Date Received06/12/2008
Responses with Offer to Supply06/26/2008
Rebuttal to Responses with Offer to Supply07/02/2008
Projected Completion Date07/25/2008
Company NameSharretts Paley for Fishman & Tobin
ProductPoly/Nylon Corduroy Fabric

HTS: 5801.32.00

Fiber Content: 60 to 90% polyester/40 to 10% nylon


Warp - Polyester filament between
100-200 Denier (111-222 decitex), dispersed dyed

Fill - Polyester filament between 100-200 Denier (111-222 decitex), dispersed, and nylon filament between 120-220Denier (133-244 decitex), acid dyed

Construction: 65 to 85 warp ends x 150 to 170 fill picks per inch (25 to 34 warp ends x 59 to 67 fill picks per cm).

Number of Wales: 4 to 6 wales per cm (10 to 16 wales per inch)

Weight: 240 to 280 g/m2 (7.08 to 8.26 oz./sq.yd.)

Width: 56 to 64 inches (142 to 162 cm)

Finish: Dyed
Quantity Requested
Fabric, Fiber, or Yarn?Fabric
ContactDybczak- Maria
File Number69.2008.06.12.Fabric.SharrettsPaleyforFishman&Tobin
Commercial Availability Request:

Request - Sharetts Paley Poly-Nylon Corduroy.pdf


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Determination: Approved (Not Commercially Available and add to Annex 3.25)