Date Received01/16/2008
Responses with Offer to Supply01/31/2008
Rebuttal to Responses with Offer to Supply02/06/2008
Projected Completion Date02/29/2008
Company NameAlston&Bird-Rothschild&Co.
ProductCertain Wool Blend Coating Fabrics

HTSUS Classifications:
5111.30.9000, 5515.13.0510, 5515.22.0510, 5515.99.0510,
5516.32.0510, 5516.33.0510

Fiber Content: 20 percent of more of man-made staple fibers and 36 to 80 percent of wool, cashmere or camelhair fiber (or any combination thereof), with a three percent fiber content allowance.

Yarn Size: Various

Fabric Weight: 17 to 23 ounces (482 to 652 grams)

Colors: Various

Finishing: Carbonized, fulled, dried, dyed, brushed, sheared, vaporized, rolled
Quantity Requested2,300,000 yards
Fabric, Fiber, or Yarn?Fabric
ContactDybczak- Maria
File Number39.2008.01.16.Fabric.Alston&Bird-Rothschild&Co
Commercial Availability Request:

Rothschild Kay PUBLIC VERSION PDF Short Supply Request - Certain Woolen Coating Fabrics.pdf


Rebuttals to Responses:

Meeting Notice:

Determination: Approved (Not Commercially Available and add to Annex 3.25)