General Services - (GSV)
OrganizationDate of Certification
117Lore International Institute06/24/2003 06:23:56 PM
118Magic Dino, Inc.11/14/2006 12:30:51 PM
119Market Strategies International07/03/2008 11:26:46 AM
120MeadWestvaco Corp.02/03/2009 08:58:53 AM
121Mediamark Research, Inc. c/o RoperASW03/07/2001 10:22:47 AM
122Medius Corp.11/20/2006 02:26:27 PM
123Mind Your Business, Inc (MYB, Inc.)04/11/2006 11:23:13 AM
124Mitchell Madison Group07/26/2007 01:12:04 PM
125ModusLink Corporation09/17/2007 02:32:30 PM
126Moody International, Inc.02/17/2009 09:22:17 AM
127Morley Companies, Inc.06/15/2004 06:13:00 PM
128MSI International East03/21/2008 11:26:08 AM
129National Football League07/30/2007 10:33:37 AM
130National Grid US and all of its Subsidiaries04/03/2009 03:52:06 PM
131National Hotline Services, Inc.10/25/2006 02:29:12 PM
132NEI Global Relocation07/10/2009 10:39:16 AM
133NetForce Global04/06/2009 02:02:30 PM
134New England Patriots12/15/2008 09:41:19 AM
135New Haven Consulting Group, Inc.03/09/2006 02:25:28 PM
136NOP Automotive Inc. - Irvine11/20/2001 12:28:48 PM
137NOP Automotive, Inc.03/07/2001 10:09:31 AM
138Novartis Corporation (US)12/18/2008 04:00:10 PM
139NYSE Euronext05/23/2007 12:28:35 PM
140Panthers Football, LLC d/b/a the Carolina Panthers08/22/2007 01:04:06 PM
141Partnership Travel Consulting, LLC03/20/2002 06:13:30 PM
142PeopleMetrics, Inc.11/17/2006 02:53:18 PM
143Peraogulne d/b/a Evidence Exchange03/19/2008 09:08:08 AM
144Plus Relocation Services, Inc.08/03/2009 09:52:38 AM
145PostVoice Corporation11/26/2003 11:05:29 AM
146PreScreen America, Inc.01/03/2003 12:24:13 PM