Date Received11/18/2014
Responses with Offer to Supply12/03/2014
Rebuttal to Responses with Offer to Supply12/09/2014
Projected Completion Date12/30/2014
Company NameST&R for VF Corp.
Certain 100% Polyester Composite Laminated Fabric

Fabric Type: Composite fabric consisting of a 3-layered fleece/shell construction, woven outer layer and brushed inner layer, bonded with a PU membrane

HTS: 6001.22

Woven Face Fabric:

Fiber Content: 100% Polyester

Yarn Size (single ply, warp and filling):

Textured polyester: 323.0 to 343.0 decitex/144 F (31.0 to 29.0 Nm/144 F)
(291 to 309 denier/144 F)

Thread Count: 57 – 61 warp ends per inch by 55 - 59 filling picks per inch; 22 – 24 warp ends per centimeter by 21 – 23
filling picks per centimeter

Weave type: Plain weave

Weight: 156.8 g/m2 to 204.8 g/m2
(4.6 to 6.0 oz./yd2)

Finish: Woven face - piece dyed and/or printed; Woven back - piece dyed

Circular Double Knit Fleece Back Pile Fabric:

Fiber content: 100% polyester

Yarn Size (single ply): 81.0 to 86.0 decitex (73.0 to 78.0 Denier) (124.0 to
116.0 Nm)

Weave type: circular double knit looped pile

Weight: 157.1 to 173.2 g/m2 (4.6 to
5.1 oz./yd2)

Finish: Knit face - piece dyed; Knit back - piece dyed

Composite fabric:

Weight: 355.3 to 405.4 g/m2
(10.5 to 12.0 oz./yd2)

Width: 130 cm wide (51.18 inches)

Finish: Full contact bonding

Windproof: ASTM D737 – Initial ≤ 1.0 cfm – 3x Wash ≤ 1.0 cfm

Durable Water Resistant: AATCC 22 – Initial ≥ 90 Points – 10x Wash ≥ 70 Points

High Light Fastness: AATCC 16 Opt 3 – Class 3.0 @ 40 Hours AFU

Low Range Hydrostatic: JIS1092 –
Initial 20,000 mm – 3x Wash 20,000 mm; AATCC127 – Initial 20,000 mm – 3x Wash 20,000 mm

Water Vapour Permeability: JIS 1099 – Initial 20,000 g/m2/24hr – 3x Wash
20,000 g/m2/24hr

Water Vapour Transmission: ASTM E96 B – Initial 500 g/m2/24hr – 3x Wash 500 g/m2/24hr

Remarks: Ranges above allow for a variance of up to five percent for fabric weight, thread count and three percent for yarn size.

NOTE: The yarn size designations describe a range of yarn specifications for yarn before knitting, dyeing and finishing of the fabric. They are intended as specifications to be followed by the mill in sourcing yarn used to produce the fabric. Dyeing, finishing and knitting can alter the characteristic of the yarn as it appears in the finished fabric. This specification therefore includes yarns appearing in the finished fabric as finer or coarser than the designated yarn sizes provided that the variation occurs after processing of the greige yarn and production of the fabric. The specifications for the fabric apply to the fabric itself prior to cutting and sewing of the finished garment. Such processing may alter the measurements.
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