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Tangoe, Inc.
9801 Metric Boulevard, Suite 300
Austin, Texas 78758
Phone: 203-859-9300
Fax: 203-859-9427
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Contact Office: Tangoe, Inc.
Contact Name: Wayne DeCesaris, VP Products & Offers
Phone: 512-344-0223 Fax: 512-345-0945 Email:

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Corporate Officer: Gary Martino, Chief Financial Officer
Phone: 203-859-9366 Fax: 203-859-9427 Email:

Safe Harbor Information:

Signed up to safe harbor 09/25/2008 09:58:07 AM
Next certification 09/25/2010
EU/EEA Countries From Which Personal Information Is Received: Cyprus, Finland, Hungary, Latvia, Malta, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Czech Republic, France, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Netherlands, Romania, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Lithuania, Norway, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Slovenia
Industry Sector: Telecommunications Services - (TES)
Personal Information Received From the EU: Information Collected and Intended Use
Tangoe is the leading provider of telecommunications expense management services for corporate customers. Tangoe does not provide its service to the individual or consumer markets. In the performance of this service, the information we receive from our customers may contain one or more of the folowing data elements which is considered personal information related to the employees of our customers: Employee ID, Name, Title, Location, Corporate E-mail address, Department /Cost Center, Phone Numbers, and Corporate Address. Additionally, we receive Telecommunication Invoices including call detail records associated with devices, services, and networks for which Tangoe Corporate customers are either primarily or secondarily liable.
This information is used for the sole purpose of matching charges and telecommunications inventory to the appropriate employee and/or cost center within Tangoe's corporate customer enabling the responsible employees to manage the acquistion, tracking, use, and disposal of these corporate assets.
Further, upon explicit opt-in and only with the consent of the particular employee, Tangoe accepts Employee Shiping Address, Credit Card and Date of Birth information. This information is stored for the sole purpose of requesting, approving, ordering, testing, and shipping wireless devices (e.g., cellular telephone, pagers, calling cards, personal digital assistants, etc.), accessories and service to the employee upon approval from the employee's designated manager (s). This information is forwarded to the carrier, designated carrier representative or accessory vendor selected by the employee for purposes of procurement, fulfillment and provisioning of the requested service, and/or accessory. Upon being notified by the carrier or accessory vendor that the order has completed, this information is purged from Tangoe's database.
In addition, parties visiting our website ( can visit the Site without providing personal information; however, computers connected to the internet contain information such as IP Address (Internet Protocol Address), and domanin names that identify the computer and network used to access our web site. this information is captured and stored solely for tracking and monitoring purposes.
The above notwithstanding, personal information captured and contained in the Tangoe databases and servers is not sold, licensed, or distributed to any third parties except to vendors and suppliers for the purposes of managing corporate telecom expenses on behalf of our corporate customers.
Privacy Policy Effective: September 1, 2008
Regulated by: Federal Trade Commission
Privacy Programs: None
Verification: In-House
Dispute Resolution: Private Sector developed dispute resolution mechanisms that incorporate the Safe Harbor Frameworok or the EU Data Protection Authorities
Personal Data Covered: Off-Line, On-Line, Manually processed
Human Resource Data Covered: No

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Certification Status: Current
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