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Market Plans

South Korea Environmental Export Market Plan
Appendix B: In-Country Contacts
Appendix B – In-Country Contacts

Korean Government and Quasi-Government Organizations

Mr. Insu Lee
Director General for International Cooperation
Ministry of Environment, Republic of Korea
Government Complex Kwacheon
1 Chungang-Dong, Kwacheon, Korea
Tel: 82-2-504-9238
Fax: 82-2-504-9206
E-Mail: islee@moenv.go.kr

Mr. Hag-Sig Son
General Manager
Commercial & Living Energy Division
The Korea Energy Management Corporation
Add: 3001-1 Pungdukchun-Ri, Suji-Eup, Yongin-Si, Kyonggi-Do, 449-840, Korea
E-Mail: hsson@kemco.or.kr

Mr. Noh, Jong-Whan
General Manager
Center for Climate Change Mitigation
The Korea Energy Management Corporation
3001-1 Pungdukchun-Ri, Suji-Eup, Yongin-Si, Kyonggi-Do, 449-840, Korea
Tel: 82-331-2604-520
Fax: 82-331-2604-529
E-Mail: jwnoh@kemco.or.kr

Mr. Hong-Suk Hwang
Environmental Management Corporation
4-15 Nonhyun-Dong, Kangnam-Ku,
Seoul, 135-010, Korea
Tel: 82-2-5190-111/3
Fax: 82-2-5190-110
E-Mail: hshwang@emc.or.kr

Mr. Jong-Suk Kim
Executive Director
Environmental Management Corporation
4-15 Nonhyun-Dong, Kangnam-Ku,
Seoul, 135-010, Korea
Tel: 82-2-519-0116
Fax: 82-2-5190-110
E-Mail: jskim@emc.or.kr

Mr. Do, Myung-Jung
Assistant Mayor for Environmental Management
Seoul Metropolitan Government, Korea
38 Seosomun-Dong, Chung-Ku, Seoul, 100-110, Korea
Tel: 82-2-771-4920/1
Fax: 82-2-3707-9509

Mr. Chun-Koo Cho
Korea Resources Recovery and Reutilization Corporation
Ssangma Building
24-5 Yoido-Dong, Youngdeunpo-Gu, Seoul, 150-010, Korea
Tel: 82-2-3773-9160, 780-4652
Fax: 82-2-783-5232

Dr. Ahn, Key-Hee
Director General, Policy Evaluation Bureau
The National Assembly of Republic of Korea
1 Yoido-Dong, Youngdeungpo-Ku, Seoul, 150-010, Korea
Tel: 82-2-788-2899, 783-9811
Fax: 82-2-784-3384

Mr. Kang, Kyong-Shik
Member of National Assembly of Republic of Korea
1 Yoido-Dong, Youngdeungpo-Ku, Seoul, 150-010, Korea
Tel: 82-2-784-2516
Fax: 82-2-788-3223

Dr. Park, Seh-Jik
Member of National Assembly, The Republic of Korea
1 Yoido-Dong, Youngdeungpo-Ku, Seoul, 150-010, Korea
Tel: 82-2-784-1526
Fax: 82-2-788-3502

Mr. Chung, Hyung-Keun
Member of National Assembly, The Republic of Korea
1 Yoido-Dong, Youngdeungpo-Ku, Seoul, 150-010, Korea
Tel: 82-2-784-2182
Fax: 82-2-788-3506

Mr. Kim, Moo-Sung
Member of the National Assembly, The Republic of Korea
1 Yoido-Dong, Youngdeungpo-Ku, Seoul, 150-010, Korea
Tel: 82-2-784-5274
Fax: 82-2-788-3420

Col. Yang, Im-Suk
Environmental Division
Ministry of National Defense
3-Ga, Yongsan-Dong, Yongsan-Ku, Seoul, 140-701, Korea
Tel: 82-2-748-5860
Fax: 82-2-748-5819

Mr. Ann, Chong-Hwan
Assistant Director
Foreign Procurement Division
Supply Administration, Republic of Korea
502-3, Banpo-Dong, Seocho-Ku, Seoul, 137-756, Korea
Tel: 82-2-533-0822/4
Fax: 82-2-592-4475

Mr. Deok-Gil Rhee
Water Quality Research Dept.
National Institute of Environmental Research
613-2 Bulkwang-Dong, Eunpyung-Ku, Seoul, 122-706, Korea
Tel: 82-2-389-8722
Fax: 82-2-357-2961

Dr. Jae-Hyung Kim
Waste Treatment Engineering Division
National Institute of Environmental Research
#404, 613-2 Bulkwang-Dong, Eunpyung-Ku, Seoul, 122-706, Korea
Tel: 82-2-389-6711 (Ext. 802)
Fax: 82-2-358-2961
E-Mail: kimjaeh@soback.kornet.nm.kr

Mr. Dong-Kon Lee
General Manager
International Cooperation Department
Small & Medium Industry Promotion Corporation
24-3 Yoido-Dong, Youngdeungpo-Gu, Seoul, 150-010, Korea
Tel: 82-2-769-6840
Fax: 82-2-782-9702
E-Mail: dongklee@mail.smipc.or.kr

Mr. Sang-Yong Kwak
Foreign Investment Information Center
North Cholla Province
Local Administration Building #706
234-2, Gongduk-Dong, Mapo-Gu, Seoul, 121-756, Korea
Tel: 82-2-715-6366
Fax: 82-2-715-6367
E-Mail: sykwak@fiic.or.kr

Mr. Kim, Duk-Kyu
Korea Indsutrial Complex Corporation (KICOX)
Yu Han Yang Haeng Building
49-6 Daebang-Dong, Dongjak-Ku, Seoul, 156-754, Korea
Tel: 82-2-828-1800/1
Fax: 82-2-828-1810

Mr. Ik-Beom Park
Environment Research Team
Kyonggido Institute of Health & Environment Research
324-1, Pajang-Dong, Jangan-Gu, Suwon, Kyonggi-Do, Korea
Tel: 82-331-250-2581/3
Fax: 82-331-250-2630
E-Mail: parkib@mail.provin.kyonggi.kr

Mr. Cha, Seung-Hwan
Director General
Han River Basin Water Authority
Ministry of Environment
11th Floor, Hyundai Bescore Building
532 Kojan 1-Dong, Ansan City, Kyonggi-Do, 425-705, Korea
Tel: 82-347-7902-405
Fax: 82-347-7902-439

Korean Environmental Companies

Mr. Lee, Bae-Soo
General Manager
Environmental Technology Department
Korea Power Engineering Company, Inc.
360-9, Mabuk-Ri, Kusong-Myon, Yongin-Si, Kyounggi-Do, 449-713, Korea
Tel: 82-331-289-3270
Fax: 82-2-289-4519
E-Mail: baesool@ns.kopec.co.kr

Mr. D.W. Kim
General Manager
R& D Center
Samsung Engineering Co., Ltd.
266-2, Bojung-Ri, Kusung-Myun, Yongin-Si, Kyunggi-Do, 449-910, Korea
Tel: 82-331-263-2560, 82-2-3458-3650
Fax: 82-331-263-2561/2

Mr. Keun-Ho Choe
Team Leader, New Turn Team
R& D Center
Samsung Engineering Co., Ltd.
266-2, Bojung-Ri, Kusung-Myun, Yongin-Si, Kyunggi-Do, 449-910, Korea
Tel: 82-331-263-2549, 82-2-3458-3509
Fax: 82-331-263-2561/2
E-Mail: khchoe@samsung.co.kr

Mr. Jong-Wan Choi
Executive Director
Industrial System & Machinery Business
Samsung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.
6th Floor, Dongam Tower
890-25 Dachi-Dong, Kangnam-Ku, Seoul, 135-280, Korea
Tel: 82-2-3458-6466
Fax: 82-2-3458-6493

Dr. Daekyoo Hwang
Technical Director
Geoenvironmental Engineering and Landfill Project
LG Construction Co., Ltd.
537 Namdaemun-Ro 5-Ga, Joong-Ku, Seoul, 100-722, Korea
(C.P.O. Box 8345, Seoul, Korea)
Tel: 82-2-771-2645/728-2020
Fax: 82-2-728-2556
E-Mail: lg60464@mail.const.lg.co.kr

Dr. Joon Y. Sung
Managing Director
R&D Center for Safety, Health & Environment
LG Corporate Institute of Technology
3rd Floor, Yonsei Engineering Research Center
134, Sinchon-Dong, Seodaemun-Ku, Seoul, 120-749, Korea
Tel: 82-2-364-8051
Fax: 82-2-364-8053
E-Mail: jysung@lgcit.com

Dr. Woon-Young Yoon
Senior MTS
R&D Center for Environment, Safety & Health
LG Corporate Institute of Technology
Yonsei Engineering Research Center
134 Sinchon-Dong, Seodaemun-Ku, Seoul, 120-749, Korea
Tel: 82-2-364-2900 (Ext. 126)
Fax: 82-2-364-8054
E-Mail: wyyoon@lgcit.com

Mr. Choi, Hong
Managing Director, Plant Marketing
SK Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.
192-18, Kwanhun-Dong, Chongro-Ku, Seoul, 110-300, Korea
(K.P.O. Box 222)
Tel: 82-2-3700-9280
Fax: 82-2-3700-8410

Mr. Kee-Won Park
Technical Advisor
Hyundai Industrial Development and Construction Co., Ltd.
87 Samsung-Dong, Kangnam-Gu, Seoul, 135-090, Korea
Tel: 82-2-544-3794
Fax: 82-2-519-9450
E-Mail: keewpark@shinbiro.com

Mr. Sang-Chun Nam
Managing Director
Hyundai Industrial Deveopment Construction Co., Ltd.
87 Samsung-Dong, Kangnam-Gu, Seoul, 135-090, Korea
Tel: 82-2-519-9671
Fax: 82-2-519-9450

Mr. Yeon-Jeong Lim
General Manager
Environmental Project Team, Plant Division
Daewoo Corporation, Engineering & Construction
C.P.O. Box 8269, Seoul, 100-095, Korea
Tel: 82-2-2259-5165
Fax: 82-2-2259-3916, 3913
E-Mail: 7726418@mail.dwconst.co.kr

Mr. P.T. Kim
Green Resources Co., Ltd.
Hyoungjin Building #301
61-1, Sogyo-Dong, Mapo-Gu, Seoul, 121-210, Korea
Tel: 82-2-3143-0943,0944
Fax: 82-2-3141-6810

Mr. Hong-Kyun Rhee
Bomon Corp.
Rm. #508, Tae-A Building
1309-11, Sucho-Dong, Socho-Gu, Seoul, 137-070, Korea
Tel: 82-2-566-4194
Fax: 82-2-564-4609
E-Mail: bomoon@bora.dacom.co.kr

Mr. Yoon, Yong-Jin
C&G Korea, Inc.
371-19 Shinsu-Dong, Mapa-Gu, Seoul, 121-110, Korea
Tel: 82-2-718-0456
Fax: 82-2-718-0457

Mr. Lee, Chong-Gak
Geosung Development Co., Ltd.
Daeyun Building #508
869-12, Bongchun 4-Dong, Gwanak-Ku, Seoul, 151-054, Korea
Tel: 82-2-872-6611~5
Fax: 82-2-872-6616

Mr. Keum-Young Lee
Keumsung Environmental Development
2nd Floor Subbong Bldg., 76-22 Gochurk-Dong, Kuro-Ku, Seoul, 152-080, Korea
Tel: 82-2-614-0014
Fax: 82-2-614-0013

Mr. H.M. Kim
Con-Tech Corporation
2nd Floor, Maru Building
86-7 Nonhyun Dong, Kangnam-Ku, 135-010, Korea
Tel: 82-2-512-2482/3, 517-7708/9
Fax: 82-2-549-4991
E-Mail: hmkim@contech.co.kr
Website: www.contech.co.kr

Mr. David S. Ahn
Vice President
Environmental Resources Management
Suite 905, Marine Center Building
118 Namdaemun-Ro 2-Ga, Chung-Ku, Seoul, 100-706, Korea
Tel: 82-2-752-7141/3
Fax: 82-2-752-7114
E-Mail: davidahn@nuri.net

Mr. Kevin Park
NGV International Inc.
178, Anbo-Ri, Seo-Myun, Chuncheon-Si, Kangwon-Do, 200-835, Korea
Tel: 82-502-777-2900, 82-361-263-6465
Fax: 82-361-263-6464

Mr. Brett Song
Senior Director
U.S. Filter-Korea
47th Floor, 63 Daehan Life Insurance Building
60 Yoido-Dong, Youngdeungpo-Ku, Seoul, 150-763, Korea
Tel: 82-2-789-6666
Fax: 82-2-782-3264
E-Mail: brett@mail.hitel.net

Mr. Wendell E. Moon Jr.
General Manager
ECG, Inc./ Pacific Division
#1-1005 Mirinae
Bongduk 3-Dong, San 89-3, Nam-Ku, Taegu, 705-023, Korea
Tel: 82-53-622-1580
Fax: 82-53-653-9084
E-Mail: moonw@ecgcom.com

Mr. Peter D. Kim
Managing Director-Korea
CDM International, Inc.
13th Floor, CBS Building
917-1 Mok-Dong, Yangchun-Ku, Seoul, 158-701, Korea
Tel: 82-2-555-7690
Fax: 82-2-555-7690
E-Mail: pdkim@cdm.com.kr

Mr. Hamm, Jung-Woong
Taegu Dyeing Indsutrial Center
402-2 Pyongri-Dong, Seoul, Taegu, Korea
Tel: 82-53-355-1521/3
Fax: 82-53-354-0103

Dr. Myoung-Cho Yoon
Korea Environmental Research, Inc.
Woojin Building #301
1022-1 Bangbae 3-Dong, Socho-Ku, Seoul, 137-063, Korea
Tel: 82-2-588-8435
Fax: 82-2-588-8463
E-Mail: keric@chollian.net

Mr. Hong, Young-Kil
Young Engineering Co., Ltd.
5th Floor, Yang Kyung Building
386-2 Magwon-Dong, Mapo-Gu, Seoul, 121-230, Korea
Tel: 82-2-326-0762
Fax: 82-2-326-0762
E-Mail: younghyk@unitel.co.kr

Mr. Dae-Gyu Lee
Kyung Gi Environmental Engineering & Equipment Co., Ltd.
395 Sanha-Ri, Wongok-Myun, Ansung-Si, Kyonggi-Do, 456-810, Korea
Tel: 82-333-663-5617/8
Fax: 82-333-663-5619

Mr. Hee-Tag Jun
Director, Planning & Development Office
Green World Co., Ltd.
140-1 Yangkyo-Ri, Osung-Myun, Pyongtaek City, Kyonggi-Do, 451-870, Korea
Tel: 82-333-682-4068
Fax: 82-333-682-4068
E-Mail: kkseoul@choillian.net

Mr. Choi, Hyun
Sam Duck Engineering Co., Ltd.
12BL 7LT Namdong Industrial Complex
622-6, Namchon-Dong, Namdong-Gu, Inchon, 405-100, Korea
Tel: 82-32-822-3100/5
Fax: 82-32-822-3106

Mr. Man-Jae Lee
Vice President
Tech-Kor-Engineering Co., Ltd.
10th Floor, Kum Gang Building
14-35 Yoido-Dong, Youngdeungpo-Ku, Seoul, 150-010, Korea
(K.P.O. Box 1521)
Tel: 82-2-784-4383/7
Fax: 82-2-784-2770
E-Mail: techkor@hitel.net

Mr. Lee, Seung-Woo
Executive Director
Daekeum Industrial Co., Ltd.
720 Dohwa-Dong, Nam-Ku, Inchon City, Korea
Tel: 82-32-874-0211
Fax: 82-32-874-0250
E-Mail: dk0211@daekeum.kr


Dr. Kil-Choo Moon
Environment Research Center
Korea Institute of Science and Technology
P.O. Box 131, Cheongryang
Seoul, 130-650, Korea
Tel: 82-2-958-5802/3
Fax: 82-2-958-5805
E-Mail: kcmoon@kistmail.kist.re.kr

Dr. Kim, Jong-Gook
Senior Research Fellow
Environmental Natural Resource Science
Korea Institute of Science and Technology
P.O. Box 131, Cheongryang
Seoul, 130-650, Korea
Tel: 82-2-958-6390
Fax: 82-2-958-6868
E-Mail: jgkim@kistmail.kist.re.kr

Dr. Hang-Sik Shin
Professor of Environmental Engineering
Department of Civil Engineering
Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology
373-1, Kusong-Dong, Yusong-Ku
Taejon, 305-701, Korea
Tel: 82-42-869-3613,3653
Fax: 82-42-869-3610

Dr. Yu, Tae U
Center for Cleaner Production
Korea Institute of Industrial Technology
35-3, Hongchun-Ri, Ibjang-Myun, Chongan-Si, 300-820, Korea
Tel: 82-417-5608-501/532
Fax: 82-417-5608-510
E-Mail: ytu@kitech.re.kr

Dr. Yoon-Shin Kim
Professor of Environmental Health
College of Medicine
Hanyang University
17 Haengdang-Dong, Sungdong-Gu
Seoul, 133-791, Korea
Tel: 82-2-290-0692/8279
Fax: 82-2-299-3915

Dr. Eung-Bai Shin
Professor of Civil Engineering Department
Hanyang University
17 Haengdang-Dong, Sungdong-Gu
Seoul, 133-791, Korea
Tel: 82-2-291-8089, 290-0559
Fax: 82-2-291-8089

Dr. Sang-Don Lee
Professor of Law
College of Law
Chungang University
Hukseog-Dong, Dongjak-Gu, Seoul, 156-756, Korea
Tel: 82-2-820-5434
Fax: 82-2-816-6760

Dr. Sung-Hoon Park
Chief of Research Planning Department
Institute for Environmental Technology Industry
Pusan National University
San 30, Changjung-Dong, Keumjung-Gu, Pusan, 609-735, Korea
Tel: 82-51-510-2395/1493
Fax: 82-51-515-9769
E-Mail: shpark0@hyowon.pusan.an.kr

Dr. Rae-Woong Chang
Director, Environment & Energy Research Division
Research Institute of Industrial Science & Technology
32 Hyojang-Dong, Nam-Ku, Pohang City, 790-300, Kyungbuk, Korea
(P.O. Box 135 Pohang, 790-600, Korea)
Tel: 82-562-279-6017
Fax: 82-562-279-6729
E-Mail: rwchang@risnet.rist.re.kr

Dr. Soo-Saeng Kim
Environmental Problem Research Institute
Department of Environmental Engineering
Dong-A University
840 Hadan-Dong, Saha-Gu, Pusan, 604-714, Korea
Tel: 82-51-201-0917, 200-7675
Fax: 82-51-208-2232

Dr. Seongho Hong
Department of Chemical Engineering
College of Engineering
Soongsil University
1-1, Sangdo 5-Dong, Dongjak-Ku, Seoul, 156-743, Korea
Tel: 82-2-820-0628
Fax: 82-2-812-5378
E-Mail: shong@saint.soognsil.ac.kr

Dr. In-Sik Nam
Professor of Environmental Engineering
Pohang University of Science and Technology
San 31 Hyoja-Dong, Nam-Gu, Pohang-Si, Kyungbuk, 790-784, Korea
Tel: 82-562-279-8302/5
Fax: 82-562-279-8299
E-Mail: see@vision.postech.ac.kr

American State Offices in Korea

Mr. Kyung-Sun Yang
Alaska State Office Representative for Korea
Suite 1329, Manhattan Building
36-2 Yoido-Dong, Youngdeunpo-Ku, Seoul, 150-549, Korea
Tel: 82-2-786-6921, 761-2951
Fax: 82-2-3775-3139
E-Mail: soakor@kotis.net

Mr. Young-Min Lee
California Office of Trade and Investment
Leema Building Suite 400
146-1, Susong-Dong, Chongro-Gu, Seoul, 110-755, Korea
Tel: 82-2-733-2341
Fax: 82-2-733-1028/739-0905
E-Mail: ymlcoti@bora.dacom.co.kr

Mr. Jong-Kook Park
State of Florida, Department of Citrus Korea Office
Rm. 402, Union Building
961-3 Daechi 3-Dong, Kangnam-Ku, Seoul, 135-010, Korea
Tel: 82-2-561-2321
Fax: 82-2-561-2322

Mr. Sung-Duck Oh, Director
Indiana State East Asian Office Korea Liaison
A-511, Champs-Elysees Center
889-5, Daechi-Dong, Kangnam-Ku, Seoul, 135-280, Korea
Tel: 82-2-561-7901/2
Fax: 82-2-561-7903
E-Mail: indiace@unitel.co.kr

Mr. Keum-Dong Han
State of Missouri Korea Office
Rm. 4201, Korea World Trade Center
159-1, Samsung-Dong, Kangnam-Gu, Seoul, 135-729, Korea
Tel: 82-2-551-3991/2
Fax: 82-2-551-3993
E-Mail: mokorea@ktnet.co.kr

Mr. Kim, Ji-Won
Korea Representative Office, State of Oregon, USA
Suite 1301, Samkoo Building
Tel: 82-2-753-1349, 755-1439
Fax: 82-2-753-5154
E-Mail: jimwkim@chollian.net

Mr. Kenneth S. Yang
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Korea Office
14th Floor, FKI Building
28-1 Yoido-Dong, Youngdeungpo-Gu, Seoul, 150-756, Korea
Tel: 82-2-786-7701/3
Fax: 82-2-786-7704
E-Mail: kensyang@soback.kornet21.net

Mr. I. K. Kim
State of Utah Korea Office
Suite 1201, Sung Jee Heights Building
702-13, Yoksam-Dong, Kangnam-Gu, Seoul, 135-080, Korea
Tel: 82-2-553-6829, 568-8537
Fax: 82-2-555-5230
E-Mail: ikkim@soback.kornet.nm.kr

Dr. Sang-Min Woo
Commonwealth of Virginia
Virginia Port Authority Korea Office
1512 Kyobo Building
1 Chongro 1-Ga, Chongro-Gu, Seoul, 110-714, Korea
Tel: 82-2-739-6248/9
Fax: 82-2-739-6538
E-Mail: vpaseoul@chollian.net

Mr. Hyun-Soo Kil
Wisconsin DOC, Korea Office
Seoul Consulting International, Inc.
1301 Jindo Building
37 Dowha-Dong, Mapo-Gu, Seoul, 121-040, Korea
(M.P.O. Box 347, Seoul, Korea)
Tel: 82-2-702-6222, 702-4804/6
Fax: 82-2-702-6036
E-Mail: kaybong@kotis.net

Associations, NGOs, Magazines

Korean Environment Industry Association (KEIA)
Pungjeon Bldg., 11-3 Jung-dong, Chung-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel: 82-2-774-0123
Fax: 82-2-775-7043

Association of Foreign Trading Agents of Korea (AFTAK)
Dongjin Bldg., 218 Hankangro 2-ga, Yongsan-gu, Seoul 140-012, Korea
Tel: 82-2-785-4373
Fax: 82-2-785-4373

Mr. Choi, Yul
General Secretary
Korea Federation for Environmental Movement (KFEM)
251, Nooha-Dong, Chongro-Gu, Seoul, 110-042, Korea
Tel: 82-2-735-7000
Fax: 82-2-730-1240
E-Mail: choiy@kfem.or.kr

Mr. C. M. Yoo
Administration Department
Korea Petrochemical Ind. Association
6th Floor, Women's Mission Center
Yeonji-Dong, Chongro-Ku, Seoul, 110-738, Korea
Tel: 82-2-744-0116~9
Fax: 82-2-743-1887

Mr. Kim, Dong-Hwan
Chief Editor
Korea Water Resources Environmental News
3rd Floor, Yunshin Building
336-21 Shinsa-Dong, Eunpyung-Ku, Seoul, 122-080, Korea
Tel: 82-2-308-2333
Fax: 82-2-308-2335

Mr. Kim, Sang-Ha
The Korea Chamber of Commerce & Industry
C.P.O. Box 25, Seoul, Korea
Tel: 82-2-777-8043
Fax: 82-2-778-8169

Mr. Stephen A. Bowen
Research/Publication/IT Manager
American Chamber of Commerce in Korea
Suite 4501 Korea Trade Center
159-1 Samsung-Dong, Kangnam-Ku, Seoul, 135-731, Korea
Tel: 82-2-564-2040
Fax: 82-2-564-2050
E-Mail: steve_bowen@amchamkorea.org

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