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Medical Marketing Studies US (MMS)
344 Park Avenue
Scotch Plains, New Jersey - NJ 07076
Phone: (908)3227061
Fax: (908)3227081
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Contact Office: MMRI / MMS
Contact Name: Neil A Jones, Data Protection Officer
Phone: +441932797993 Fax: +441932341472 Email:

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Corporate Officer: Neil A Jones, Data Protecion Officer
Phone: +441932797993 Fax: +441932341472 Email:

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Signed up to safe harbor 03/12/2008 10:55:12 AM
Next certification 03/12/2010
EU/EEA Countries From Which Personal Information Is Received: United Kingdom
Industry Sector: Information Services - (INF) Education & Training - (EDS) Computer Software - (CSF) Drugs & Pharmaceuticals - (DRG)
Personal Information Received From the EU: Medical Marketing Research International and its affiliate Medical Marketing Studies, U.S. is an international pharmaceutical / healthcare Consultancy, Market Research and IT Solutions agency.
MMRI/MMS have expertise in identifying, locating and working with Opinion Leaders in more than 200 therapeutic categories both domestically and abroad. Within the Pharmaceutical Consulting and Marketing Research area, MMRI (Europe) and Medical Marketing Studies U.S. specialise in conducting qualitative studies, with target groups including Key Stakeholders, Opinion Leaders, Specialists, General Practitioners, Healthcare Professionals and Patients. Our programs are being conducted for numerous companies throughout the pharmaceutical and biotech industries globally and provide highly actionable information that supports R&D, marketing and business decisions.
Data Processing Activities: Processing and sale of information or databanks as a tool or general resource.This includes catalogues, lists, directories and bibliographic data. bases.
Data subjects are: Customers and clients, correspondents and enquirers,Advisers, consultants and other professional experts and healthcare professionals.
Data classes are:
Contact Details
Education, skills and training Details
Employment Details
Goods or Services Provided
Data subjects themselves
Survey and research organisations
Data processors
Pharmaceutical Industry
Privacy Policy Effective: June 2006
Location:; company brochure; each and every statement of work / proposal
Regulated by: Federal Trade Commission
Privacy Programs: As a company with headquarters in London, England,UK, MMRI / MMS are registered as a market research agency with the Government Office of the Information Commissioner in the UK and fully comply with both the EU Directive (95/46/EC) on the processing of personal data, the UK Data Protection Act 1998.
Verification: In-house
Dispute Resolution: EU Data Protection Authorities
Personal Data Covered: On-line & Off-line
Human Resource Data Covered: No

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