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Adeptra Inc
383 Main Avenue
Norwalk, Connecticut 06851
Phone: 203-956-2600
Fax: 203-956-2700
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Contact Office: Operations
Phone: 203-956-2600 Fax: 203-956-2700 Email:

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Corporate Officer: Karl Keyte, Vice President, Operations
Phone: 203-956-2600 Fax: 203-956-2700 Email:

Safe Harbor Information:

Signed up to safe harbor 07/14/2003 02:14:29 AM
Next certification 07/14/2010
EU/EEA Countries From Which Personal Information Is Received: Ireland, United Kingdom
Industry Sector: Computer Services - (CSV) Financial Services - (FNS)
Personal Information Received From the EU: Information about individual customers of Adeptra's corporate clients is delivered by the corporate clients to Adeptra in order for Adeptra to provide alerting services that are determined, selected, chosen, or opted into or out of by the individual customer in its contracted relationship with Adeptra's corporate clients. Adeptra has processing facilities and corporate clients in both Europe and North America. Adeptra's corporate clients have individual customers who may reside or travel anywhere in the world. Due to legally required corporate structure and location of processing facilities, it may be necessary for Adeptra, Inc. (US) and Adeptra Ltd (UK) to move information between the two corporate entities and between Europe and North America. Data from Adeptra corporate clients based in Europe may be transferred to Adeptra?s North American processing locations. Legally, this may represent transfer of information to another company while practically this represents a transfer of information within the same organization.
All data transferred from Adeptra's European operations and Adeptra?s North American operations are digital, transmitted from Adeptra's corporate clients through the use of encrypted electronic transmission. Data is received from Adeptra's corporate clients in digital form and is used, transmitted, and stored digitally.
All of the information provided to Adeptra by our corporate clients is used to provide services for those corporate clients. The information is used solely to create and send alert messages to the individual customers of these corporate clients. Creation of alerts is carried out exclusively by Adeptra automated systems.
At the present time, Adeptra does not receive or use individual customer information that is considered "sensitive" under the Safe Harbor description (specifying medical or health conditions, racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership or information specifying the sex life of the individual).
Privacy Policy Effective: 1 July 2003
Location: corporate Intranet
Regulated by: Federal Trade Commission
Privacy Programs: None
Verification: In-house
Dispute Resolution: EU Data Protection Authorities
Personal Data Covered: On-Line
Human Resource Data Covered: No

Do you agree to cooperate and comply with the European Data Protection Authorities? Yes

Certification Status: Current
Compliance Status:

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