Import Administration
Steel Wire Rope from Japan (A-588-045)

Scope Description:

54 FR 38541
September 19, 1989

Scope of the Review

The United States has developed a system of tariff classification based on
(Cite as: 54 FR 38541, *38542)the international harmonized system of customs nomenclature. On January 1, 1989, the United States fully converted to the Harmonized Tariff Schedule ("HTS"), as provided for in section 1201 et seq. of the Omnibus Trade and Competitiveness Act of 1988. All merchandise entered, or withdrawn from warehouse, for consumption on or after that date is now classified solely according to the appropriate HTS item number(s).

Imports covered by this review are shipments of steel wire rope, except brass electroplated steel truck tire cord of cable construction specifically packaged for protection against moisture and atmosphere. During the period of review such merchandise was classifiable under item numbers 642.1200, 642.1400,642.1500, 642.1600 and 642.1700 of the Tariff Schedules of the United States Annotated. This merchandise is currently classifiable under HTS item numbers 73.12.1060, 73.12.1080, 73.12.1090 and 73.12.0050. The HTS item numbers are provided for convenience and Customs Service purposes. The written description remains dispositive.