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Signed up to safe harbor 09/15/2008 10:11:15 AM
Next certification 09/15/2009
EU/EEA Countries From Which Personal Information Is Received: Cyprus, Finland, Hungary, Latvia, Malta, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Czech Republic, France, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Netherlands, Romania, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Lithuania, Norway, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Slovenia
Industry Sector: Computer Services - (CSV) Computer Software - (CSF) Computer & Peripherals - (CPT)
Personal Information Received From the EU: LDM GLOBAL LDM is a premier information management and litigation support solutions provider - specialising in data recovery, computer forensics, large scale electronic and paper based disclosure services and international projects. Protecting the privacy of our clients is of paramount importance to LDM GLOBAL. LDM GLOBAL adheres to the Safe Harbor Agreement concerning the transfer of personal data from the European Union ("EU") to the United States of America. Accordingly, LDM GLOBAL follows the Safe Harbor Principles published by the U.S. Department of Commerce ("Principles") with respect to all such data. If there is any conflict between the policies in this statement and the Principles, the Principles will govern. This statement outlines LDM GLOBAL’s general policy and practices for implementing the Principles, including the types of information we gather, how we use it, and the choices affected individuals have regarding our use of, and their ability to correct, that information.
This statement applies to all personal information we handle (except as noted below), including on-line, off-line, and manually processed data. For purposes of this statement, "personal information" means information that:
• Is transferred from the EU to the United States;
• Is recorded in any form;
• Is about, or pertains to, a specific individual; and
• Can be linked to that individual.
It does not include information that pertains to a specific individual, but from which that individual could not reasonably be identified.
Principles Protecting Individuals' Privacy
Notice and Choice
To the extent permitted by the Safe Harbor Agreement, we reserve the right to process personal information in the course of providing professional services to our clients without the knowledge of individuals involved. Where we collect, at the direction of our clients, personal information directly from individuals in the E.U. it remains the responsibility of our client to inform the individual of the purposes for which we collect and use it and the types of non-agent third parties to which the information is disclosed. It remains the responsibility of our client to inform those individuals about the choices and means, if any, offered the individuals for limiting the use or disclosure of their information.
Disclosures and Transfers
LDM GLOBAL will not disclose an individual's personal information to third parties unless directed by our client or when one or more of the following conditions is true:
• We have the individual's permission to make the disclosure;
• The disclosure is required by law or professional standards;
• The disclosure is reasonably related to the sale or disposition of all or part of our business;
• The information in question is publicly available;
• The disclosure is reasonably necessary for the establishment or defense of legal claims; or
• The disclosure is to another LDM GLOBAL entity or to persons or entities providing services on our, or our client’s behalf (each a "transferee"), consistent with the purpose for which the information was obtained, if the transferee, with respect to the information in question:
o Is subject to law providing an adequate level of privacy protection;
o Has agreed in writing to provide an adequate level of privacy protection; or
o Subscribes to the Principles.
Permitted transfers of information, either to third parties or within LDM GLOBAL, include the transfer of data from one jurisdiction to another, including transfers to and from the United States of America. Because privacy laws vary from one jurisdiction to another, personal information may be transferred to a jurisdiction where the laws provide less or different protection than the jurisdiction in which the information originated.
Data Security
LDM GLOBAL takes our clients security seriously and undertakes every reasonable step to protect their information. To prevent unauthorized access or disclosure, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the appropriate use and confidentiality of information, either for its own purposes or on behalf of our clients, LDM GLOBAL has put in place appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we process. However, we cannot guarantee the security of information on or transmitted via the Internet.
Data Integrity
LDM GLOBAL processes personal information only in ways compatible with the purpose for which it was collected or subsequently authorized by our clients.
Access and Correction
LDM GLOBAL processes data under the guidance and direction of our clients. If an individual becomes aware that information we maintain about that individual is inaccurate, or if an individual would like to update or review his or her information, the individual must contact our client and proceed according to that client’s personal information policy.
Enforcement and Dispute Resolution
LDM GLOBAL utilizes the self-assessment approach to assure its compliance with our privacy statement. LDM GLOBAL periodically verifies that the policy is accurate, comprehensive for the information intended to be covered, prominently displayed, completely implemented, and in conformity with the Principles. We encourage interested persons to raise any concerns with us using the contact information below. We will investigate and attempt to resolve complaints and disputes regarding use and disclosure of personal information in accordance with the principles contained in this policy.
With respect to any complaints relating to this policy that cannot be resolved through our internal processes, we have agreed to participate in the dispute resolution procedures of the panel established by the EU data protection authorities to resolve disputes pursuant to the Safe Harbor Principles. In the event that we or such authorities determine that we did not comply with this policy, we will take appropriate steps to address any adverse effects and to promote future compliance.
Any person who we determine is in violation of our privacy policies will be subject to disciplinary process up to and including termination.
Privacy Statement Changes
This privacy statement may be changed from time to time, consistent with the requirements of the Safe Harbor. We will post any revised policy on this Web site, or a similar Web site that replaces this Web site.
Information Subject to Other Policies
We are committed to following the Principles for all personal information within the scope of the Safe Harbor Agreement. However, certain information is subject to policies of the firm that may differ in some respects from the general policies set forth in this statement.
• Information relating to present or former LDM GLOBAL personnel is subject to our policies concerning personnel data privacy, which are available to present LDM GLOBAL personnel on LDM GLOBAL's intranet (NetSuite) and former LDM GLOBAL personnel upon request.
• Information obtained from or relating to clients or former clients is further subject to the terms of any privacy notice to the client, any engagement letter or letters with the client, and applicable laws and professional standards.
How to Contact Us
Questions, comments or complaints about LDM GLOBAL's Safe Harbor Data Privacy Statement or data collection and processing practices can be e-mailed to or mailed to Privacy Office, LDM Global 64 Great Eastern Street London EC2A 3QR In the event that a complaint is not satisfactorily addressed by LDM Global within a reasonable time frame, you may contact the Federal Trade Commission at, or via phone at 202-382-4357.
EFFECTIVE DATE: September 9 2008
Privacy Policy Effective: 9/09/08
Regulated by: Federal Trade Commission
Privacy Programs: ISO 9001
IS) 27001
Verification: In hourse
Dispute Resolution: Any questions or concerns regarding the use or disclosure of personal
information should be directed to the LDM Global Privacy Office. LDM Global will investigate and attempt to resolve complaints and disputes regarding use and disclosure of personal information
in accordance with the principles contained in its Privacy Policy. For complaints thatcannot be resolved between LDM Global and the complainant, LDM Global agrees to cooperate with data protection authorities located in the EU (or their authorized representatives) and participate in any dispute resolution procedures established by such authorities pursuant to the Safe Harbor Principles.
LDM Global supports industry self-regulation as a flexible means for keeping pace with emerging privacy issues.
Personal Data Covered: off-line and on-line
Human Resource Data Covered: Yes

Do you agree to cooperate and comply with the European Data Protection Authorities? Yes

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