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- Click on the organization's name to view its detailed safe harbor participation information.
- Click on "persistent failure to comply" to view an organization's non-compliance letter.
Organization (list is sorted alphabetically)Certification StatusCompliance StatusPersonal Data Covered
OrganizationCertification StatusCompliance StatusPersonal Data Covered
686FriendFinder Networks Inc. (including its subsidiaries) | Current | | on-line
687FSD Data Services, Inc. | Not Current | | On-Line, Off-Line, Manually Processed, Human Resources
688FTI Consulting, Inc. | Current | | on/off line, manually processed
689FXI (Fulfillment Xcellence Inc) | Current | | On-Line, Off-Line
690Gaggle.Net, Inc. | Not Current | | On-line
691Garber's Travel Service, Inc. | Current | | Off-line, on-line and manually processed
692Gardner Denver, Inc. | Current | | HR Data, ethics and conduct reporting
693Garmin International, Inc. | Current | | on-line
694Gateway, Inc. | Current | | On-Line, Manual Processed, Human Resources
695GDSX, Ltd. | Not Current | | On-Line, Off-Line, Human Resources
696Gemini Mobile Technologies | Current | | on-line
697Gen Con LLC | Not Current | | On-Line, Off-Line
698Genealogy by Genetics, Ltd. D/B/A Family Tree DNA | Current | | On and off-line records and databases.
699General Dynamics Corporate Headquarters (excluding subsidiaries) | Current | | Human Resources data
700General Information Services, Inc. | Current | | on-line and manually processed data
701General Motors Company and the following affiliates:
General Motors Investment Management Corporation; General Motors Overseas Corporation;
General Motors Overseas Distribution Corporation; General Motors Product Services, Inc.;
General Motors Trust Bank, NA; General Motors Trust Company;
Manual Transmissions of Muncie, LLC; OnStar Corporation; PIMS Co.; Saab Cars USA, Inc.;
Saab Financial Services Corp.; Saturn Corporation; Saturn Distribution Corporation;
| Current | | Business Personal Data (as defined in Description of Activities).
702Genetic Technologies, Inc. | Not Current | | All Client personal information
703Gentris Corporation | Current | | off-line, manually processed data
704Genuine Genius Solutions LLC | Not Current | | Off-line, On-line, Manually processed
705Genworth Financial, Inc. | Current | | Human Resources Data, Off-Line, On-Line, & Manually Processed
706GeoLearning, Inc. | Current | | on-line
707Georgia-Pacific companies listed at | Current | | Off-line, on-line and manually processed
708GeoSolutions, B.V. | Current | | On-line
709GeoStats LP | Current | | off-line/on-line/manually processed data
710Gerald Gold & Associates LTD | Current | | off-line, on-line, manually process data, Inc. | Not Current | | data gathered online only
712Getty Images, Inc. | Current | | All of the above.
713GfK NOP, LLC (formerly RoperASW) SEE GfK US Holdings, Inc. | Not Current | | On-Line, Off-Line, Manually Processed
714GFK U.S. Healthcare Companies, LP (formerly NOP World Health L.P.) SEE GfK US Holdings | Not Current | | On-Line, Off-Line, Manually Processed Data
715GfK U.S. Holdings, Inc. (formerly NOP World), and its affiliates GfK U.S. Healthcare Companies, LP; GfK NOP, LLC; Mediamark Research, Inc.; GfK Automotive, LLC, GfK Arbor, LLc, GfK V2, LLC, GfK Custom Research, Inc. | Current | | On-Line, Off-Line, Manually Processed
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