailand (1987-Present)

Asian Development Bank Projects for Thailand - www.asiandevbank.org/about.html

Bangkok Metropolitan Region
The project's objective is to improve environmental sanitation and water quality by implementing a wastewater management and pollution control action plan in the Bangkok Metropolitan Region (BMR). The project will cover the north and west regions of BMR. The scope includes construction of collection pipelines, pumping stations, central wastewater treatment plants, and discharge pipelines; supply and installation of monitoring and testing equipment; and provision of consulting services for construction supervision.

Khon Kaen Water Supply and Sanitation
The objective of the technical assistance is to prepare a comprehensive master plan for Khon Kaen’s water supply development and subsequently to prepare a project design for the highest priority investment under the plan suitable for bank financing. The scope of the technical assistance will include a needs assessment for existing and future water supply infrastructure, appropriate proposals for infrastructure development within a phased and cost-effective program, consolidation of the proposals into a master plan, and an outline of the highest priority investment.

Northeast Region Infrastructure Development
The technical assistance will entail analyzing, identifying, and evaluating infrastructure deficiencies and identifying infrastructure and related project components suitable for bank financing. Cofinancing possibilities will also be investigated. The focus will be on areas served by the proposed bridge at Mukdahan. Areas for possible bank assistance include irrigation, tertiary roads, human resource development, promotion of industrial estates, and agricultural cooperatives.

Nongkai-Udonthani Water Supply
The project will expand and upgrade water supply in the urban areas of Nongkai and Udonthani and several villages located between the two cities. The project will also improve sanitation in the villages and urban low-income communities. The scope includes (1) a new treatment plant and treated water transmission main from Nongkai to Udonthani; (2) expansion of the Nongkai and Udonthani service areas; (3) installation of new water distribution systems in the rural communities in the 55-km highway corridor between Nongkai and Udonthani; and (4) sanitation improvement in villages and slum communities in Udonthani to complement the government wastewater management investments in Nongkai and Udonthani.

Promotion of Investments in Environmentally Sound and Sustainable Enterprises
The overall objective of this regional program is to establish within selected countries of the Asia and Pacific region an institutional foundation to provide continuing services to both the public and private sector. Services would include promoting investments in environmentally sound and sustainable enterprises. The assistance will develop an institutional capacity to provide for financial, marketing, technical, and commercialization services related to investments in environmental protection, pollution control, energy conservation, and technology enhancement. Activities include the following tasks: (1) an outreach program that incorporates sustainable practices and technologies in designing proposed investment projects; (2) researching and assessing sustainable investments; (3) business development; and (4) implementing and monitoring the above activities.

World Bank Projects for Thailand

Community Irrigation
The project would support a program for (1) improved water resource management; (2) irrigation systems improvement; (3) crop diversification; and (4) intensification of on-farm activities within selected existing irrigation schemes.

Coastal Resources Management
The project will support government and local initiatives to improve management and conservation of coastal resources in five areas.

Clean Fuels and Environmental Improvement
The project supports the reduction of air pollution attributable to petroleum fuels in Thailand. It assists the government in meeting reformulated gasoline and diesel oil specifications and improving its refinery operations by installing appropriate facilities and equipment to reduce refinery emissions.

Fifth Highway Sector
The project aims to (1) establish a privately operated vehicle inspection system to encourage reduced vehicular emissions, noise, and accidents, notably in urban areas like Bangkok; (2) improve the interurban road network through widening and rehabilitation works to increase road capacity and improve safety standards; and (3) provide a systematic basis for establishing Environmental Audit (EA) criteria at the design stage, and environmental management standards during and after new road construction through a Sectoral EA (SEA). The vehicle inspection system supports the ongoing Royal Thai Government's Action Plan to Reduce Vehicle Emissions and Noise Pollution and should have a positive impact on the environment. An EA commissioned by the Department of Highways established an EA process that will be applied to all new subprojects to be financed under the project. All ongoing projects, which mainly involve rehabilitation and widening of roads on existing alignments or within rights-of-way without resettlement, have been screened in accordance with World Bank procedures.

Thai Petrochemical Industry Public Company Ltd.
The project will expand and integrate polymer production facilities. Environmental and occupational health and safety issues associated with this project include land use, air emissions, liquid effluents, solid wastes, hazardous material storage and disposal, spill prevention, fire and explosion safety, emergency response, and employee exposure to chemical substances. The company's existing facilities have already implemented the necessary mitigation measures to comply with World Bank guidelines. The company will ensure that no virgin coastal lands are converted for industrial use. To comply with the World Bank guidelines, fuel use will be limited to cleaner fuel sources. The existing wastewater treatment plant will be expanded to handle the additional effluent from the plant expansion. The company has invited public participation in project planning and has committed to community development activities in the area, including provision of electric power to selected low-income neighborhoods and establishment of a technical institute with a projected enrollment of 900 students.

Promotion of Electricity Energy Efficiency
The project comprises a five-year demand-side management plan that seeks to build institutional capability in the Thai electric power sector and throughout the economy. It will pursue policies and actions leading to the development, manufacture, and adoption of energy efficient equipment and processes. The project will demonstrate potential savings, both financial and environmental, from reducing the use of fossil fuels for electricity production and will demonstrate the electric power sector's potential to achieve these savings.

Montreal Protocol Project to Protect the Ozone Layer
The project assists developing countries in complying with the treaty's controls on production and consumption of ozone-depleting substances. The $40 million umbrella grant agreement is effective. Subproject activity has been initiated by enterprises. The enterprises are finalizing subgrant agreements with the financial agent.

U.S. Trade and Development Agency Projects Completed or Under Way for Thailand

KEY TO TDA ACRONYMS: DM = Definitional Mission, FS = Feasibility Study, DS = Desk Study, MEAOV = Orientation Visit

Metropolitan Electrical Authority (MEA)

Energy Efficiency Assessment
DS to assess an MEA proposal for a feasibility study (TDA# 96-327A).

MEA Energy Efficiency Assessment
FS, $630,000 grant to the Metropolitan Electricity Authority of Thailand (TDA# 96-327B).

PEA Energy Efficiency Assessment
FS. $352,500 grant to fund a comprehensive examination and assessment of the Provincial Electricity Authority's operational efficiency. The DS will be performed by K&M Engineering & Consulting Corporation (TDA# 96-302).

Krabi Underground Coal Gasification
FS. $500,000 grant to fund a feasibility study to assess underground coal gasification facility for the lignite mines at the Krabi coal mine (Energy & Environmental Research Center). The DS will be conducted by Applied Energy Consultants (TDA# 94-357).

Bangchan Industrial Estates Wastewater

Treatment Terms of Reference


$60,000 grant to the Industrial Estates Authority of Thailand for technical assistance to support preparation of the terms of reference to be used to solicit bids on a wastewater treatment facility at Bangchan Industrial Estate, Thailand (TDA# 94-324).

Mae Moh Chimney Modifications

TA. $18,000 grant to EGAT to assess the needed chimney modifications for the Mae Moh Units 8-11 (TDA# 94-315).

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