Date Received07/08/2010
Responses with Offer to Supply07/22/2010
Rebuttal to Responses with Offer to Supply07/28/2010
Projected Completion Date08/19/2010
Company NameSorini Samet for BWA
ProductCertain Yarn-Dyed Woven Fabrics of Lyocell Staple Fiber and Cotton

HTS Subheading: 5516.13.0000; 5516.43.00

Fiber Content: 55-85% standard lyocell (Tencel) staple fiber;15-45% cotton

Avg Yarn Size: 29.6/1 to 84.7/1 metric

Thread Count (warp):
19.7 to 78.7 warp ends per centimeter

Thread Count (weft):
11.8 to 59 filling picks per centimeter

Weave Type: Plain or twill or dobby or jacquard or oxford or satin

Fabric Weight: 101.7 to 298.3 grams per square meter.

Fabric Width: 139.7 to 154.9 centimeters.

Coloration: Yarns of different colors.

Finishing Processes: Enzyme (bio) washed.
Quantity Requested
Fabric, Fiber, or Yarn?Fabric
ContactDybczak- Maria
File Number145.2010.07.08.Fabric.SoriniSametforBWA
Commercial Availability Request:

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Rebuttals to Responses:

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Determination: Approved (Not Commercially Available and add to Annex 3.25)

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