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Grant for Shanghai Municipal Solid Waste Project
TDA Technical Assistance Grant


Shanghai Municipal Solid Waste Project

Background and Project Description

The Municipality of Shanghai applied to the World Bank for a $700 million adaptable program loan (APL), to partially fund the three phases of the Shanghai Urban Environmental Project (SHUEP). The municipal government would supply the remaining funds for the SHUEP. Phase I (2002-2007), for which a feasibility study has already taken place, is focused on water and wastewater treatment. It uses $250 million of the APL. Phase II (2003-2008), for which Shanghai requested a technical assistance grant, is focused on solid waste management and disposal. This phase is also expected to use $250 million. Phase III (2005- ) will examine urban infrastructure upgrading, urban environment improvement, and institutional strengthening. This final phase use the remaining $200 million of the World Bank loan.

China’s urban growth and economic development are resulting in widespread pollution in cities and towns. With approximately 17 million people, Shanghai is no exception. In response to tougher national environmental regulations and enforcement, the Shanghai Municipal Government is embarking on a wide-ranging series of infrastructure projects to improve its capacity to manage and treat pollution. During the Tenth Five Year Plan (FYP), Shanghai will strengthen its environmental protection; improve its urban infrastructure; and conduct solid waste minimizing, recycling, and safe disposal projects. The overall framework of the SHUEP project has been shaped through repeated studies and discussions among the various relevant agencies of the Shanghai Municipal Government. This framework complies with Shanghai’s Tenth FYP and the Shanghai General Master Plan and is consistent with the basic requirements of master plans in environmental protection areas. Phase II of the SHUEP examines numerous projects, including:

The main objectives of TDA’s technical assistance grant are to help the Shanghai City Appearance and Environmental Sanitation Administration Bureau, a unit of the Shanghai Municipal Government, prepare the project for application for the second tranche of money from the APL. The consultant will review and analyze the proposed components to meet the World Bank’s loan application requirements. This is the first loan of this type in China and it is closely linked to setting and achieving broad development goals – not just the construction of urban infrastructure. Achievement of these broad development goals necessitates a large program of technical assistance and related support to the Shanghai Municipal Government. The final report is to be submitted to the World Bank in March 2003.

Interested companies, contact TDA’s Mark Dunn at 703-875-4357 or mdunn@tda.gov . For more information about opportunities for environmental technology companies in China, please contact DOC’s Susan Simon at Susan.Simon@mail.doc.gov in the Office of Environmental Technologies Industries.

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