Current Issues Affecting U.S. Textile and Apparel Exporters

Turkey requires exporter registry and imposes additional duty on imported footwear
Last Update: 08/18/2014

A Ministry of Economy communique published in the official gazette (resmi gazete) no. 29072 on July 26, 2014 states that products in HS chapter 64 (footwear) have been added to the list of products subjected to Communique 2010/1, regarding import registration. As of August 10, 2014, an “Exporter Registry Form” is required of footwear suppliers shipping to Turkey.

See the Ministry of Economy communique (in Turkish) at:

Turkish Ministry of Economy decree 2014/6692 published in the official gazette no. 29076 on August 2, 2014 imposes an additional duty of 30-50 percent on footwear (with a minimum of $3-$5 per pair). All products with HS numbers 64.01, 64.02, 64.03, 64.04, 64.05, 64.06, 6406.10.10.0000 and 6406. are subject to the decree. The additional duty is not applicable to footwear originating in countries in columns 1 (EU countries, EFTA countries, Israel, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Morocco, West Bank and Gaza, Tunisia, Egypt, Georgia, Albania, Jordan, Chile, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo), 2 (South Korea), and 3 (Mauritius).

Decision Number: 2014/6692 02.08.2014-29076 Official Gazette (in Turkish):