Import Administration
Brass Sheet & Strip from Brazil (C-351-604)

Scope Description:

The merchandise covered by this order is brass sheet and strip, other than leaded brass and tin brass sheet and strip. This merchandise is currently classifiable under item numbers 7409.21.00 and 7409.29.00 of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS). The HTS item numbers are provided for convenience and Customs purposes. The chemical composition of the products under review are currently defined in the Copper Development Association (C.D.A.) 200 series or the United Numbering Systems (U.N.S.) C20000 series. Products whose chemical compositions are defined by other C.D.A. or U.N.S. series are not covered by this order. The physical dimensions of the products covered by the order are brass sheet and strip of solid rectangular cross section over 0.006 inches (0.15 millimeters) through 0.188 inches (4.8 millimeters) in finished thickness or gauge, regardless of width. Coiled, wound on reels (traverse wound) and cut- to-length products are included. The written description remains dispositive.