Information Services - (INF)
OrganizationDate of Certification
146Evernote Corporation02/27/2008 09:25:08 AM
147Exceden Incorporated01/12/2004 02:02:41 PM
148Exult, Inc.04/19/2001 08:00:59 PM
149Facebook, Inc.05/10/2007 04:59:25 PM
150Fidelity Information Services, Inc.
c/o Fidelity National Information Services, Inc.
11/11/2004 11:11:59 AM
151FileMaker, Inc.01/11/2007 05:09:26 PM
152Financial Tracking Technologies, LLC07/15/2009 02:22:34 PM
153Finsphere Corporation01/08/2009 08:47:05 AM
154Fios08/15/2007 03:34:35 PM
155First Advantage Corporation and its U.S. subsidiaries09/04/2006 11:03:10 PM
156First Data Corporation and its controlled affiliates02/27/2007 11:20:14 AM
157Fiserv – Signature Division05/28/2003 09:43:11 AM
158Focus Worldwide04/17/2008 09:51:50 AM
159Forensics Consulting Solutions, LLC08/24/2009 03:58:06 PM
160FormSpring, LLC07/02/2009 03:55:05 PM
161FriendFinder Networks Inc. (including its subsidiaries)09/03/2009 03:02:14 PM
162FSD Data Services, Inc.10/14/2002 10:47:42 AM
163FTI Consulting, Inc.08/02/2007 05:27:07 PM
164GDSX, Ltd.05/21/2003 05:19:35 PM
165Gemini Mobile Technologies05/20/2009 03:35:12 PM
166General Dynamics Corporate Headquarters (excluding subsidiaries)07/31/2009 03:32:14 PM
167General Information Services, Inc.11/06/2007 09:33:10 AM
168Genuine Genius Solutions LLC01/05/2006 05:41:45 PM
169GeoLearning, Inc.01/22/2009 09:55:16 AM
170GeoStats LP07/09/2008 04:11:32 PM
171Gerald Gold & Associates LTD12/07/2005 04:08:51 PM, Inc.06/30/2008 02:20:42 PM
173Global-Z International, Inc.05/23/2001 04:32:06 PM
174Global Colleague01/15/2009 01:11:37 PM
175Global Data Sourcing, Inc.08/07/2008 11:43:13 AM