OrganizationDate of Certification
18Heart Imaging Technologies02/27/2008 09:45:15 AM
19INC Research., Inc09/03/2002 10:22:36 AM
20Inclinix, Inc.04/16/2008 09:13:56 AM
21International Textile Group, Inc.05/16/2008 04:05:57 PM
22MediaSpan Group, Inc. (formerly MediaSpan Online Services)02/28/2003 05:25:12 PM
23MicroMass Communications, Inc.05/27/2003 01:16:31 PM
24Mind Your Business, Inc (MYB, Inc.)04/11/2006 11:23:13 AM
25MissionMode Solutions, Inc.02/19/2005 06:55:21 PM
26Motricity, Inc.06/16/2008 09:01:38 AM
27Nexxlinx of NC05/20/2008 03:52:14 PM
28Novella Clinical07/08/2009 09:46:06 AM
29OpenHire Inc.09/30/2004 10:12:24 AM
30Panthers Football, LLC d/b/a the Carolina Panthers08/22/2007 01:04:06 PM
31Patersons HR & Payroll Solutions 12/14/2007 12:10:27 PM
32Peopleclick, Inc07/28/2009 04:17:10 PM
33Personnel Records Internatonal, LLC01/11/2008 09:49:52 AM
34Pharmaceutical Product Development, Inc., (PPD, Inc.)04/03/2001 09:42:21 AM
35Presentation Strategies Inc08/10/2006 03:11:57 PM
36Quintiles Transnational Corp.01/05/2005 06:04:42 PM
37Red Hat, Inc.08/13/2002 11:16:41 AM
38Reichhold, Inc.10/03/2003 12:35:09 PM
39Richard Barrett & Associates04/18/2008 09:13:06 AM
40SAS Institute Inc.07/03/2008 03:36:57 PM
41Seyda Research Consultants01/07/2008 03:10:35 PM
42ShareFile02/19/2007 01:33:25 PM
43SilkRoad Technology, Inc.12/01/2006 05:40:22 PM
44SmartsleyTechnology Group05/09/2002 04:31:55 PM
45SPX Corporation and U.S. affiliates01/08/2004 11:29:29 AM
46Strategic Vision, Inc.09/21/2006 09:04:37 AM
47Technology Concepts & Design, Inc.11/15/2007 11:10:23 AM