OrganizationDate of Certification
30Earnings Performance Group, Inc.06/24/2005 11:24:07 AM
31EduNeering Holdings, Inc.03/27/2007 11:41:05 AM
32Ethicon Inc's U.S. divisions ( Ethicon Products, J&J Wound Management, Closure Medical Corporation, Ethicon's Women's Health and Urology, Ethicon LLC)12/09/2004 11:55:01 AM
33Exceden Incorporated01/12/2004 02:02:41 PM
34Focus Worldwide04/17/2008 09:51:50 AM
35Global DM Solutions, Inc.09/05/2001 05:23:00 PM
36Hanover Direct, Inc.06/22/2001 03:20:49 PM
37Hill International, Inc.07/17/2009 09:52:05 AM
38Honeywell International and its controlled US subsidiaries07/19/2004 01:53:55 PM
39iCIMS, Inc.08/26/2003 11:45:54 AM
40Infocrossing, Inc. and its subsidiaries, Infocrossing, LLC, Infocrossing Services, Inc., Infocrossing EAS, Inc., Infocrossing iConnection, Inc., Infocrossing West, Inc., Infocrossing, Healthcare Services, Inc., and Infocrossing Services Southeast, Inc.12/10/2003 07:52:42 PM
41Insurance Services Office, Inc.07/02/2008 04:26:53 PM
42InterActive Driving Systems Inc.08/17/2009 02:39:50 PM
43JK Group, Inc.05/01/2008 09:24:06 AM
44Johnson & Johnson and its wholly owned subsidiary,
Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc.
03/07/2005 05:10:29 PM
45Johnson & Johnson Consumer Products Company, Division of Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc.01/08/2009 11:25:15 AM
46Johnson & Johnson Gateway, LLC02/05/2009 11:31:34 AM
47Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems Inc.08/06/2008 10:59:30 AM
48Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Products, Division of McNeil-PPC, Inc.12/29/2008 02:54:02 PM
49Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development11/09/2004 09:40:39 PM
50Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Services, LLC12/14/2005 02:41:23 PM
51Johnson & Johnson Sales & Logistics Company, LLC 12/29/2008 02:46:52 PM
52JOM Pharmaceutical Services, Inc01/22/2009 02:26:20 PM
53KPMG LLP12/21/2007 10:58:26 AM
54Lightspeed Research Inc.07/21/2008 05:12:17 PM
55Linode, LLC06/19/2009 12:18:14 PM
56Liz Claiborne, Inc.07/15/2009 04:23:46 PM
57Mail-Trans, LLc06/03/2006 11:42:41 AM
58Marketing Advertising Promotions, Inc.05/14/2008 03:23:25 PM
59McDonald Information Service, Inc.03/23/2007 02:34:49 PM