Date Received05/13/2009
Responses with Offer to Supply05/28/2009
Rebuttal to Responses with Offer to Supply06/03/2009
Projected Completion Date06/25/2009
Company NameAmerican Design Industries
Certain Stretch Denim Fabric

HTS Subheading: 5209.42.00

Fiber Content:
96% to 97% cotton 4% to 3% spandex

Average Yarn Number:
18/IMC; 30/IMC

Thread Count:
39 warp ends x 19 filling picks per square centimeter

Weave Type: 3 Thread Twill

Weight: 343.45-415.58 grams/m2

Width: 132.08 to 137.16 centimeters

Finish: Yarn Dyed; Stone Washed (Indigo)

Variance allowance of up to three percent for content, ten percent for yarn
size, ten percent for thread count, and ten percent for fabric width.
Quantity Requested
Fabric, Fiber, or Yarn?Fabric
ContactDybczak- Maria
File Number115.2009.05.13.Fabric.AmericanDesignIndustries
Commercial Availability Request:

ADI Request Denim #3 051109.pdf Due Dilligence Certification ADI.pdfADI 7 fabrics.pdf


DNA Response 115.2009.05.13 Denim.pdfCone Denim Response #115 PUBLIC.pdfCone Due Diligence Certificate.pdfPCCA Due Diligence Certificate.docPCCA Response #115 PUBLIC.doc

Rebuttals to Responses:

Rebuttal Comment to Cone fabric #3.pdfRebuttal Comment to DNA fabric #3.pdfRebuttal Comment to PCCA-AGC fabric #3.pdfDue Diligence Certification Rebuttal ADI.pdf

Meeting Notice:

Determination: Denied (Commercially Available in DR-CAFTA Region)

Report by CITA - Denial ADI Denim.doc