Import Administration
Greig Polyester Cotton Print Cloth from People's Republic of China (A-570-101)

Scope Description:

Imports covered by this order are shipments of greige polyester/cotton printcloth, other than 80 x 80 type. Greige polyester/cotton printcloth is unbleached and uncolored printcloth. The term “printcloth” refers to plain woven fabric, not napped, not fancy or figured, of single yarn, not combed, of average yarn number 26 to 40, weighing not more than 6 ounces per square yard, of a total count of more than 85 yarns per square inch, of which the total count of the warp yarns per inch and the total count of the filling yarns per inch are each less than 62 percent of the total count of the warp and filling yarns per square inch. This merchandise is currently classifiable under Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) item The HTS item number is provided for convenience and Customs purposes. The written description remains dispositive.