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Opportunity to Develop Landfills in South Africa
American companies in the business of developing landfills and the complementary capital works have a strong commercial opportunity in the Durban Unicity. Generally speaking, the environmental industry in all of South Africa is in dire need of a complete renovation. Specifically featured in this report, the Durban Metro is seeking one of three business relationships with a company specializing in constructing landfills --a Public Private Partnership (PPP), a BOO, or a BOOT contract.

The water services director for the Unicity, Neil Macleod, announced to the municipal councillors that Durban was running out of places to dump solid waste and several new landfill sites would have to be created. He said a number of new sites had been found to cater for another 15 years of dumping. Overall, the cost of expanding and building new dumps, replacing refuse trucks and other capital works meant that the city would have finance more than $38 Million over the next three years. Because this is not feasible for the Unicity, Durban is seeking either a partnership with a private company to finance, build, and operate the dumps; or the alternative would be to form a solid waste utility company.

All American companies interested in this commercial opportunity as well as additional environmental opportunities in South Africa should contact:
Laurie Kohrs
Commercial Specialist
Commercial Service Durban
Email: laurie.kohrs@mail.doc.gov

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