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Venezuela Environmental Export Market Plan
Appendix 1
Name of ProjectDecentralization Process Support Program
Brief DescriptionThis project complements the overall decentralization and modernization
program. Funding from this project will go to improve newly decentralized institutions, as well as improve the physical infrastructure within these institutions’ jurisdictions.
Funding Source IDB, IBRD, Local Sources
Estimated InvestmentIDB (US$ 8 million); IBRD (US$ 8 million); Local Funding (US$ 4 million)
Location Nationwide
ContactInter-American Development Bank Bernardo Guillamon, Team Leader Ph: 202-623- 1583, Fax: 202-623-1928, www.iadb.org
StatusThe World Bank and IDB are currently collaborating on final preparations, including evaluation of plan design. Also, they are awaiting plans from the Ministry of Transportation and Communication.
Name of ProjectEl Palito Refinery Process Wastewater & Oily Sludge Treatment Management Process
Brief DescriptionIncludes upgrades of equipment and new facilities for pretreatment and minimization of waste.
Funding Source CORPOVEN
Estimated Investment US$ 43 million
LocationEl Palito, on the Northern Coast, 100 miles West of Caracas
ContactElixabete Bilbao, Senior Analyst Environmental Issues, CORPOVEN, Av. Fco. Miranda, Torre Pequiven, Piso 13, Chacao, Caracas, Ph: 582-708-3249, Fax: 582-708-3261
StatusHarza Engineering is performing feasibility studies funded by TDA. Completion of studies is expected in late 1997 or early 1998. Expectations are that by the year 2000, all at-source wastewater reduction projects will be prepared for operation.
Name of ProjectMonagas Potable Water and Wastewater
Brief DescriptionRehabilitation and improvement of wastewater and potable water services for the State of Monagas. The program includes the institutional strengthening of Aguas de Monagas, C.A., establishment of a framework for decentralization of potable and wastewater services and investments in water infrastructure. This project will be a management model for subsequent water projects in the country.
Funding SourceWorld Bank (US $39 million); Inter-American Development Bank (US $5.5 million); Federal (US $10.3 million), State (US $2.7 million ) and Municipal (US $1.4 million) government funds; and Aguas de Monagas internal resources (US $12.2 million)
Estimated InvestmentUS $71 million
LocationState of Monagas
ContactIng. Giovani Figueroa, Operations Manager, Aguas de Monagas, C.A., Av. Raúl Leoni, Edif. La Palma, Piso 1, Maturin, Monagas, Ph: 589-142-3346, Fax: 589-142-2846
StatusProject is slated to begin at the end of 1997, with a 4-year completion period. Bidding for this project will be done locally, so partnering with a Venezuelan engineering or construction firm will be the most advantageous way to become involved. The first projects during 1998-99 are of emergency status, totaling US $32 million.
Name of ProjectHIDROLARA - Potable Water and Sewage System Modernization and Rehabilitation
Brief Description This project will include infrastructure rehabilitation and modernization, along with technical assistance and corporate restructuring. A sample of activities include: repair of electromechanical and hydraulic machinery; rehabilitation of wells; development of commercial system for unregistered water connections; procurement and installation of water meters; wastewater master plan development and internal audits.
Funding SourceInter-American Development Bank (US $30 million), World Bank (US $9 million), Federal (US $11.5 million), State and Local (US $10 million).
Estimated Investment US $61 million
Location State of Lara, Venezuela
Contact Adolfo Zumand Morand, Project Director HIDROLARA, C.A. Urb. El Parque, Calle los Comuneros Centro Empresarial El Parque, Oficina 1-3, Barquisimeto, Ph: 5851-550-404/551-132, Fax: 5851-552-113
StatusApproved by the IDB in April 1977, the project is under way. Contracts are currently being bid. Approximately US $15 million will be used for institutional purposes, and more than US$21 million will support infrastructure improvements.
Name of Project National Environmental Management Project
Brief Description Project includes various components: institution building, development of enforcement capacity, economic instruments for environmental policymaking, decentralization, and cartography.
Funding Source International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (US $30 million);
Venezuelan Government (US $20 million)
Estimated InvestmentUS $50 million
Location Nationwide
Contact Janice Maiser World Bank 1818 H Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20433 Ph: 202-458-0118/0120, Fax: 202-477-2967
Status Negotiating financing with the World Bank. Expected start date is January 1, 1998.
Name of Project Sanitation of the Eastern Basin
Brief Description This project includes construction of seven wastewater treatment plants to improve municipal wastewater discharges from the cities of Barcelona, Puerto La Cruz, and Cumana that are currently untreated and flow directly into the Caribbean Sea.
Funding SourceU.S. Ex-Im Bank, ECA’s from Germany and England
Estimated InvestmentUS $93 million
LocationSucre and Anzoátegui States, Cities of Barcelona, Puerto La Cruz and Cumana.
ContactIng. Antonio Rodriguez, Project Manager MARNR Ph: 582-408-1960, Fax: 582-408-1961 Ing. Pablo Emilio Colmenares, Director of Infrastructure MARNR Ph: 582-481-2811, Fax: 582-408-1938
Status The project began in 1993, but was delayed due to the economic conditions in the country. Four of the seven wastewater treatment plants are currently under construction. The remaining three will be bid in 1998. Small and medium-sized portions of the project are still available.
Name of Project Sanitation of the Central Basin
Brief Description The project involves the construction of two wastewater treatment plants, a collection system, pumping stations, and a sea outflow pipe.
Funding SourceIDB (US $70 million); U.S. Ex-Im Bank (US $33.5 million), Federal Government (US $30 million)
Estimated InvestmentUS $136.5 million
LocationFederal District and Vargas Municipality
Contact Ing. Marcelo Hernandez Adam, Project Manager MARNR Ph: 582-408-1860, Fax: 582-408-1487 Ing. Pablo Emilio Colmenares, Director of Infrastructure MARNR Ph: 582-481-2811, Fax: 582-408-1938
Status Eighty percent of the project remains to be bid. U.S. Ex-Im Bank funds of US $10 million have already been spent on equipment procurement. The MARNR expects to complete the project by the year 2001.
Name of ProjectSanitation of the Western Basin
Brief Description Rehabilitation and expansion of El Palito wastewater treatment plant. Construction of two wastewater treatment plants for the city of Puerto Cabello. Five additional plants will be constructed in various coastal cities in Falcon and Carabobo States. Construction of urban discharge collection systems will also be part of the project.
Funding SourceU.S. Ex-Im Bank (US $34.5 million); the German company HERMES Gauf (US $44 million); plus federal funds
Estimated InvestmentUS $80.35 million
Location Carabobo and Falcon States
ContactEudosio Lorenzo Fernandez, Project Manager MARNR Ph: 582-266-4249, Fax: 582-266-0683 Ing. Pablo Emilio Colmenares, Director of Infrastructure MARNR Ph: 582-481-2811, Fax: 582-408-1938
Status Feasibility studies are complete. Financing documents were signed and approved in August 1997. Bidding was expected to commence in the final months of 1997.
Name of Project Maracaibo Lake Cleanup
Brief DescriptionConstruction of two wastewater treatment plants and all corresponding pipe networks associated with such construction. One plant will sell its treated wastewater to El Tablazo refinery, which will allow for additional revenues to support the project.
Funding SourceCAF, PEQUIVEN
Estimated InvestmentUS $188 million
LocationCity of Maracaibo
Contact Ramón Arias, Manager of Integral Protection PEQUIVEN Ph: 582-201-3712 Fax: 582-201-4391 Ing. Lenin Herrera, President Institute for the Preservation of Lake Maracaibo (ICLAM) Ph: 586-191-1084, Fax: 586-191-3782
Status Bids for the pumping station and treated water distribution center commenced in the last trimester of 1997 and work has begun. Bidding for the treatment plants took place in the third trimester of 1997.
Name of Project Tuy River Cleanup
Brief DescriptionWastewater treatment facilities throughout basin area; construction of municipal wastewater treatment facilities; construction of dam and pumping station; municipal sewage collection improvements.
Funding SourceNot determined. Potentially multilateral, bilateral (Japan), Federal, and pollution tax revenues.
Estimated InvestmentUS $225 million
Location Tuy River Basin
ContactIng. Pablo Emilio Colmenares, Director of Infrastructure MARNR Ph: 582-481-2811, Fax: 582-408-1938
StatusThe Japanese International Cooperation Agency funded an economic and technical feasibility study that resulted in a two-stage implementation plan. Stage 1 (1997-2003) estimated investment is US $158 million. Stage 2 (2004-2010) investment is projected to be US $67 million. A regional authority (ACRT) was established by the federal government to instigate and manage the clean up of the basin. While this project is in early stages, it is likely to offer significant opportunities to U.S. companies.
Name of ProjectAir Pollution Monitoring Equipment
Brief DescriptionThe Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources will upgrade and expand its four air pollution monitoring stations, and also is planning to build 14 new stations in different cities in the middle term.
Funding SourceThe feasibility study was financed by the TDA. The project is looking for financing from the U.S. Ex-Im Bank and the CAF.
Estimated InvestmentUS $35 million
LocationThe four current stations in need of upgrade are located in Caracas. The new stations will be installed in Anzoategui (3), Valencia (2), San Cristobal (2), Puerto Ordaz (1), and Maracaibo (6)
ContactAngela Di Domenico, Director of Air Quality Ministerio del Ambiente y de los Recursos Naturales Renovables (MARNR) Torre Sur, Piso 22 Centro Simon Bolivar, El Silencio, Caracas 1010, Ph: 582-408-1523, 483-2728, Fax: 582-483-8057
StatusThe feasibility study funded by the TDA was completed by Radian LLC on July 1997, and the MARNR has accepted the results. The ministry will open the request for bids when financing is arranged.
Name of Project Cardón Refinery Environmental Compliance Projects
Brief Description The Cardón Refinery is currently out of environmental compliance in three areas: wastewater treatment, air pollution, and sludge disposal. MARAVEN S.A., the PDVSA subsidiary in charge of the refinery, started a series of projects to resolve these problems.
Funding SourceThe project will be financed directly by the company and is considering BOT, BOO, and BLT schemes.
Estimated InvestmentUS $74 million
Location The Cardón Refinery is located in the Paraguaná Peninsula in the state of Falcón.
Contact Nelson Vásquez, Financing Advisor MARAVEN Apartado 829 Caracas 1010A Venezuela Ph: 582-908-3375, Fax: 582-908-2500
Status The project consists of various subprojects, each with its own timing. A number of opportunities are still available while about 20 percent of the projects have started construction.

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