Import Administration
Lightweight Thermal Paper from People's Republic Of China (C-570-921)

Scope Description:

The merchandise covered by this order includes certain lightweight thermal paper, which is thermal paper with a basis weight of 70 grams per square meter (g/m2) (with a tolerance of 4.0 g/m2) or less; irrespective of dimensions;/FN1/ with or without a base coat /FN2/ on one or both sides; with thermal active coating(s) /FN3/ on one or both sides that is a mixture of the dye and the developer that react and form an image when heat is applied; with or without a top coat; /FN4/ and without an adhesive backing. Certain lightweight thermal paper is typically (but not exclusively) used in point-of-sale applications such as ATM receipts, credit card receipts, gas pump receipts, and retail store receipts. The merchandise subject to this order may be classified in the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (“HTSUS”) under subheadings 4811.90.9035, 4811.90.9080, 4811.59.2000, 4820.10.20, 4823.40.0000, 3703.10.60, 4811.90.8030, 4811.90.8040, 4811.90.8050, 4811.90.9030, 4811.90.9050, and 4811.90.9090. Although HTSUS subheadings are provided for convenience and customs purposes, the written description of the scope of this order is dispositive.

/FN1/ LWTP is typically produced in jumbo rolls that are slit to the specifications of the converting equipment and then converted into finished slit rolls. Both jumbo and converted rolls (as well as LWTP in any other form, presentation, or dimension) are covered by the scope of this order.
/FN2/ A base coat, when applied, is typically made of clay and/or latex and like materials and is intended to cover the rough surface of the paper substrate and to provide insulating value.
/FN3/ A thermal active coating is typically made of sensitizer, dye, and co-reactant.
/FN4/ A top coat, when applied, is typically made of polyvinyl acetone, polyvinyl alcohol, and/or like materials and is intended to provide environmental protection, an improved surface for press printing, and/or wear protection for the thermal print head.
/FN5/ HTSUS subheading 4811.90.8000 was a classification used for LWTP until January 1, 2007. Effective that date, subheading 4811.90.8000 was replaced with 4811.90.8020 (for gift wrap, a non-subject product) and 4811.90.8040 (for “other” including LWTP). HTSUS subheading 4811.90.9000 was a classification for LWTP until July 1, 2005. Effective that date, subheading 4811.90.9000 was replaced with 4811.90.9010 (for tissue paper, a non-subject product) and 4811.90.9090 (for “other,” including LWTP).

Scope Rulings Made Between January 1, 2012, and March 31, 2012
Requestor: Paper Resources, LLC.; certain lightweight thermal paper (``LWTP'') converted into smaller LWTP rolls in the PRC, from jumbo LWTP rolls produced in certain third countries, is not within the scope of the antidumping duty and countervailing duty orders; March 23, 2012.