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Venezuela Environmental Export Market Plan
Chapter 10
U.S. Government Export Promotion Programs for Environmental Technologies

U.S. Department of Commerce

The International Trade Administration (ITA) of the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) has a very extensive network of offices located not only throughout the United States, but all around the world. These offices are engaged in market analysis, export promotion, and export counseling.

The Environmental Technologies Exports (ETE) office in Washington, D.C. coordinates DOC and U.S. Government export promotion activities for the environmental industry and counsels U.S. firms on taking advantage of overseas environmental business opportunities. ETE’s activities include conducting market analysis on overseas environmental markets, business counseling, advocacy on behalf of U.S. companies pursuing environmental projects, and trade promotion activities such as targeted trade missions to promising markets.

More specific information on the ETE and its programs can be found on the Internet at http://infoserve2.ita.doc.gov/ete.

ITA’s U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service (US&FCS or Commercial Service) offices are located in U.S. embassies and consulates around the world. The US&FCS officers in Venezuela produce Industry Sector Analyses on the environmental technologies equipment and services markets. They also report on trade leads and government projects that provide opportunities for U.S. companies. The Commercial Service's Gold Key Service specializes in putting U.S. companies directly in touch with potential buyers, partners, representatives, and distributors.

Venezuela country information and specific market reports produced by the USF&CS can be accessed on-line through the National Trade Data Bank (NTDB) at
http://www.stat-usa.gov. On-line access to most of the documents requires a subscription. Information about subscribing can be obtained on-line or by calling (202) 482-1986.

U.S. Trade and Development Agency

The U.S. Trade and Development Agency (TDA), in addition to providing financing for project feasibility studies as described previously, also supports other trade promotion efforts. The agency sponsors trade-related training and orientation visits for foreign government officials, and technical conferences. For example, in 1997 TDA brought four Venezuelan officials to the United States to evaluate U.S. technology for oil spills.

To be eligible for TDA funding, a project must meet the following criteria:
 It must provide substantial opportunities for the sale of U.S. goods and services. Generally, the expected exports must represent a significant multiple over the cost of the TDA grant.
 The project must be a development priority for the host country.
 The feasibility study must be completed using U.S. services or a consortium involving U.S. services; host country expenditures can account for up to 20 percent of the grant funds.
 Equipment procurement must be open to U.S. suppliers.

U.S. Department of Energy

While not primarily involved in environmental projects, the U.S. Department of Energy sponsors research and development projects in Venezuela's oil industry. These projects include environmental components to promote sustainable development. In addition, the Department of Energy administers an environmental forum that is composed of U.S. and Latin American oil companies. The purpose of the forum is to facilitate an exchange of information on environmental technologies within the oil sector.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Venezuela is working with the World Bank on obtaining a loan for improving the country's environmental management (National Environmental Protection Management Project (NEPMP).

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has committed to funding a $3.7 million portion of this loan and has proposed a “train the trainer” environmental program for Venezuela. This program would give Venezuelans the tools to train themselves in environmental management for the future. According to EPA sources, Venezuela has not yet committed to this program.

The U.S. Agency for International Development

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) administers most of the foreign assistance of the U.S. Government, having managed $6 million in 1995. It funds projects, provides technical assistance, encourages private sector development, and supplies food aid in developing countries. USAID focuses its efforts on less developed countries. It is not presently active in Venezuela's environmental sector.

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