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June 2000
Environmental Export Newsletter
ETE Focuses on Climate Change and Clean Energy Trade Missions
By Jane Siegel
Environmental Technologies Exports

The Environmental Technologies Exports office (ETE) recently published a report entitled, “Markets for Climate Change Mitigation technologies and Services in Developing Countries." Growing international concern over climate change has launched a global effort to address the problem of global warming. This market is driven by a variety of factors. "Baseline" factors include cost effectiveness, environmental enforcement, power sector policies, and indigenous energy resources. "Additional" market drivers include the recent global climate change initiatives and consists of projects specifically designed to achieve greenhouse gas reductions.

The report concentrates on mitigation technologies and related services for the following economic sectors: energy supply; manufacturing; commercial and residential; and transportation. The report also provides an in-depth look at market opportunities for climate change mitigation technologies in six key developing countries: Brazil, Mexico, China, India, the Philippines; and South Africa. Finally, there are chapters on strategies for success in finding business opportunities in these markets, as well as an overview of funding and finance options.

ETE is supporting the President's International Clean Energy Initiative by compiling and providing export information to U.S. companies, and by supporting the Department of Commerce’s own Clean Energy Trade Initiative.

Clean Energy Trade Missions:

In recognition of the large potential global market for clean energy technologies and services, the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Energy Division is launching a trade promotion initiative to facilitate U.S. sales of clean energy technologies, products and services, and clean fuel sources. This initiative applies proven trade promotion concepts and programs that support U.S. businesses and exports in order to meet the new global appetite for feasible, clean energy investments that aim to balance economic development with environmental concerns and energy efficiency goals.

For the purposes of these missions, clean energy is broadly defined to include components of the energy supply, manufacturing, commercial and residential, and transportation sectors (including, but not limited to, clean coal technologies, advanced natural gas technologies, transmission-distribution improvements, renewable energy technologies, industrial process controls, industrial motors, cogeneration, efficient borders, energy-efficient lighting, building controls/HVAC, household appliances, and clean fuel vehicles). Clean energy products and services are defined as those that meet at least one of the following criteria:

1. help increase efficiency of existing energy production and energy use;
2. promote energy conservation;
3. assist in the conversion of existing facilities to cleaner fuels and/or cleaner operation;
4. introduce new sources of renewable, natural gas, clean coal, or nuclear energy to help meet new or existing energy demand.

The initiative will bring U.S. company representatives face-to-face with foreign government decision makers as well as into one-on-one meetings with representatives of public and private companies in each of the targeted markets. Each market is evaluated based on its unique mix of current energy sources, potential new energy sources, regulatory climate, and other commercial and political factors to create tailor-made trade promotion events.

The Clean Energy Trade Missions will take place as follows: Indonesia (August 29-31, 2000); Mexico (September 10-14); Russia (October 15-21); Persian Gulf (October 24-Nov.1); Brazil (November 5-9); South Africa (November 13-17); India (November 26-Dec. 3); and China (December 4-8). For more information on these trade missions, contact Sam Beatty at (202) 482-4179, or visit the Clean Energy Trade Initiative website at www.ita.doc.gov/td/energy/icei.htm).

Hach Company Recognized By President for Exporting Excellence
By Marc Lemmond
Environmental Technologies Exports

Hach Company, a water and wastewater testing system manufacturer headquartered in Loveland, Colorado, recently received the prestigious President’s E Award for Excellence in Exporting.

Hach Company has a long history of international marketing since it established its first international dealership in Bogota, Colombia in 1958. Today, Hach has a distributor network that represents the company’s over 10,000 products in over 100 countries around the globe. Hach’s international orders account for an estimated 35% of total company revenue. The company is a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation, a Washington, D.C.- based industrial component and environmental technology firm.

Hach Company cites U.S. Department of Commerce (USDOC) programs as an integral part of its international marketing success. The company began by using USDOC’s Agent/Distributor Service (ADS), Gold Key Service, and other matchmaker programs to identify and help evaluate potential dealers. Following up on success in these initiatives, Hach participated in USDOC-sponsored trade and catalog shows. Paul Goltz, Hach International Sales Manager, says "Environmental issues play such a critical role in today’s domestic and international trade policies... We believe that Hach’s environmental products exemplify the kinds of technologies which make our country competitive in world markets."

Currently the company works closely with the U.S. Department of Commerce primarily through activities with the Office of Environmental Technologies Exports (ETE) in Washington, DC and the USEAC in Denver . The company is represented on the Department of Commerce’s Environmental Technologies Trade Advisory Committee (ETTAC), a private-sector-led group that advises Commerce Secretary William Daley on key industry issues.

The President’s E Award was created by Executive Order of the President in 1961 to recognize persons, firms, or organizations which contribute significantly to the effort to increase U.S. exports. The application process is open to any firm, partnership, corporation, association or organization that believes it has made a significant contribution to our national export expansion effort. Applicants must be recommended by the appropriate regional U.S. Export Assistance Center (USEAC) and subsequently reviewed by the Interagency President’s E Award Committee.

ETTAC Represents U.S. ET Interests
By Sage Chandler
Environmental Technologies Exports

In a recent letter to Secretary of Commerce William M. Daley, the Environmental Technologies Trade Advisory Committee (ETTAC) endorsed proposed legislation to enact free trade with China on the basis that it will open a vast new market for the export of U.S. environmental goods and services. The U.S. environmental industry, which consists of more than 116,000 revenue-generating organizations employing over 1.3 million people, has contributed greatly in recent years to global economic growth and sustainable development by expanding exports from $9.4 billion in 1993 to $18.9 billion in 1998. The potential to further improve this sector’s favorable balance of trade will be significantly enhanced if Permanent Normal Trade Relations (PNTR) status and membership in the WTO are granted to China. In the letter to the Secretary, ETTAC noted:
  • Opening the Chinese market to U.S. exporters will have a positive economic impact on the U.S. environmental industry in terms of increased export revenues and jobs for American workers.
  • Membership in the WTO will obligate China to follow the same rules of trade that are adhered to by all other WTO member nations.
  • Free trade between China and other WTO member nations will bring about a more open economy within China and it will serve as an impetus toward achieving meaningful social and political reform.
  • The granting of PNTR to China will prevent European and Japanese competitors from gaining a major advantage over U.S. suppliers in the Chinese market.

    ETTAC at the WTO

    The Environmental Technologies Trade Advisory Committee (ETTAC) was represented at the recent World Trade Organization (WTO) Ministerial in Seattle by ETTAC’ s Chairman, Kent Troup, former Vice Chairman Howard Schirmer Jr. and Market Access Subcommittee members Paul Goltz and Jane Ginn. During their week in Seattle, the ETTAC representatives participated in private sector programs on "Trade and the Environment" and "The Benefits of Trade in Services" and also attended daily government briefings for accredited NGO and advisory committee representatives. The committee members also took part in events organized by the Coalition of Service Industries, the U.S. Alliance for Trade Expansion and the Coalition for Trade with the Americas. They also attended President Clinton’s signing of the International Labor Organization’ s newly enacted multilateral agreement on child labor. Chairman Kent Troup spoke with President Clinton and Commerce Secretary William Daley to express appreciation on behalf of ETTAC for the administration’s support of the environmental industry and the activities of the ETTAC. Mr. Troup reiterated that the environmental industry is in a unique position to promote the win-win benefits of trade liberalization. Advancing free trade in environmental goods and services achieves the multi-purpose goals of contributing to economic growth while improving the environment, quality of life, and encouraging sustainable development.

    For more information on the ETTAC or a full Seattle trip report from the Chairman, please contact Sage Chandler at 202-482-1500.

    Success Stories
    By David O'Connell
    Environmental Export Technologies

    Water Systems International (WSI), a Washington, DC-based manufacturer and designer of water and wastewater treatment systems, expanded its success in India through the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Environmental Technologies Match-Maker Mission to India in September of 1999. WSI and other match-maker participants visited New Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai from September 13-21. Having already experienced success in India, the company saw the program as a means of extending its marketing efforts and gaining increased exposure to key decision-makers. During the New Delhi visit, the company established a business relationship that has already resulted in orders of over $5 million. In Mumbai, WSI made contact with an Indian company that became its business partner in a promising landfill leachate project. Meetings in Chennai resulted in WSI partnering with a large Indian firm to successfully bid for a project with a value of more than $1 million.

    During Secretary Daley's March 1999 visit to China, Dasibi Environmental, a subsidiary of Pollution Research & Control of Glendale, CA, signed a Letter of Intent with the State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA) for the sale of $10 million in air quality monitoring equipment for Phase II of China's national urban air quality monitoring network for 20 key Chinese cities. The agreement was made possible through the advocacy efforts of ETE, the Advocacy Center, and the U.S.Commercial Service in Beijing, and expanded on previous efforts, described below, which launched Dasibi into this highly competitive market.

    Dasibi had signed a Phase I contract totaling $5.2 million during President Clinton's June 1998 visit to China. Dasibi and the State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA) stated that the 1998 sale would not have been possible without a year long effort conceived and carried out by Beijing Commercial Attache Christopher Adams and TD/ETE Environmental Trade Specialist Eric Fredell. Adams and Fredell secured an offer of technical assistance from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in support of China's urban air quality monitoring program to compensate for a lack of U.S. Government concessional financing for the project. Without this support, China would have selected a competing foreign supplier backed by a tied aid offer from its government.

    Dasibi's CEO wrote to Secretary Daley last year in appreciation for the support provided by Adams and Fredell: "Thanks in large part to their efforts, my firm landed its biggest contract ever in a market that has been very competitive and very difficult for my small firm. As a result of this success in China, my firm expects to nearly double its revenues and more than double its current workforce. Moreover, we feel we are in an excellent position now to win a much larger follow-on project in China. I truly believe that this contract would not have been won by Dasibi Environmental Corp., or any other U.S. firm, without the assistance of Chris and Eric....I was thoroughly impressed with your Department's professional, proactive, and effective approach to assisting my small firm on this project opportunity."

    April 25, 2000

    Dear Water Industry Executive:

    The U.S. Department of Commerce’s Office of Environmental Technologies Exports (ETE), in conjunction with the American Water Works Association, cordially invites you to participate in the following two events on international business opportunities in the water sector at the American Water Works Association (AWWA) Conference in Denver, Colorado, June 11-15, 2000. Both programs are free of charge to U.S. companies attending or exhibiting at AWWA.
    Water and Wastewater Project Opportunities in Central America
    Country Presentations: Monday, June 12th, 1:30 - 5:00 PM
    Individual Appointments: Tues/Wed, June 13th 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
    Denver Convention Center - Room C206

    The Department of Commerce will host a trade delegation of key water sector officials from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua at AWWA 2000. The delegation will brief U.S. companies on major water and wastewater projects in the region at a half day seminar on June 12th, and will be available for individual meetings on the 13th and 14th. The World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank and other key agencies are funding the water reconstruction projects to be presented at the seminar.

    To request registration materials, please contact:
    Sharleen Bakeman, President
    Ensight Technical Services, Inc.
    2713 Fifteenth Avenue, Suite 100
    Longmont, CO 80503 USA
    Tel. 303-651-1001 * Fax. 303-651-0993 * Email: bakeman@nilenet.com

    Global Water Privatization Seminar
    Tuesday, June 13th, 1:30 - 5:00 PM
    Denver Convention Center - Room A202
    The Department of Commerce will host this seminar to showcase opportunities and issues concerning international water privatization markets. Issues to be addressed include; the rehabilitation of existing facilities; advisory services (planning rate-setting, expansion); institutional development; legal framework development; finance; training; management contracts; leases; concessions; and BOT/BOO.

    To register for this seminar, please contact:
    David O’Connell, International Trade Specialist
    U.S. Department of Commerce, Environmental Technologies Exports
    Tel. (202) 482-3509 * Fax. 202-482-5665 * Email: David_Oconnell@ita.doc.gov

    Attached please find agendas for each seminar. We look forward to your participation in these events.


    Carlos F. Montoulieu
    Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for
    Environmental Technologies Exports


    • Environmental Technologies Sector Cited During President’s Trip to India, Southwest Asia, March 20-25, 2000. From a commercial standpoint, the visit to India was the focus of the President’s tour. Commerce Secretary William Daley accompanied the President as he visited New Delhi, Hyderabad, and Mumbai. In each city, Secretary Daley worked to strengthen trade ties between the two nations via bilateral trade agreements, advocacy on behalf of U.S. companies, and signings of business deals between U.S. and Indian companies. U.S. environmental companies were well represented on the mission, and environmental projects were cited by the Secretary in each of the Indian cities. For more information contact Marc Lemmond at (202) 482-3889.
    • Envex 2000, June 26-29, 2000, Seoul, Korea, is one of the premier environmental shows in Korea. Korea's environmental technology sector continues its rapid growth as the nation continues its commitment to an expanded program of additional environmental clean up and protection. The Korean environmental market will approach $5 billion by 2002. Now is the time to take advantage of this unparalleled opportunity by exhibiting at Envex! The U.S. Department of Commerce and the U.S.- Asia Environmental Partnership (US-AEP) will host a U.S. Pavilion to support the marketing needs of U.S. companies like yours. (Contact: George Litman at 202-482-0560).
    • Southern State Water and Wastewater Mission to Vietnam & Thailand July 24-30, 2000. This trade mission will be organized by the Kenan Institute and led by Ambassador William Itoh, the former U.S. Ambassador to Thailand, and will visit Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Bangkok, Thailand. Mission members will receive one-on-one meetings with pre-screened Vietnamese and Thai clients, sessions at the U.S. Embassies, site visits, meetings with foreign and U.S. Government officials, market overviews and business assistance, reception at the Ambassador’s residence, cultural events and MORE! Travel funds available for qualifying companies. For more information, contact Barbara McMurray of the Kenan Institute in Washington at 202-289-6282 (E-mail: bmcmurray@kenan.org).
    • Considering exporting to Asia ? Environmental Export Market Plans are available for Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, and the Philippines, while reports for Korea and Vietnam will be ready this summer. These research reports provide current information on key environmental subsectors, project opportunities, key contacts, regulatory trends, and government programs. These plans are available on ETE’s Home Page (www.environment.ita.doc.gov), or by contacting George Litman at 202-482-0560.
    • US-AEP’s New Export-Link Website. The United States-Asia Environmental Partnership (US-AEP) announces Export-Link(TM) : Asia Market Analysis, a website information resource designed to help U.S. businesses interested in penetrating Asian markets. This website (www.usaep.org/export/index.htm) provides up-to-date Asian market information and business analysis to help your company with its exporting decisions. For international project financing information, check out www.usaep.org/finance/index.html.
    • Expanding Opportunities in Southwest China. Recent Chinese Government pronouncements on the western development initiative have made it clear that fixing long standing environmental problems is high on their list. This is being translated into concrete action at the local level with a series of investment initiatives, most of which focus on waste water treatment and solid waste disposal. For instance, in Sichuan province alone, there will be 140 billion RMB (close to US$ 17 billion) designated for infrastructure programs, including several municipal environmental projects. For a complete list of environmental projects in Southwest China (or all of China), contact Susan Simon at 202-482-0713.
    • The US-AEP Environmental Exchange Program hosts study tour of government and industry representatives of seven Asian countries to learn about U.S. hazardous waste experience. The March 6-10 study tour included visits to Washington, DC, Maryland, and New Jersey, where the participants were briefed by U.S. Government and industry policy experts on lessons learned from U.S. industrial hazardous waste policy and participated in site visits to storage and disposal facilities from the pharmaceuticals, electronics, and metal finishing industries. The U.S. host companies were the IT Group, Clean Harbors, Safety-Kleen, Bristol-Meyers Squibb, Marisol, New Brunswick Plating and Lucent Technologies. For more information, visit www.usaep.org.

    • $700 Million for Canadian environmental spending in the next four years. Much of the environmental funding (approximately C$520 million) is for enhancing climate and atmospheric research in addition to funding for enforcement, Great Lakes cleanup, endangered species protection, and programs to help developing countries eliminate persistent organic pollutants (POPS) such as DDT and PCBS. (Contact: Loretta Jonkers at 202-482-0564).

    • Central and Eastern European, NIS/Russian trade leads and grants. Participate in ETE’s Ecolinks Seminar Wednesday, May 17 from 1-5 PM at WasteExpo 2000 in Atlanta, for outstanding opportunities to gain entry into the Central and Eastern European, NIS/Russian environmental markets. The USAID-sponsored Ecolinks program has awarded $3,360,000 in grants, and matched US firms with 66 trade leads in the region. (Contact: Anne Novak at (202) 482-8178).

    • Entsorga 2000, the largest biannual waste management and recycling show in Europe, will be held in Cologne, Germany on June 26–29, 2000. The last Entsorga drew 61,000 visitors from 83 countries and 1,340 exhibitors from 32 countries. More information about Entsorga 2000 is available at www.koelnmesse.de/entsorga/, or call Sabine Triplett at 212-974-8835.
    • Prague 2000 – The Fifth International Symposium and Exhibition on Environmental Contamination in Central & Eastern Europe (Prague 2000) will be held in Prague, Czech Republic on September 12-14, 2000. Previous symposia have been highly successful, and over 500 exhibitors are expected this year. Technical sessions, workshops, and presentations are designed to be interactive and will cover a broad range of topics concerning environmental technologies suited to the region. For more information, call Dr. Roy C. Herndon, Symposium Chairman, or Eugene B. Jones, Symposium Exhibition Coordinator at 850-644-7211.
    • Pollutec 2000 will be held in Lyon, France on October 17–20, 2000 and promises to feature numerous new products and ideas in the areas of waste water treatments, solid waste treatments, and gas treatments. Pollutec-Lyon is the perfect place to make new contacts and expand business in Europe. Pollutec-Lyon and Paris are the largest waste management shows in Europe, with over 58,000 visitors and 2000 exhibitors from 32 countries. For more information on Pollutec 2000 in Lyon, visit Pollutec’s website at www.pollutec.com, or call Miller Freeman at 33 (0)1 47 56 21 24.
    • US Trade and Development Agency (TDA) prefeasibility and feasibility study matching grants for Portugal, Greece and Northern Ireland. Western Europe is not traditional TDA territory, and TDA will require very close cooperation with companies carrying out the work in these countries. Also, TDA has committed $2-6 million over the next two years for Balkan projects. Interested parties should contact Lance Ludman at (703) 875-4357.

    Latin America
    • Secretary of Commerce William M. Daley led a senior-level business development mission to Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile on February 13-21, 2000. The delegation included three environmental firms (Enron Corp., Energy Conversion Devices, Inc., U.S. Filter Corp.) among the 19 U.S. companies representing the following key sectors: Information and Communications Technology, Environment, and Energy. The Secretary's mission to Latin America succeeded in its objective of advancing the business interests of the mission members by introducing them to the key host government decision-making officials as well as potential business partners. In addition, Secretary Daley supported the U.S. Government's efforts to reduce market access problems encountered by American firms in these South American markets. (Contact: David O’Connell at 202-482-3509)
    • $600,000 in Immediate Sales Reported at Ecologia 2000. The U.S. Commercial Service hosted the 2000 Ecologia trade show and technical seminar March 13-16, in Mexico City. The event, held at the U.S. Trade Center, takes place bi-annually and is open only to U.S. companies. Ecologia provides a unique opportunity to U.S. companies to present their technologies in a customized setting. The event was well attended by key decision makers from Mexico’s environmental agencies (e.g., Secretariat of the Environment, Natural Resources and Fisheries (SEMARNAP), the National Institute of Ecology (INE), the National Water Commission (CNA)), and by private sector environmental and water associations. On the closing day of show, it was announced that $600,000 in sales were achieved; other sales are expected within the next six months. (Contact: Ellen Zeytoun at (202) 482-0359)
    • New England Trade Mission to Argentina and Uruguay. The Lake Champlain (VT) Regional Chamber of Commerce, with support from the U.S. Department of Commerce, hosted an environmental technologies trade mission to Argentina and Uruguay, March 19-24, 2000. The participating New England environmental technology firms had numerous meetings with potential business partners in the environmental subsectors of water treatment plant design, oil remediation, and wind turbine energy. This mission was assisted by a Market Development Cooperator Program grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce. (Contact: Betsy Cabrera of the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce at 802-863-3489 x221).
    • Latin America: Environmental Regulations and Compliance Practical Insights into Business Operations in a Changing Region, Washington, DC June 12-13, 2000. This seminar will cover: Economic transition and emerging environmental regulation; current trends in environmental protection in Latin America; multilateral trade agreements and environmental regulations; managing environmental risks and capturing business opportunities; role of government, NGOs, and lending institutions; financing international projects; environmental regulations in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela; corporate environmental responses in Latin America; and key government organizations. For more information, contact Lauren Forgacs, Government Institutes Division, at (301) 921-2300.
    • California Trade Mission to Argentina and Chile, July 18-26, 2000. The California Trade and Commerce Agency will lead a trade mission of California-based environmental technologies firms to these two key markets which have newly elected governments. Argentina and Chile also have growing environmental marketplaces and, coupled with high rates of private investment in their respective environmental sectors, indicate a solid growth market for environmental products and services over the next several years. For more information, contact Eric Foster at 916-323-2874.
    • USDOC’s Environmental Technologies Matchmaker to Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay September 11-15, 2000. This environmental mission is open to all U.S. environmental companies wishing to expand business operations to South America and will feature high-quality, high-profile matchmaker meetings for each participant. Interested companies should contact Yvonne Jackson at 202-482-2675.
    • EX-IM Bank $1 Billion Program Ready to Finance U.S. Exports to Venezuela to Rebuild After Flood Damage. Private Venezuelan businesses may access the Ex-Im Bank program through U.S.-based commercial banks, through the U.S. Foreign Commercial Service at the U.S. Embassy in Caracas, or by calling Ex-Im Bank Business Development Officer Kenneth Gross at 202-565-3928. Venezuelan Government buyers may reach Ex-Im Bank through Venezuela's Ministry of Finance. The financing can be used to purchase U.S. goods and services for projects such as road building, emergency housing, potable water provision, and hazardous waste and sewage disposal.
    • Enviro-Pro Expo Mexico, September 26-28, 2000. Don’t miss Mexico’s largest and most important environmental conference and exhibition. The exhibition highlights the air pollution, solid and hazardous waste, and water industry sectors. Enviro-Pro is certified by the U.S. Department of Commerce to organize the U.S. pavilion for U.S. exhibitors at the show. The U.S. Embassy in Mexico City, in conjunction with the Office of Environmental Technologies Exports in Washington, D.C., will be organizing international business activities for U.S. participants in the show. To learn more about these activities contact Ellen Zeytoun, U.S. Department of Commerce 202-482-0359. For exhibit information, contact Mercedes de la Cruz of E.J. Krause and Associates at (301) 493-5500.
    • Latin American Export Market Plans (EMPs) - ETE has thorough environmental market information for Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Venezuela. They are available on the ETE Home Page at www.environment.ita.doc.gov, or by calling 202-482-5225.

    Other News

    ETE Supports International Activities/Exhibits at 4 Upcoming Major Trade Shows:

    Enviro-Expo, Boston May 9-11:

    ETE will be at Enviro Expo, a show that features over 400 booths and over 7,000 attendees. Come visit ETE in booth # 919 as we will be providing on-site, one-on-one business counseling. ETE is working in partnership with the Vermont Chamber of Commerce to organize a visit to the United States of environmental businessmen from Asia, May 7-13, 2000. The delegation will attend the Enviro Expo trade show in Boston, May 9-10, and then travel to Vermont for a series of site visits and customized seminars. (Contact: George Litman at (202) 482-0560)

    WasteExpo 2000, Atlanta, May 16-18:

    ETE will have an exhibition booth (booth #5077) at the largest solid waste industry trade show in the U.S. ETE will also be sponsoring its Ecolinks Seminar Wednesday, May 17 from 1-5 PM at WasteExpo 2000 to help you gain market entry into the Central and Eastern European, NIS/Russian environmental markets. (Contact: Anne Novak at (202) 482-8178).

    American Water Works Association (AWWA) Conference, Denver, June 11-15:

    ETE will be located at exhibition booth #111. See page 3 of this newsletter for more detailed information on international events. (Contact: Ellen Zeytoun at (202) 482-0359)

    Air & Waste Management Association Conference, Salt lake City, June 18-22:

    ETE will also have an exhibition booth at the Air & Waste Management Association Conference and Exhibition to provide business counseling and market research to companies interested in exporting these technologies overseas. (Contact: Jane Siegel at (202) 482-0617)

    Environmental Finance Seminar in Boston, May 31. If you have missed the four previous “Tools to Finance the Export of Environmental Goods and Services” seminars sponsored by the U.S. Department of Commerce, there is still time to attend the last one scheduled for this year in Boston, Massachusetts, May 31, 2000. The seminar will provide “hands-on” training on how to access and use government finance programs to export environmental technologies. This year’s seminars have been held in Fairfax, Virginia; Houston, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia, and Seattle, Washington. For information on the upcoming Boston event, contact George Litman at 202-482-0560.

    U.S. Industry & Trade Outlook 2000, Available Now !! At 950-plus pages, This report is the most up-to-date, comprehensive, and revealing portrait of U.S. industry available today. This report has a history as the favored source of information for economists, business analysts, and researchers. It provides timely analysis of the major U.S. industries in 54 chapters, industry-specific outlooks for international trade, and 650 easy-to-read tables and charts. The environmental sector is thoroughly covered in chapter 20. As an added convenience, users may purchase and download individual chapters of the Outlook from the NTIS Web site at http://www.ntis.gov/industry-trade-chapters.htm. Chapter cost is $10-25 each. The Outlook 2000 is available in both print or CD-ROM format from NTIS, 1-800-553-NTIS. Order online at http://www.ntis.gov/industry-trade.htm.

    Revised ETE Home Page (www.environment.ita.doc.gov). New graphics. New features. And a new URL. Check out the new and improved ETE home page at www.environment.ita.doc.gov. We have added several items such as trade leads and tariff information, and have expanded our section on Finance. In addition, we added a non-tariff barrier form that allows you to provide your input for the U.S. Government for future trade negotiations.

    Global Technology Network (www.usgtn.org)

    The Global Technology Network (GTN) assists the U.S. business community in gaining access to global environmental and energy markets by providing trade leads and market information from the developing world, free of charge. The GTN currently has database access to U.S. environmental firms covering over 600 different sub-sectors within the environmental industry. Since 1994, GTN reports 90 environmental deals worth $67,145,000 for U.S. firms. A small travel grants program is also available to support U.S. firms pursuing these GTN trade leads. (Contact: Kara Wyrsch at 202-466-4227, or www.usgtn.org).


    The Environmental Technologies Exports office is in the process of updating its database. A listing in our database will enable us to contact you about trade leads, trade missions, and other trade promotion activities. If you are interested in being included in our database, or if current information about your company needs to be updated, please fill out the information below. Thank you for your cooperation.

    Environmental Technologies Exports Contact Profile

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