Date Received08/05/2008
Responses with Offer to Supply08/20/2008
Rebuttal to Responses with Offer to Supply08/26/2008
Projected Completion Date09/17/2008
Company NameST&RforBadgerSportswear
ProductThree Yarn Circular Knit Fleece

HTS: 6001.21.00

Description: Three yarn circular knit stretch fleece fabric, 20 gauge

Face Yarn:

Fiber Content:
60% ring spun cotton/40% polyester
Average Yarn Number:
Metric - 51/1
English - 30/1

Tie Yarn:

Fiber Content:
60% ring spun cotton/40% polyester
Average Yarn Number:
Metric - 51/1
English - 30/1

Nap (Fleece) Yarn:

Fiber Content:
52% ring spun cotton/48% polyester
Average Yarn Number:
Metric - 17/1
English - 10/1

NOTE: Yarn sizes relate to size prior to texturizing.

Metric - 305-330 grams per sq. m.
English - 9.0-9.8 oz. per sq. yd.

Width: Slit open and finished to:
Metric - 156-163 cm
English - 62-64 inches

Finish: Bleached and/or piece dyed. Napped on technical back.

NOTE: All physical parameters may vary by +/- 5%. Fiber content may vary by
+/- 3%.

Performance Characteristics:

Shrinkage: 6% maximum shrinkage (length and width); 1% positive shrinkage (AATCC #135).

Torque/Spirality: Maximum 5 degrees left or right (protractor method).

Stretch: Minimum 20% stretch in length, 30% in width.

Pilling: Grade 4 or better on technical face (ASTM D3512 Random Tumble Method)

Color Fastness to laundering: Grade 4 or better on polyester and cotton portions of multifiber strip (AATCC 61 Test No. 2A)

Color Fastness to wear: Grade 4 or better (AATCC 107)

Color Fastness to heat: Grade 4 or better on white polyester fabric (AATCC 117 Test Temperature II)

Color Fastness to crocking: Grade 4 or better dry; Grade 3 or better wet technical face side (AATCC 8)

Flammability: Class 1

Appearance: No obvious wale pattern (must be smooth); soft finish
Quantity Requested9,144 linear meters per month
Fabric, Fiber, or Yarn?Fabric
ContactDybczak- Maria
File Number82.2008.08.05.Fabric.ST&RforBadgerSportswear
Commercial Availability Request:

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Rebuttals to Responses:

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Determination: Approved (Not Commercially Available and add to Annex 3.25) Report - Approval of Badger 3 Yarn Stretch Circular Knit Fleece.doc