Import Administration
Folding Gift Boxes from People's Republic Of China (A-570-866)

Scope Description:

The products covered by the order are certain folding gift boxes. Folding gift boxes are a type of folding or knock-down carton manufactured from paper or paperboard. Folding gift boxes are produced from a variety of recycled and virgin paper or paperboard materials, including, but not limited to, clay-coated paper or paperboard and kraft (bleached or unbleached) paper or paperboard. The scope of the order excludes gift boxes manufactured from paper or paperboard of a thickness of more than 0.8 millimeters, corrugated paperboard, or paper mache. The scope of the order also excludes those gift boxes for which no side of the box, when assembled, is at least nine inches in length.

Folding gift boxes included in the scope of the order are typically decorated with a holiday motif using various processes, including printing, embossing, debossing, and foil stamping, but may also be plain white or printed with a single color. The subject merchandise includes folding gift boxes, with or without handles, whether finished or unfinished, and whether in one-piece or multi-piece configuration. One-piece gift boxes are die-cut or otherwise formed so that the top, bottom, and sides form a single, contiguous unit. Two-piece gift boxes are those with a folded bottom and a folded top as separate pieces. Folding gift boxes are generally packaged in shrink-wrap, cellophane, or other packaging materials, in single or multi-box packs for sale to the retail customer. The scope of the order excludes folding gift boxes that have a retailer's name, logo, trademark or similar company information printed prominently on the box's top exterior (such folding gift boxes are often known as “not-for-resale” gift boxes or “give-away” gift boxes and may be provided by department and specialty stores at no charge to their retail customers). The scope of the order also excludes folding gift boxes where both the outside of the box is a single color and the box is not packaged in shrink-wrap, cellophane, other resin-based packaging films, or paperboard.

Imports of the subject merchandise are classified under Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (“HTSUS”) subheadings 4819.20.0040 and 4819.50.4060. These subheadings also cover products that are outside the scope of the order. Furthermore, although the HTSUS subheadings are provided for convenience and customs purposes, our written description of the scope of the order is dispositive.

Scope Rulings Made Between July 1, 2013, and September 30, 2013

Requestor: Procter & Gamble Inc.; Gucci brand gift boxes are not within the scope of the antidumping duty order as they meet the thickness exclusion language; August 19, 2013.

Scope Rulings Completed Between January 1, 2009, and March 31, 2009

Requestor: Footstar; four boxes for business cards and forms (length x width: 5 x 3.5; 7 x 3.5; 12.125 x 3.5; and 11 x 8.5) are outside the scope of the antidumping duty order; February 9, 2009.

Requestor: Hallmark Cards, Inc.; the ``FunZip'' gift presentation is within the scope of the antidumping duty order; March 17, 2009.