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New Treatment Facility for Vancouver's Water Supply
SUMMARY: The Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD) has announced plans to build a $145 million ozone disinfection facility at the Capilano watershed, which supplies 40% of Greater Vancouver’s drinking water. The new facility is designed as part of an effort to bring Vancouver’s water supply into compliance with federal and provincial standards regarding potential waterborne diseases, bacterial levels, turbidity and corrosion. In addition to the treatment facility, the GVRD is also building a $16 million clay blanket and cutoff wall at the nearby Cleveland Dam. The Capilano and Cleveland Dam projects offer excellent export opportunities to US firms specializing in water treatment equipment. End Summary

BACKGROUND: In response to concerns that the quality of Vancouver’s drinking water supply fails to meet federal standards, the GVRD has mandated the construction of a $145 million ozone-based water treatment facility. Plans for the new facility include the construction of an ozone generation plant, corrosion control facilities, a chlorination building, a pumping station and an electrical substation. The new facility will treat water with ozone and a mixture of sodium carbonate and carbon dioxide in order to eliminate the presence of microorganisms such as giardia and cryptosporidium. Once the ozone process is complete, chlorine will be added to the water as a secondary disinfectant. The first phase of the Capilano project, set to begin in summer 2001 and be completed in 2003, involves the construction of the above-mentioned facilities in addition to a contact basin and an underground reservoir. In the second phase, set to begin in 2015, Capilano water will be pumped for treatment at the nearby Seymour Filtration Plant and be returned to Capilano for distribution.

In addition to the Capilano treatment facility, the Greater Vancouver Regional District is also currently building an 870-ft long, 10-ft thick extension to the clay blanket that lines the east reservoir of the Cleveland Dam, as well as a cutoff wall to reduce seepage at the dam. Construction of the clay blanket and cutoff wall is underway and will be completed by May 2002.

OPPORTUNITIES FOR US FIRMS: The Capilano watershed project offers numerous export opportunities to US firms. Water treatment equipment such as pumps, pipes, pipe compressors and geotextiles for underground work are especially needed for this project. Opportunities also exist for suppliers of ozone-based water treatment equipment. American firms should act now to benefit from this dynamic project.

The Commercial Service of the U.S. Department of Commerce offers a number of excellent programs to help export-ready companies identify and secure relationships with quality distributors in foreign markets. The Gold Key Service, in particular, can help U.S. manufacturers identify qualified foreign distributors. Through this customized program, the Commercial Service arranges appointments for U.S. companies with pre-screened distributors (and/or other contacts identified by the client) whose interests and objectives match those of the U.S. manufacturer. Whether U.S. companies are looking for representatives, distributors, government contacts, licensing partners, joint venture partners or starting a wholly owned company, the Gold Key Service can be extremely helpful when entering new markets. In addition to the Gold Key Service, the Commercial Service offers a number of other services/resources (including market research, agent/distributor searches, and corporate matchmaking) to assist U.S. companies entering new markets. The Commercial Service in Canada can be contacted at the following telephone numbers: Vancouver, (604) 642-6679; Calgary, (403) 265-2116; Ottawa, (613) 238-4470; Toronto, (416) 595-5414; Montreal, (514) 398-0673; Quebec City, (418) 692-2087; Halifax, (902) 429-2482. As well, the Commercial Service is on the World Wide Web at: www.usatrade.gov

The Canadian market, in particular represents a good "first step" for U.S. small to medium sized enterprises (SME) seeking a new and exciting opportunity, and we welcome the chance to assist you. Think "Canada First!

For more information contact:

Cheryl Schell
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