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Sludge Disposal of Wastewater Treatment Plant in Turkey
The long delayed, long running Izmir Big Canal Project is moving ahead, again. Some collectors and related equipment have been installed and the water treatment plant has been tendered once more. The facility will begin operations at limited levels late September 1999. Initially, the facility will operate at one third of its capacity. The Izmir Water and Sewerage Administration (IZSU) will need to dispose of a large volume of sludge, which will pass through the treatment plant. IZSU has announced a prequalification leading to the tender.

Interested companies are invited to submit proposals for the final designs and construction for the anaerobic sludge digestion wastewater treatment plant. Capacity of the wastewater treatment plant is as follows:
The existing sludge de-watering process at the Izmir wastewater treatment plant includes sludge holding tanks, which hold primary and secondary sludge; polyelectolite preparation units; mechanical thickeners (de-watering tables), which de-water sludge to 6% dry content; and belt presses which further de-water sludge to 30% dry content. The digestion process is proposed for sludge de-watered to 6% dry content in the mechanical thickeners.

The tender will be open to all experienced international and/or local contractors and joint ventures capable of performing such work. Applicants should provide relevant past experience, current resources, financial and technical capacity, etc. that demonstrate proficiency and performance for the design and implementation of all work including but not limited to civil, mechanical, and electrical work. Prequalified applicants will be asked to submit bids along with conceptual designs according to the tender documents.

1. IZSU may ask prequalified companies to include financing packages with their bids.

2. Prequalification documents may be obtained by paying a nonrefundable fee of 100 million Turkish Lira (approximately USD 235) to the bank account cited below.

3. If requested, CS Izmir will purchase and send the bidding documents via courier for an additional charge of USD 250 (a total of USD 485). Payment may be made in advance via check or, for quicker response, by American Express credit card (with authorization via fax message). In addition, CS Izmir will assist interested U.S. companies to contact IZSU officials and to locate potential Turkish partners.

4. Interested companies must submit three (3) sets of applications, prepared in both Turkish and English, to IZSU at the address provided below not later than September 2, 1999.
Ordu Cad. No: 104, 35370 Yesilyurt, Izmir, Turkey

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