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July/August 2001

I. ADB NEWS (News Releases/Policies/Publications related to the environment during the month).

ADB Registration for Consultants Now a Requirement… Consulting Firms are now required to register on the bank’s DACON (Data on Consultants) system. Beginning August, ADB will no longer consider unregistered firms for shortlisting. Having firms register on the system will greatly contribute to the smoother processing of bid evaluations, contract negotiations and contracting. Once registered, firms should update their records every two years at most to ensure that the firm’s most recent experiences are reflected and its contact information is current. Shortlisting…During the shortlisting process, when evaluating expressions of interest (EOI), ADB will consider only the experience of the lead firm. Although firms may associate freely with any other firm from an ADB member country, ADB will concentrate on the lead firm’s credentials when considering them for shortlisting.
Multi-discipline Registration…Diversified consulting firms can maximize their chances of working with ADB, under the bank’s new ruling that allows specialized divisions or departments of firms to register separately through DACON, in addition to the parent organization’s general registration. This new ruling allows consulting firms to better manage ADB’s quota system (3 shortlistings on technical assistance projects per year). The divisions registering must be able to show separate project experiences. Asian Environment Outlook (AEO), 2001. A new publications available through the ADB Environment Division. It contains analysis and a blueprint for stopping the environmental decline in Asia. It includes policy analysis, touching on environmental and economic development policies and their impacts on the environment, and insight into the current state of the environment in Asia. The US-AEP was a collaborator in this initiative. Please contact me if you are interested in a copy of the publication.

Regional Vehicle Emission Reduction TA. The 2nd Workshop under this TA will be held in Hanoi, Vietnam, September 5-7, focused on the Reduction of Emissions from 2-3 Wheelers. US-AEP, as a coordinating partner, will fund 14 participants (India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Sri Lanka) and provide speakers from US EPA. The 3rd Workshop will be held in China in November 2001 focused on Vehicle Inspection Systems.

Private Firm Will Improve Drinking Water in the Vietnam Commercial Capital. (August 7, 2001). ADB approved a $106 million loan package for the Thu Duc BOT Water Treatment Project, together with four financial institutions, to provide water to Ho Chi Minh City. The Lyonnaise Vietnam Water Company (French, Malay and Belgium ownership), under a 25-year BOT contract will construct a treatment plant with daily capacity of 300,000 cubic meters and 26.1 km of transmission pipe. This is the largest BOT water treatment project in Vietnam. Total cost of the project is estimated to be $154 million. The ADB is providing a $31 million loan through the Private Sector Group. (ADB News Release, No. 082/01).

Independent Inspection of Samut Prakarn Wastewater Treatment Project in Thailand. In July, the ADB Board of Directors authorized an independent panel of outside experts to review the wastewater project, at the request of specific local residents to assure that ADB complied with its own policies and procedures. This is the first inspection authorized by ADB. The Terms of Reference was open to comment by the public.


Regional Technical Assistance on Promotion of Renewable Energy, and Energy Efficiency and Greenhouse Gas Abatement Projects (PREGA) -- The Regional TA that may exceed $6 million covers 14 countries and was approved in January 2001, with co-financing from the Dutch, and possibly Norway and Canada. The RETA will enable selected DMCs to increase access to energy services by stimulating the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency, which will result in reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and improve environmental sustainability of investments. Status: Three long-term (3 year) individual international consultants have been selected and will begin work at ADB around August-October to develop project opportunities throughout the region. There will be additional opportunities for short-term international consultants in the coming months. The ADB Project Officers composing the Core Management Team are Ely Ouano, Aminual Huq (handling East divisions) and Samuel Tumiwa (handling West divisions).

Ten Years After Rio: Promoting Subregional Cooperation for Sustainable Development in Asia & the Pacific. A $200,000 TA that includes preparation of subregional reports for WSSD in Southeast Asia and Central Asia subregions. Status: Approval is expected by September 2001. The TA Paper is under preparation. Expressions of Interest (EOI’s) are currently being accepted. Project Officers: Edy Brotoisworo, Environment Division.

Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF). ADB is nearing approval of a $250,000 monetary contribution and a $250,000 in-kind contribution to be part of the Program Council for the PPIAF. The PPIAF supports studies on promoting private sector involvement in infrastructure. Actual selection of consultants for PPIAF studies is done through their office, based in Washington, DC. For more information on the PPIAF, visit their website: www.ppiaf.org.
III. Country Update – “Proposed” Projects listed in the Blue Book for July/August 2001.

Rural Development -- $25 Million loan in the early stages of development, to support rural infrastructure (roads, water supply), provision of social services and institutional strengthening. Status: Fact finding completed, loan appraisal in August. Loan to be considered for approval in November 2001. Project Officer: Alain Goffeau (632-6955).
    Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project -- $700,000 Project Preparatory TA (PPTA). Objective of the project is to help the Government achieve its development targets for rural water supply and sanitation (RWSS), and support its sector decentralization and reform initiatives. Status: Approved in July 2001. The shortlist is completed, composed of seven companies, including the U.S. firm, Associates in Rural Development (ARD). It is projected that the consultants would be in the field in late November. Project Officer: Sergei Popov: (63-2) 632-6187.

    B. CHINA

    China, People's Republic of
    Mudanjiang Water Supply – A $100 Million Loan to (i) alleviate the current severe raw water quality problems in Mudanjiang and Hailin and meet future water demands; (ii) improve public health by providing clean raw water; (iii) provide installed capacity of 60 megawatts (MW) of renewable hydroelectricity to the Heilongjiang provincial electricity grid for peaking power, (iv) promote long-term urban development in Mudanjiang and Hailin cities; (v) assist in institutional strengthening of the Mudanjiang Linhai General Water Supply Company (MLGWSC) for the commercial operation and maintenance of the new system; and (vi) promote tariff reforms to achieve full cost recovery. Status: Project still in the planning stage, awaiting acceptance by the Government to move forward. Project Officer: Mr. Sangay Penjor (63-2) 632-6298.
      Baotou Urban Development and Waste Management -- $600,000 Project Preparatory TA (PPTA) previously announced, has been canceled.
        Wuhan Wastewater Treatment -- $500,000 PPTA to prepare for 3-4 wastewater facilities anticipated to be funded by ADB loan is 2002. Status: TA awarded to Camp, Dresser, McKee (Cambridge, MA). Project Officer: Nancy Convard: (632-6812).
          Acid Rain Control and Environmental Improvement – $150 Million loan to formulate measures to reduce acid rain-causing gas emissions and support a subset of projects to promote cleaner production and reduce air pollution. Status: Approval by the ADB Board of Directors is anticipated in late November, 2001. Expressions of Interests are currently being accepted. Project Officer: P. Abeyagunawardena (632-6363).
            National Guidelines for Urban Wastewater Tariffs and Wastewater Management
              Study – $700,000 Advisory TA to improve urban wastewater management and enable further investment in wastewater infrastructure through the development of national guidelines for wastewater tariffs and tariff calculation. Status: Awaiting confirmation of bilateral cofinancing. Approval by the ADB Board of Directors and shortlisting is anticipated in early September. Expressions of Interest (EOI’s) are currently being accepted for a limited time. Project Officer: Nancy Convard (63-2) 632-6812.

            C. COOK ISLANDS

            Cook Islands
            Waste Management Project - $2.2 Million loan to facilitate sustainable and appropriate solid waste management practices in Rarotonga and Aitutaki. The Project includes the construction of engineered, environmentally sound landfills and a public awareness component. Status: Approved on July 17, 2001. Total project cost $3.1 million, due for completion in 2003. Project Officer: E. Gordon Fox (63-2) 632-5510.

            D. INDIA

            Gujarat Earthquake Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Project -- $500 Million loan. The scope of the Project comprises: (i) immediate rehabilitation support to fund social safety net; (ii) assistance for power sector rehabilitation; (iii) assistance for urban infrastructure rehabilitation; and (iv) assistance for the reconstruction of residential houses. Status: Approved on March 26, 2001. Currently being implemented and consultants already selected. Loan paper is available (contact our office for details). TA for Capacity Building for Earthquake Rehab. -- ($1.3 Million) is shortlisted. VA Polytechnic Institute & State University is shortlisted to submit a proposal in the end of August. Project Officer: Klaus Gerhaeusser (63-2) 632-5396.
              Taj Mahal Environmental Improvements Project -- $210 Million loan for environmental improvements in the Taj Trapezium Zone (TTZ), including air pollution, water supply, sanitation and drainage. Also includes monument restoration. Status: Advance Action approved in mid-June for recruitment of consultants and prequalification of contractors. Project Officer: Snimer K. Sahni (63-2) 632-6827.
                Integrated Urban Development in Madhya Pradesh -- $900,000 Project Preparatory TA to identify the highest priority investments in critically needed urban infrastructure and services including improvements in water supply, sewerage and drainage, solid waste management, roads/bridges, street lighting, traffic management and slum upgrading. Status: Approval expected in October/November. EOI’s currently being accepted. Project Officer: Sergei Popov (63-2) 632-6187.
                  Madhya Pradesh Integrated Water Resource Management Strategy -- $500,000 Advisory TA to provide a comprehensive strategy and action plan towards effective integrated water resources management (IWRM), under the directive of the State Government's primary policy objective of poverty reduction, emerging State Water Policy, and ADB's Water Policy. Status: Awaiting government concurrence. Currently accepting EOI’s, but shortlisting anticipated by the end of August, so EOI’s must be submitted soon. Project Officer: Kenichi Yokoyama (63-2) 632-6937.
                    Enhancing Private Sector Participation in Infrastructure Development at State Level -- $1.1 Million Advisory TA to assist the three selected states of India (Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka) address identified constraints to increased private sector participation (PSP) in infrastructure development in their respective states and facilitate project development. Status: TA is piggybacked to a loan. Board approval and shortlistings of the loan is anticipated in December, 2001. Expressions of Interests are being accepted. Project Officer: Renato M. Limjoco (63-2) 632-6490.
                    E. INDONESIA

                    Urban Poverty Reduction Sector – $800,000 Project Preparatory TA (PPTA) to assist the Government to identify and prepare a sector project for districts to establish urban poverty reduction systems and programs, in partnership with central Government, civil society and the private sector. The TA will require the services of 20 person-months of international consultants and 30 person-months of domestic consultants. Status: Approved on April 3, 2001. Project awarded to Research Triangle Institute (RTP, NC). Project Officer: Charles T. Andrews (63-2) 632-6731.
                      Local Government Infrastructure Development Facility -- $600,000 PPTA for the preparation and formulation of the Local Government Infrastructure Development Facility project. The project will promote good governance, facilitate private sector development, and enhance the capacity of the LGUs to prepare and bid infrastructure projects for private sector participation. Status: Approval anticipated in October/ November. EOI’s are currently being accepted. Project Officer: K. Decker 632-6767.
                        Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Sector -- $800,000 PPTA that will assist the Government in developing and implementing a water supply and sanitation delivery mechanism that will enable small communities in rural and peri-urban areas to develop, operate, and maintain water and sanitation systems appropriate to their needs. Status: Expressions of Interest (EOI’s) being accepted and no specific deadline has yet been set. Fact-finding mission in August 2001. Project Officer: Allen Williams (63-2) 632-6731.
                          Reform of Water Enterprises-- $600,000 Advisory TA to support the Government's water supply and sanitation sector policy and assist water utilities (10 PDAMs) in implementing reforms to establish sound business practices and procedures in compliance with a coherent policy and legal framework. The TA will also help Government to position itself as the regulator and administrator of the urban water supply and sanitation sector. Status: Beginning of Fact-finding Mission in September 2001. Project Officer: Ms. Almud Weitz (63-2) 632-6229.
                            Regulatory Framework for the Water Sector -- $500,000 Advisory TA to develop and implement a regulatory framework and establish regulatory bodies for the water sector. The Mission and TA will evaluate whether it will be national, provincial or local level for regulatory framework – still uncertain at this time. Status: Fact-finding Mission scheduled for August 2001. Project Officer: Karen Decker: (63-2) 632-6767.

                            F. KAZAKHSTAN

                            Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Sector – $40 Million loan to provide basic water supply & sanitation infrastructure services, including 100 subprojects of physical infrastructure and also consulting for institutional strengthening and project management. Implementing Agency: Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Protection. Status: Anticipate approval in September/October 2001. Project Officer: Peter Wallum (632-6846).
                            Institutional Strengthening for Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Services -- $650,000 Advisory TA piggybacked to the approval of the loan (above) to develop good practices and create the appropriate management systems for the smooth implementation of these services professional support to O&M services of water supply and sanitation (WSS) systems, developed under the loan. Status: Awaiting loan approval t move forward. Project Officer: Peter Wallum (63-2) -632-6846.

                            F. LAOS

                            Vientiane Urban Infrastructure and Services Project -- $37 Million loan composed of a $25 Million ADB loan, Government financing and a $4.4. Million bilateral cofinancing from the French. The project aims to support decentralization and urban governance reforms for community participatory approaches, and secondly, to target investments in infrastructure and services to maximize the utility of existing infrastructure focusing on secondary and tertiary level infrastructure including roads, drainage, solid waste, traffic management, etc. The project area covers a hundred urban villages. Implementing Agency: Vientiane Prefecture (Provincial Government). Consultancy: 76 person-months of international consultancy to assist in Project Implementation Management. Additional 65 person-months of international consultancy for capacity building. Status: Scheduled for approval by the ADB Board of Directors on August 23. Project Officer: Gulger Cezayirli (63-2) 632-6879.
                            Capacity Building for Environment and Social Management in Energy and Transport --$600,000 Advisory TA focused on the country strategy priority on sustainable environmental management, to include: (i) strengthening institutional capacity for policy implementation and regulatory enforcement, including social and environmental impact assessments; (ii) systematic consultations with all stakeholders on social and environmental issues, and increased transparency in environmental monitoring and assessment; (iii) support for river basin development. Status: Currently accepting EOI’s. Approval is anticipated in mid-September, with shortlisting in late September or early October. Project Officer: Eva Maria Mayerhofer (63-2) 632-6408.

                            H. PAKISTAN

                            Southern Punjab Basic Urban Services --$500,000 Project Preparatory TA to design a
                              Project to facilitate sustainable urban development in selected low-income communities in urban centers in the southern part of the Province, and develop a city/town level, sustainable and participatory approach to the severe environmental problems faced by the urban poor communities. Status: Preparing TA paper to be submitted for approval in mid-September/early October. Expressions of interest (EOI’s) are being accepted. Project Officer: William A. Costin (63-2) 632-5932.
                              Implementation of National Environment Strategy -- $300,000 Advisory TA to strengthen the capacity of the Federal and Provincial Governments and assist in the implementation of the National Environment Action Plan (NEAP) by developing a Strategic Action Plan for the programs and measures identified in the NEAP. Status: Accepting EOI’s, anticipate approval in the 4th Quarter. Project Officer: Ali M. Azimi 632-6819.

                              I. PHILIPPINES

                              Mindanao Basic Urban Services Sector Project -- $35 Million loan to upgrade and rehabilitate basic municipal infrastructure and services covering water supply, sanitation and sewerage, drainage and flood control, solid waste management, urban roads and bridges, public market and other public facilities. Status: Scheduled for ADB Board consideration and approval on September 25. Consulting Services: 130 person-months of the 644 total required will be provided under the Nordic Development Fund. Project Officer: KyeongAe Choe: (63-2) 632-6899.
                              Integrated Coastal Resources Management --$933,000 PPTA to promote adoption of an integrated approach for sustainable management of the coastal resources and related ecosystem, conserve coastal resources, control land-based pollution and siltation and reduce the extensive poverty in coastal areas by providing opportunities for increasing income and improving living standards of coastal communities and upland communities adjacent to the coastal areas. Status: Approved on August 2. EOIs are closed and shortlisting completed by early September. Project Officer: Weidong Zhou (63-2) 632-6938.
                                Metro Manila Urban Services for the Poor -- $800,000 Project Preparatory TA to assist the Government to (i) prepare a comprehensive, phased, prioritized metropolitan-wide 15-year plan for slum eradication and urban upgrading in Metro Manila; (ii) initiate a process for formulating LGU-level integrated urban development interventions in support of the strategy, including support for the transfer of national government lands to concerned local governments; (iii) prepare, for possible external funding, an investment package of high-priority components with strong economic and environmental justification. Status: Beginning of Fact-finding Mission: Jun 2001. Project Officer: Matthew Westfall 632-6747.
                                  Capacity Building for the Department of Housing and Urban Development -- $450,000 Advisory TA to improve the institutional capacity of Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC)/proposed new Department of Housing and Urban Development (DHUD) to plan, manage, monitor and evaluate delivery of essential basic services and housing programs in a cost-effective manner, while to develop appropriate approaches, systems and procedures for the planning and delivering of basic services and low-cost housing in a devolved set up. Status: Fact-finding to be scheduled, still at an early stage. Project Officer: KyeongAe Choe (63-2) 632-6899.
                                    Capacity Building for the Regulatory Office of MWSS -- $800,000 Advisory TA to help establish a Water Regulatory Commission and ensure the smooth and efficient operations of privatized water services by MWSS and local water utilities. The TA will establish fair and transparent regulatory mechanisms for specific regulatory functions and develop guidelines, handbooks, and resource databases of generic value. Status: Approved on August 8, EOI’s are being accepted for a few days only. Anticipate consultants in the field by November. Project Officer: Ms. Almud Weitz (63-2) 632-6229.
                                      MWSS TA Loan Project -- $5 Million loan to develop water resources for water supply to Metro Manila, which is forecasted to run short in 2005. The project involves preparatory activities (feasibility and bidding documents) for private sector participation in two water source projects. Status: Early planning stage. Likely to come up for approval in 2002.

                                      J. NEPAL

                                      Optimizing Water Use in Kathmandu Valley -- $775,000 Advisory TA to assist with (i) optimal management of water within Kathmandu Valley based on an accurate knowledge of all sources and all demands; and (ii) immediate improvements to the water supply situation in Kathmandu Valley. The TA is a high Government priority, as it is needed to complement the major development of the Melamchi Water Supply Project, which has been approved and is being worked on by Metcalf & Eddy (New Jersey). Status: Approved on August 7, 2001. TA has been shortlisted. Project Officer: Arthur C. McIntosh (63-2)-632-6839.
                                      K. SRI LANKA

                                      Sri Lanka
                                      Integrating Cleaner Production into Industrial Development - $800,000 Advisory TA was awarded to International Resources Group, Ltd. (Washington, DC). August, 2001.
                                      Secondary Towns Water Supply and Sanitation -- $945,000 PPTA was awarded to Coffey MPW Pty. Ltd (Manila, Philippines) in association with Ceywater Consultants Ltd. May, 2001.

                                      L. UZBEKISTAN

                                      Urban Infrastructure Project - $40.5 Million loan to improve the living and health conditions in the regional cities of Karshi, Djizzak, and Gulistan, where there are high proportions of poor people, through the improvement of basic infrastructure services. The Project consists of three components: water supply, heating and hot water, and capacity building and project management. Status: Scheduled for ADB Board consideration and approval on September 27. Project Officer: Amy S.P. Leung: (63-2) 632-6730.

                                      M. VIETNAM

                                      Second Red River Water Resources Sector Project -- $70 Million loan to improve agricultural performance of poorer communities through sustainable improvements in irrigation, better drainage, watershed protection and flood protection, within a framework of integrated water resource management in the Red River basin. Part A includes (a) capacity building for the Red River Basin Organization, (b) public awareness and education programs, (c) pilot water licensing systems, (d) water quality monitoring network, and (e) project management support. Status: Scheduled for ADB Board consideration and approval on September 20. Advance Action for recruitment of consultants was approved on June 5, allowing consultants shortlists and processing prior to official loan approval. Project Officer: Wouter T. Lincklaen Arriens (63-2) 632-6754.
                                        Third Provincial Towns Water Supply and Sanitation -- $60 Million loan for the design, development and delivery of water supply and sanitation services to 6 provincial towns in southern Vietnam. Status: MOU signed. Anticipating Board approval by December 2001. Will likely contain cofinancing from the French government. Project Officer: Xiaoyan Ye (63-2) 632-6418.

                                        III. Tables (Following: Project Tracking; Shortlisted Companies; Procurement Leads)
                                        ADB BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES
                                        July and August 2001

                                        NEW “PROPOSED” ENVIRONMENT PROJECTS
                                        US-AEPCountryProject NameProject Type/ No.Executing AgencyAmount
                                        ($ '000)StatusADB Project Officer
                                        AzerbaijanBasic Infrastructure Development in Secondary TownsPPTA/35087-01
                                        State Committee on Architecture and Construction, House of Government740.0
                                        Fact-Finding in Field: 12 Jul 2001
                                        Lyaziza G. Sabyrova
                                        (63-2) 632-6739
                                        LaosNorthern Community-Managed Irrigation SectorPPTA/34188-01Department of Irrigation700Fact-Finding in Field: 11 Jun 2001 Toshio Kondo
                                        (63-2) 632-6779
                                        MaldivesRegional Development Project Phase IIPPTA/ 33218-01Ministry of Finance and Treasury600 Fact-finding Mission: Jul 2001.Nayana Mawilmada (63-2) 632-6483
                                        XThailandNorth-Northeast Region Area DevelopmentPPTA/33328-01National Economic and Social Development Board1,000
                                        Fact-finding Mission: Nov 2001.Graham S. Jackson
                                        (63-2) 632-5939
                                        XViet NamCentral Region Urban Development and Housing FinancePPTA/34355-01
                                        Ministry of Construction
                                        900Beginning of Fact-finding Mission: Aug 2001.Alfredo Perdiguero (63-2) 632-6828
                                        XIndiaMadhya Pradesh Integrated Water Resource Management StrategyAOTA/35045-01Water Resource Department500Fact-Finding Mission Completed: 11 May 2001Kenichi Yokohama
                                        (63-2) 632-6937
                                        XIndonesiaRegulatory Framework for the Water SectorAOTA/35142-01Directorate General of Urban and Rural Development500Beginning of Fact-Finding Mission: Sep 2001Karen Decker
                                        (63-2) 632-6767
                                        LaosCapacity Building for Social and Environmental Management in Transport and EnergyAOTA/35010-01Science Technology and Environment Agency 600Beginning of Fact-Finding Mission: Jun 2001Naseem Ahmad
                                        (63-2) 632-6789
                                        PakistanImplementation of National Environment StrategyAOTA/35056-01Ministry of Environment, Local Government and Rural Development300Fact-Finding Mission Completed: 24 Apr 2001Ali Azimi
                                        (63-2) 632-6819
                                        AsiaClean Air Initiative for Asian CitiesRETA/35272-01Asian Development Bank150Submission for Pres.s Consideration: Jul 2001.Charles M. Melhuish
                                        (63-2) 632-6803
                                        US-AEPCountryProject NameProject Type/ No.Executing AgencyAmount
                                        (US$ Million)StatusADB Project Officer
                                        XViet NamSecond Red River
                                        Water Resources (Sector)LOAN/ 330292-01Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development70
                                        Appraisal completed 15 Jun 2001
                                        W.T. Arriens
                                        (63-2) 632-6754
                                          ChinaEfficient Utilization of Agricultural Wastes for Sustainable Rural Development (MOA)
                                          LOAN/ 33443-01Ministry of Agriculture35.0Appraisal Completed: 16 Jun 2001Yee Yuen Loh
                                          (63-2) 632-6952

                                        Rural DevelopmentLOAN/34207-01Ministry of Rural Development25.0
                                        Fact-Finding in Field: 2 Jul 2001Alain Goffeau
                                        (6-32) 632-6955

                                        ADB BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES

                                        “APPROVED” PROJECTS
                                        US-AEPCountryProject NameProject No.Amount
                                        (US$ Million)Approval Date
                                        ChinaTianjin Wastewater Treatment and Water Resources ProtectionLOAN/179713012/11/00
                                        xIndiaCalcutta Environmental ImprovementLOAN/181325012/19/00
                                        xIndonesiaMarine and Coastal Resources ManagementLOAN/17705010/26/00
                                        Melamchi Water Supply LOAN/182012012/21/00
                                        PNGProvincial Towns Water Supply and SanitationLOAN/181215.312/14/00

                                        TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE
                                        US-AEPCountryProject NameProject No.Amount
                                        (US$ '000)Approval Date
                                        ChinaHarbin Water SupplyPPTA/357172012/12/00
                                        ChinaTA Cluster for Transjurisdiction Environmental ManagementAOTA/35882,20012/11/00
                                        XEast TimorEnvironmental Assessment Capacity ImprovementAOTA/3501250
                                        KazakhstanRural Water Supply SectorPPTA/357260012/12/00
                                        LaosNam Ngum River Basin DevelopmentPPTA/354485011/14/00
                                        LaosStrengthening the Social and Environmental Management in the Road SectorAOTA/355720012/07/00
                                        PNGCommunity Water Transport ProjectPPTA/361558012/21/00
                                        XSri LankaSecondary Towns Water Supply and SanitationPPTA/35871,00012/15/00
                                        TajikistanCapacity Building for Environmental Assessment and Monitoring AOTA/361460012/21/00
                                        XThailandSolid Waste Management SectorPPTA/357015012/14/00
                                        XThailandCapacity Building for Regional Environmental Management AOTA/356190012/08/00
                                        XThailandMae Moh Environmental EvaluationAOTA/358350012/14/00
                                        XVietnamCapacity Building for Water Resources ManagementAOTA/35283,80010/30/00
                                        XAsiaRegional Environmental Action Plan in Central AsiaRETA/593450007/19/00

                                        ADB PROCUREMENT NOTICES (July/August)
                                        CountryLoan #Project TitleItems to be ProcuredBid DeadlineExecuting Agency
                                          Cambodia1725Provincial Towns Improvement ProjectConstruction of: 5,700 m3/d wastewater treatment plant comprising inlet works, anaerobic, facultative, and maturation ponds, and wetlands
                                          --5.6 km trunk sewers 300 through 600 mm
                                          --7.7 km collector sewers 200 and 250 mm
                                          --43.0 km lateral sewers 150 through 200mm --3,300 service connections
                                          --operation and maintenance office and storage facilities,.Invitation issued by December, 2001
                                          China1336Beijing Environment Improvement- Package No. 1: Tri-generation of Power, Heating and Cooling System
                                          - Package No. 2: Regulator-Detecting LaboratorySep. 17, 2001China International Tendering Company
                                          Fax No. 8610-6831-6696
                                          Tel No. 8610-6840-4404
                                          China1636Fuzhou Water Supply and
                                          Wastewater Treatment Project
                                          1. The Complete Equipment 1 set of Aquazar V Filter
                                          2. DN100-DN300 Ductile Iron Pipes
                                          3. DN400-DN1000 Ductile Iron Pipes
                                          4. DN100-DN1000 Ductile Iron Pipes
                                          5. Cement & SteelOct. 15, 2001China National Industrial Machinery Import and Export Company
                                          Fax No. 68991200
                                          Tel. No. 68991220,
                                          Contact Person: Ms. Li Xin or Mr. Zeng Yaode
                                        India1704Karnataka Urban Development and Coastal Environmental Management Project
                                        - Water Supply and Distribution Schemes:
                                        - Sewerage and sewage treatment schemes
                                        - Effluent outfalls
                                        - Sewage and sludge treatment works, including both new works and upgrading existing works- Sewage pumping stations and pumping mains, about 50 nos.
                                        - Sewers, about 340 kms.Sept. 15, 2001Karnataka Urban Infrastructure Development & Finance
                                        Corp. Ltd.
                                        Tel: (0091) (080) 2232021
                                        Fax: (0091) 080) 2232157

                                        FOR MORE INFORMATION:

                                        1) Visit the ADB WEBSITE – www.adb.org

                                        2) Contact the U.S. Commercial Liaison Office for the ADB
                                        25th Floor, Ayala Life-FGU Center
                                        6811 Ayala Avenue, Makati City
                                        Metro Manila 1226, Philippines
                                        Telephone: (63-2) 887-1345
                                        Facsimile: (63-2) 887-1164
                                        Senior Commercial Officer, Stewart Ballard, Email: stewart.ballard@mail.doc.gov
                                        Commercial Environmental Specialist (US-AEP) Stacy Bonnaffons, Email: stacy.bonnaffons@mail.doc.gov
                                        Commercial Specialist, Cecile Santos, Email: cecile.santos@mail.doc.gov
                                        US-AEP Assistant, Rose Bendana, Email: rose.bendana@mail.doc.gov

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