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Water Opportunities in El Salvador
According to El Salvador’s National Administration of Water and Sewerage (ANDA), the devastating earthquake that hit the country on January 13 resulted in $7 million worth of damages to the water supply and distribution system. This estimate is expected to increase as ANDA conducts further inspections and evaluations of the water distribution network.

Mud, rock, and landslides caused most of the damage to the water and sewerage system. Unstable soil in many areas represents a risk to the underground and aboveground infrastructure. ANDA believes that the weight of iron pipelines and water tanks are too heavy for the ground to sustain. Inspections on water pumping plants revealed structural damage, broken pipes, electrical systems and substations damage, mud at the bottom of the cisterns, and some damage to their turbines.

ANDA has concentrated its immediate reconstruction efforts to restoring access to water to affected communities. ANDA's solutions, however, are temporary and remedial. For example, in San Salvador ANDA is laying out aboveground polyethylene pipes; for surrounding communities ANDA is sending portable water tanks; and for communities further away, ANDA is installing water bladders, plastic containers and water pumps. At present, most equipment has been supplied by neighboring countries. Mexico and Costa Rica have sent water treatment plants. Honduras has sent water bladders used in relief efforts after Hurricane Mitch. NGOs have donated plastic tanks and containers to store water for affected communities.

ANDA officials have stated that both demolition and construction services will be needed to repair the country’s water distribution network since there is a great need to stabilize soil as well as demolish, install, and rehabilitate water tanks. Reconstruction efforts will also require the installation of impellent lines, the rehabilitation of water wells, and the replacement of iron pipes and accessories.

The Commercial Section has identified the following trade leads for providers of water supply and distribution equipment, and construction machinery:

Immediate Sales Leads.

ANDA is urgently seeking companies that can supply 200,000 meters of thermo fusion, high-density polyethylene pipes 2 to 48 inches in diameter, supplies and accessories, as well as six thermo fusion machines. U.S. companies that specialize in this type of pipe and equipment, should forward product literature, quantity available, price/CIF and delivery time to the officials listed in this report below.

In addition, ANDA needs to purchase the following equipment:

-Portable Equipment

15 Water plastic tanks 2.5 to 3 cubic meters each;
200 Water bladders or other similar product 3 to 6 cubic meters each.;
20 Potable water plants;
20 Water treatment plants.

-Galvanized Pipes to reinforced collapsed sections of the pipelaying:

6000 meters of galvanized iron pipes of 2 to 4 inches diameter and accessories.

-Cast Iron Pipes for new impellent lines:

96,000 meters of cast iron pipes of 2 to 48 inches diameter and accessories.

-Water well product and drilling:

2 video cameras for well diagnostics;
20 transformers of 5, 15, 25 and 50 kva and transmission cables;
20 electronic boards for 40, 50 and 75 hp motors;
6 motor for vertical equipment of 25 and 50 hp.;
6 submersible motor, 25 and 50 hp;

-Other Equipment:
5 generators, 5.0 hp;
5 dewatering pumps;
12 vibrators;
2 compressors diesel, 5.0 hp;
4 Pipe cutters;
4 concrete and asphalt saws;
4 mechanical concrete mixer;
3 mini loaders;
3 backhoe;
5 disk polisher machines.


Avenida Don Bosco, Calle Zacamil, Frente a Universidad Nacional
San Salvador, El Salvador, C.A.

Carlos Perla
Email: andap@insatelsa.com
Phone. (503) 225-3676; Fax: (503) 225-3152

Armando A. Jacinto Navas
Hydraulics Division
Phone (503) 235 25421

Luis Gustavo Crespin
Administration Manager
Phone (503) 225-5502; 225-5527
Email: andaa@es.com.sv

International funds from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) are expected to be partially assigned to upcoming water system rehabilitation projects. The IDB publishes its own trade leads in its Development Business magazine. The Economic and Commercial Section strongly encourages companies interested in participating in El Salvador’s water system rehabilitation efforts to submit an expression of interest to contacts listed in this report.

The U.S. Embassy in San Salvador offer a variety of resources and services to assist U.S. companies seeking to enter or expand their businesses in El Salvador. For further information about the services we offer, or the trade opportunity reported above, you may contact Commercial Attache at gomezHN2@state.gov or at 011 + (503) 278-4444 Ext. 2052. For a broad range of useful economic and commercial information, visit the Embassy’s website at www.usinfo.org.sv/econcomm.htm.

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