Date Received01/09/2012
Responses with Offer to Supply01/24/2012
Rebuttal to Responses with Offer to Supply01/30/2012
Projected Completion Date02/22/2012
Company NameAlston & Bird for S. Rothschild & Co., Inc.
ProductCertain Faux Suede Bonded to Faux Fur Pile Fabric

HTS: 6001.10.2000

NOTE: If CBP classified the fabric based on its woven face, then it would be classifiable in one of the following subheadings within heading 5407, covering woven fabrics of synthetic filament yarn, including HTSUS 5407.52.2060, 5407.53.2060, 5407.61.9935, 5407.69.2060, 5407.60.4060, 5407.72.0060, 5407.73.2060, 5407.92.2010 or 5407.92.2090, or under one of the following subheadings within heading 5512, covering woven fabrics of synthetic staple fibers, 5512.19.00, 5512.91.00, and 5512.99.00.

Fabric Type: Faux Suede bonded to faux fur pile.

Fiber Content:
Faux Suede Face: 100% polyester
Faux Fur Pile Back: 50-80% polyester;
20-50% acrylic

Yarn Size:
Faux Suede Face:
Metric: 121.62 Nm to 118.42 Nm
English: 74D to 76D
Faux Fur Pile Back:
Metric: Acrylic 3600.00 Nm to
2571.42 Nm, Polyester 2250.00 Nm
to 1800.00 Nm
English: Acrylic 2.5D to 3.5D,
Polyester 4D to 5D

NOTE: The yarn size designations describe a range of yarn specifications for yarn in its greige condition before dyeing and finishing of the yarn (if applicable) and before knitting, dyeing and finishing of the fabric. They are intended as specifications to be followed by the mill in sourcing yarn used to produce the fabric. Dyeing, finishing, and knitting can alter the characteristic of the yarn as it appears in the finished fabric. This specification therefore includes yarns appearing in the finished fabric as finer or coarser than the designated yarn sizes provided that the variation occurs after processing of the greige yarn and production of the fabric.

Metric: 515-575 grams per sq. meter
after bonding
English: 15.19-16.96 ounces per sq.
yard after bonding

Metric: Full width is 142.24-147.32 cm,
cuttable width is 142.24 cm
English: Full width is 56-58 inches,
cuttable width is 56 inches

Faux Suede (Face): Woven
Faux Fur Pile (Back): Knit

Faux Suede (Face): Pieced Dyed
Faux Fur Pile (Back): Yarn Dyed

Finishing: Bonded (with sponge lamination), washed, and tumble dried
Quantity Requested45,720 to 137,160 meters (50,000 to 150,000 yards)
Fabric, Fiber, or Yarn?Fabric
File Number165.2012.01.09.Fabric.Alston&BirdforSRothschild&Co,Inc
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Determination: Approved – Add product to Annex 3.25

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