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Seurat Company
5718 Central Avenue
Boulder, Colorado 80301
Phone: (720) 406-4000
Fax: (720) 406-4047
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Contact Office: Privacy Officer
Contact Name: Paul R. Crowder, Privacy Officer
Phone: (720) 406-4000 Fax: (720) 406-4047 Email:

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Corporate Officer: Thomas MacAdam, General Counsel
Phone: (720) 406-4000 Fax: (720) 406-4047 Email:

Safe Harbor Information:

Signed up to safe harbor 01/31/2003 06:45:24 PM
Next certification 01/31/2004
EU/EEA Countries From Which Personal Information Is Received: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom
Industry Sector: Computer Services - (CSV) Computer Software - (CSF) Information Services - (INF)
Personal Information Received From the EU: Seurat Company specializes in precision marketing outsourcing services for companies that need to improve customer acquisition, wallet share and retention. We manage processes ranging from customer profile management and analytics to integrated marketing execution and marketing performance measurement.
From time to time, Seurat enters into contracts with clients who do business in the EU. Generally, Seurat's EU client is responsible for compliance with all EU data protection legislation and the relevant Member State's national laws. Seurat's role in the collection, use and other processing of such data varies, and depends upon the services that Seurat has agreed to provide to a given client.
Privacy Policy Effective: January 24, 2003
Regulated by: Federal Trade Commission
Privacy Programs: TRUSTe European Union (EU) Safe Harbor Web Privacy Program.
Verification: Third Party & In-House
Dispute Resolution: Seurat has agreed to TRUSTe dispute resolution for disputes relating to our compliance with the Safe Harbor Privacy Framework.
Personal Data Covered: On-Line, Off-Line, Manually Processed Data
Human Resource Data Covered: No

Do you agree to cooperate and comply with the European Data Protection Authorities? Yes

Certification Status: Not Current
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