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Portugal Environmental Export Market Plan
Appendix A-Portuguese and EU Public Sector Contacts

Portuguese Government Offices
Câmara Municipal de Lisboa
Vereador Higiene Urbana e Resíduos Sólidos
(Urban Sanitation Services of the Lisbon Municipal Government)
Praça do Município
1100 Lisboa, Portugal
Tel: (351-1) 3462951
Fax: (351-1) 3467548

Câmara Municipal do Porto
Praça Gen. Humberto Delgado
4000 Porto, Portugal
Tel: (351-2) 2009871

Câmara Municipal da Maia
Praça do Município
4470 Maia, Portugal
Tel: (351-2) 9410590

Comissão de Coordenação da Região Norte (CCRN)
(Northern Regional Coordinating Commission)
Rua Rainha D. Estefania, 251
4100 Porto, Portugal
Tel: (351-2) 6002046
Fax: (351-2) 6002040

Direcção Geral dos Assuntos Europeus
(Directorate General of European Affairs)
258, 4 Ave Liberdade
1250 Lisboa, Portugal
Tel: (351-1) 3141921

Direcção Geral de Hidráulica, Engenharia Rural e Ambiente
(Directorate of Rural Hydrology and Environmental Affairs)
19, 2 Ave. República (1050)
Tel: (351-1) 3535472
(Note: This organization has many offices throughout Portugal.)

Direcção-Geral da Industria
(General Directorate of Industry)
Ave. Conselheiro Fernandes Sousa, 11
1070 Lisboa, Portugal
Tel: (351-1) 659161
Fax: (351-1) 691042

Direcção Regional do Ambiente e Recursos Naturais (DRARN)
(Regional Directorate of Natural Resources and Environment):

Direcção Regional do Ambiente e Recursos Naturais do Alentejo
(Regional Directorate of Natural Resources and Environment of Alentejo)
Eborim, 18-4, 7000 Evora, Portugal
Tel: (351-6) 33003

Direcção Regional do Ambiente e Recursos Naturais do Algarve
(Regional Directorate of Natural Resources and Environment of Algarve)
Dr. Cândido Guerreiro, 33-8000 Faro, Portugal
Tel: (351-89) 803334

Direcção Regional do Ambiente e Recursos Naturais do Centro
(Regional Directorate of Natural Resources and Environment of the Center of the Country)
Padre Estevâo Cabral, 72-2
3000 Coimbra, Portugal
Tel: (351-39) 22484

—Lisboa/Vale do Tejo
Direcção Regional do Ambiente e Recursos Naturais do Lisboa / Vale do Tejo
(Regional Directorate of Natural Resources and Environment of Lisbon and Tejo Valley)
Rua Antero de Quental, 44
1100 Lisboa, Portugal
Tel: (351-1) 3529077
Fax: (351-1) 575506

Direcção Regional do Ambiente e Recusos do Norte
(Regional Directorate of Natural Resources and Environment of the North)
Rua Formosa, 254
4000 Porto, Portugal
Tel: (351-2) 2052312
Fax: (351-2) 323795

Direcção de Serviços de Resíduos e Reciclagem
(Directorate of Recycling and Wastes)
Rua da Mugueira, Zambujal
Apartado 7505, Alfragide
2720 Amadora, Portugal
Tel: (351-01) 4728200
Fax: (351-01) 4719074

Direcção Geral do Ambiente
(General Directorate for the Environment)
Murgueira, Zambujal
2720 Amadora, Portugal
Tel: (351-1) 4728200
Fax: (351-1) 4719074

Instituto Nacional de Estatística
(National Institute of Statistics)
Ave. António José de Almeida—Apertado 1239
1007 Lisboa, Portugal
Tel: (351-1) 8470050
Fax: (351-1) 7951507

Instituto Promoção Ambiental
(Institute for Environmental Awareness)
63 Século (1200)
Lisboa, Portugal
Tel: (351-1) 3211360

Instituto da Agua
(Water Institute)
Ave. Almirante Gago Coutinho, 30
1000 Lisboa, Portugal
Tel: (351-1) 8470080
Fax: (351-1) 8473571

Instituto da Conservação da Natureza
(Institute for Nature Conservation)
Ger 73 Lapa (1200)
Lisboa, Portugal
Tel: (351-1) 3950456

Ministério do Ambiente e Recursos Naturais (MARN)
(Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources)
Rua do Século, 51-2
1200 Lisboa, Portugal
Tel: (351-1) 3462751
Fax: (351-1) 3468469

Secretaria de Estado do Ambiente
(State Secretariat for the Environment)
Rua do Século 51-2
1200 Lisboa, Portugal
Tel: (351-1) 3462751
Fax: (351-1) 3479341

Centro Internacional de Luta Contra Poluçâo Atalantico Nordeste
(International Center for control of pollution in the North East Atlantic)
44 Antero Quent 1150
Lisboa, Portugal
Tel: (351-1) 8853655

Centro para a Conservação de Energia (CCE)
(Center for Energy Conservation)
Estrada de Alfragide—Praceta 1
2720 Alfragide
Lisboa, Portugal
Tel: (351-1) 4718110

Instituto de Meteorologia
(Air quality and other meteorological control and public information.)
Rua C- Aeroporto
Lisboa 1700 Portugal
Tel: (351-1) 8483965
(351-1) 8483961
Fax: (351-1) 8474333

Ministério do Equipamento, do Planeamento e da Administração (MEPAT)
(Ministry for Equipment Procurement, Planning and Administration)

Desenvolvimento Regional
(Regional Development)
Plaça Comércio (1100)
Lisboa, Portugal
Tel: (351-1) 8868441

Conselho de Mercado de Obras Públicas e Particulares
(Council for Public and Private Construction)
110 Ave. Dq Loulé
1050 Lisboa, Portugal
Tel: (351-1) 3155726

Secretario do Estado da Industria e Energia
(Secretary for Industry)
Ave. Republica, 79-9.
1050 Lisboa, Portugal
Tel: (351-1) 7934049

Ministério do Planeamento e Ordenamento do Território
(Ministry of Planning and Administration of Territory)
Praca do Comercio
1100 Lisboa, Portugal
Tel: (351-1) 3420593
Fax: (351-1) 3415695

Secretaria de Estado das Obras Publicas
(Secretary of State of Public Works)
Rua de S. Mamede ao Caldas, 21
1100 Lisboa, Portugal
Tel: (351-1) 8862247
Fax: (351-1) 8863054

Secretaria de Estado do Ambiente e do Consumidor
(Secretary of State for the Environment)
Rua de Osculo, 51-52
1200 Lisboa, Portugal
Tel: (351-1) 3462751
Fax: (351-1) 3479341

Valorização e Tratamento de Resíduos da Área Metropolitana de Lisboa (norte) S.A. (VALORSUL)
(Treatment and Handling of Wastes for the Metropolitan Area of Lisboa)
Ger 146, 8 Ave 5 Out (1050)
Lisboa, Portugal
Tel: (351-1) 7973138
(351-1) 7973140

Vereador d Ambiente , Camara Municipal de Faro
(Environmental Services, City Council of Faro)
R. Municipio, 25
8000 Faro, Portugal
Tel: (351-89) 822042

EU Environmental Public Sector Contacts

Rue de la Loi 200
B-1049 Brussels, Belgium
Tel: (322) 2991111
Fax: (322) 2950138 / 39 / 40

The Treaty on European Union assigns the Commission a wide range of tasks. According to Article 155, its main powers are those of supervision, initiative, and implementation. Of these three roles, the Commission’s power to initiate legislation is considered to be its most important influence. The Directorate General XI (DG- XI) for Environment, Nuclear Safety, and Civil Protection was created in 1981. It has primary responsibility for preparing and ensuring the implementation of Community environmental laws and policies.

Kongens Nytorv 6
DK-1050 Copenhagen, Denmark
Tel: (45) 33367100
Fax: (45) 33367199
The EEA was established in 1993 to ensure that the wide range of information that is produced by environmental agencies and instruments could be coordinated, cross-checked, and applied to strategic effect for the common good.

Rue de la Loi 175
B-1048 Brussels, Belgium
Tel: (322) 2856111
Fax: (322) 2347381

Formally institutionalized by the Single European Act, the Council of Ministers represents the governments of the member states of the European Union, within the Union’s decision-making structure. The environmental affairs are the responsibility of Directorate-General I (Environment, Consumer, and Civil Protection).

Environmental Information
The Portuguese Ministry of the Environment maintains a home page on the Internet: http:// www.dga.min-amb.pt/dga/atlas/atlas.html

One of the most important documents in this home page is the 5th Program and Strategy for the Environmental Sector in Portugal. This program is based on the Maastricht Treaty, which has as its objective sustainable economic growth while respecting the environment. The document also outlines plans in line with the EU 1994–1999 plan for economic assistance, which places environmental protection as one of its priority areas.
The 5th Plan addresses the interrelationship between the public and private sectors, on the one hand, and key areas of the Portuguese economy, namely energy, agriculture, industry, and tourism, on the other, to achieve critical environmental goals. Among these goals are:

Environmental education,
Strengthening of the regional economy,
Implementation of a national plan for water management,
Reduction of environmental damage resulting from economic activity,
Providing the population of the principal urban centers with clean water and wastewater treatment,
Construction of infrastructure for treatment of urban solid waste,
Recovery of polluted areas critical for protection and preservation of wildlife,
Construction of infrastructure for wastewater treatment,
Construction of infrastructure for treatment of industrial waste, and
Strengthening of public transport systems.

Up-to-date information on developments in the Portuguese environmental scene is published in Portuguese on this home page. Another important source of information is the Anuário do Ambiente, published by the Associação Industrial Portuense, Câmara de Comercio e Industria. This annual publication is the most comprehensive source of information on the environmental scene in Portugal, from the point of view of the private sector. It lists all the key players in the environmental market in the country. The environmental group National Association for the Conservation of Nature (QUERCUS) is another important source of information on environmental issues.

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