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Market Plans

Philippines Export Market Plan
Table of Contents

Country Background
Philippines: Facts in Brief

Environmental Market Overview
Water Supply and Pollution Control
Waste Management
Air Pollution Control
Monitoring and Analytical Equipment
Consulting Services

Challenges and Opportunities for U.S. Environmental Firms
Market Access
U.S. Market Share and Foreign Competition
Local Capabilities
Market Entry Strategies for U.S. Companies

Legal and Regulatory Review
Institutional Structure
Legal Framework
Status of Enforcement

Water Supply and Pollution Control
Municipal Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment
Industrial Water and Wastewater Treatment

Air Pollution Control
Point Sources
Mobile Sources

Solid and Hazardous Waste Management
Solid Waste
Industrial Hazardous Waste
Medical Waste

Monitoring and Analytical Equipment

Consulting Services

Sources of Financing for the Philippine Environmental Market
Multilateral Development Banks
Bilateral Funding Sources
Local Sources of Financing

Appendix A: Summary of Upcoming Environmental Projects in the Philippines
Appendix B: U.S. Government Programs to Assist Environmental Exporters
Appendix C: U.S. Commercial Service Environmental Team Members
Appendix D: Key Philippines Contacts
Appendix E: Environmental Trade Working Group Key Contacts
Appendix F: References

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